Disney Promises All-Chinese Cast for Mulan; Remember Mulan also has gender bending!

So I’m sure some of you who are really into Disney probably heard about Disney saying that Mulan, the live-action movie to be released in 2018 will have an all-Chinese cast. This is an big deal! Why is it a big deal that Disney is casting an all Chinese cast is because this means they won’t be white washing the movie!

Ang Lee, the director of Broke Back Mountain turned down the project, so it’s still up for grabs for who will be directing the movie. This will be the first live-action Disney movie that won’t have an white lead. Can you believe it? We’re in the year 2016, and some studios are still refusing to do stories that require an non-white lead, and when there is an story that involves an non-white lead, the character is often changed to white. Even the people on Reddit are talking about it; even they’re skeptical it will happen.

Why is Hollywood so afraid to make characters non-white? And why does there even have to be an discussion on whether Mulan will be played by an white woman or an Asian woman; there shouldn’t be any discussion on this at all? It’s sad that black people are stuck in type cast roles, and it sad that the Asian presence in movies and TV is low; they are very underrepresented in the entertainment industry.

Now let’s talk about the fact that Mulan dresses up as an man.

When I was young, I remember watching the movie and rewinding the tape(yes, VHS) over and over again so Link, could walk past those girls in the rice field, as they giggled at her, not knowing Link was an girl. There was something about that scene that I really liked.

Asians are notorious for being androgynous; there are many Japanese shows where the men dress up as women, and the crowd must decide who’s the male and who’s the female. Often times, the crowd gets it wrong. China is also at an point right now where many of their LGBT citizens are demanding for rights, to be protected. To see an character like Mulan, dress in drag, to fight in an war in which only men can do! I can’t help but think it will be inspirational.

But I sure hope they get Eddie Murphy to play Muushu.



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