Do We Really Need(Want) 5 Movies of Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them?

I mean really? I was fine with an trilogy but do we really need five movies that have no basis. These movies are based off the little encyclopedia book that was published in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. That was it. I like Harry Potter; I enjoyed the books; and the video games, and I will admit, I didn’t care too much for the movies, but to have five movies. Ummm, I think that’s a bit much.

Is the first movie going to do good; of course, and probably the second, but everything after that, meh.

There isn’t much to this post besides me being skeptical about the fact that this movie is getting five movies when it should have probably stuck to 3. Especially if the fifth movie is going to have an part 2 to it. However, I could totally be wrong, and all the movies are a success. We’ll see, and only time will tell. =) In other words, do we really want another Star Wars flop like in the mid 2000’s?

I don’t like it when people bull shit me; when Rowling stated Dumblerdore was gay, I jumped off that Pottermore bandwagon. There was no evidence within the book to even back these statements up. Never once was there even an hint to Dumbledore’s sexuality within all seven of the books. In fact, the only person who I thought could have been gay/bi was Ginny because she was so confident in her romantic and sexual feelings for the opposite sex that I thought she would eventually explore the same sex.

Many fans who are hardcore or even casual fans are going to eat it up because sometimes people like to eat shit. I tried reading through The Cursed Child, and there were so many plot holes, and questions than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I’ll probably save that for another post.

As I mentioned already, the book Fantastic Beast is a book about the beasts within the magic world so I thought the movie would be about such; no, it would seem the movie is going to do an take on Jurassic Park: The Lost World where magical creatures roam New York in the 1950’s.

Then have you checked PotterMore lately? Have you read some of the things she’s been writing about wizards, and magic within different countries? It’s as if she’s done little to no research on any other country besides her own. I mean if you’re going to make an wizard school in Japan, can you at least pronounce it correctly?

J.K. is living and sleeping on money; there is no reason for her to even milk it. She can take her time to develop more characters, and more worlds within this universe, but we’re not seeing that. At least, I’m not seeing that. But we live in an capitalistic world and Harry Potter is owned by Warner Bros. so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen for Harry Potter and the…Fantastic Beast and the…whatever, fuck it, give us your money and see the damn movie!


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