Donald Trump Complains about SNL Skit, says Media is Rigged, and Why Some People Don’t Give a Shit about Hilary Clinton Being Corrupt

For those of you who haven’t seen it; there it is!!! And it was quite hilarious! There were a lot of things I enjoyed about this one:

People who believe in Bill Clinton’s rape allegations yet don’t believe in Trump’s sexual assault allegations is beyond hypocritical. You either believe ALL victims whom claim it happened, or you believe none of the victims whom claim it happened.

Trump, come on now, SNL has made fun of Hilary numerous times and never once has she said the show was unfunny and needed to be taken off the air. Besides, what about that one episode you appeared on last year?

No this election isn’t rigged; the Anonymous group may hack into it, along with other hackers but that doesn’t equal rigged-at least I don’t think it does. D.T. it’s just people don’t think you will be good for the country. Personally, I think you don’t truly believe what you’re representing. Come on, you know you believe in abortion-how else are those young Russian and Polish girls going to get rid of their babies?

And yes, we already know Hilary C. is corrupt but we just don’t care. We live in America. It isn’t about what is right or what is wrong. It isn’t about white or black. It isn’t about legal and illegal, it’s about power, wealth, and status. When has anyone who had any of those three things ever been put behind bars for doing something illegal? None that I can think of-yes, there have been some who have been put behind bars after they were broke, or no longer in status, but not during. There are some cities in the USA that live and feed on corruption. Chicago, I’m talking to you. 😉 Corruption happens all the time among the elite in our society. It doesn’t make it right, but if the people who are suppose to make it right, don’t-well, it kind of skews your empathy, and motivation to give an damn.


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