FOX’s EMPIRE Through the Eyes of an Lesbian(not really) Season 3, Episode 4(NOT an Recap)

Empire, Empire, EMPIRE! I don’t watch a whole lot of live-action shows; in fact, I can only think of two others. Nonetheless, Empire is by far my favorite; it’s been so long since I had an favorite live-action show. The Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin was my favorite way back when, so you know it’s been a long time. SPOILER ALERT—–down below…down under!

I was extremely happy to see Tiana in this episode, like I’m happy to see Tiana in any episode that she’s in because I find her to be extremely attractive. And after hearing her opera song dedicated to Hakeem, and her new boyfriend, best believe I will be heading to Spotify to listen to it….again.

So far, the series has been touching on issues concerning Black Lives Matter, but this episode didn’t really make an reference to it, and to be honest, I’m happy about that. Don’t think I could handle this whole season being about BLM, although we know already that it was Luscious’ half brother who sat the whole ‘Andre being slammed to the ground’ thing up.

Why can’t Rhonda stay dead? She was my least favorite character throughout the whole series, and since the first episode of season 3, seeing her slam onto that car with blood exiting her mouth, I was too ecstatic. “Ding dong, the bitch is dead!” I just wish they would take her out the show now, but nope, she’s popping up here and there getting into Andre’s head like when he started banging that new chick(forgot her name) on his desk.

Freda, Freda, Freda is now free; the butchy stud is now released from prison thanks to who-what, no way, yep, Luscious. Luscious sat the whole thing up for her to get her ass beat, and of course, Jamal, fell for it. I notice Jamal is getting close to the guy that is helping him with his PTSD and it makes me wonder whether or not they will hook up. OOoooo, butt sex.

Did anyone else wish that Cookie beat those two women down in the restroom?



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