San Antonio Native Makes Documentary about Discrimination at Petco in Movie, The Cover Up, to be Released 2017

the-cover-up-poster-1Upon looking for things to write about on this new blog of mine, I wanted to write about things going on within my local community, my backyard of Texas. So I did some searching and found an documentary, The Cover Up.

The Cover Up is an documentary filmed by Candice Rogers and Lisa Gonzalez, two employees who worked at Petco in Austin, Texas. No way, I thought! Austin is known to be one of the most liberal cities in America, in Texas, and yet there are people in the LGBT community who are being discriminated against. I had to look more into these allegations.

So I found the trailer on Youtube, and decided to contact them to see if I can speak to the people behind the film, and that was when I got in contact with Candice, whom now works for Ani-Flix Studios, the people behind the K-Pop The Movie project.

Me: So what exactly is going on with this movie?

Candice: Well…it’s about me and Lisa, and us being discriminated against at Petco. The store manager there, he would harass or terminate gay people, he refused to promote females, and they wouldn’t hire people of color.

Me: When did this start happening?

Candice: For Lisa, it started when the store manager became the store manager in 2011, so she and others were being harassed and troubled by him from the moment he came into the store.

Me: When did it start to affect you?

Candice: When I was refused promotions two times; even though I had been at the store for three years, I had perfect attendance, and perfect conduct with the customers. Instead he decides to promote two men each time who were new. Why?

Me: What do you hope this documentary does?

Candice: I hope it brings to light that there is still discrimination going on, and that people shouldn’t be afraid to report it, and take action. This man had been doing this for years, and even when I left, he fired an new trans man. For what because he was late once?

I thanked Candice for allowing me to interview her and although this is an indie, mirco budget documentary, I support her and anyone who tries to bring awareness to social issues. The Cover Up documentary is to be released in 2017. Upon it coming out, I will of course be watching it and reviewing it.


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