Hurricane Bianca Reminds Me LGBT Can be Discriminated Against in Texas (why this is important to both South West of Salem, and The Cover Up 2017 Documentary)

Last night I decided to watch the movie Hurricane Bianca, an movie featuring Bianca Del Rio from Rupaul’s Drag Race, Rupaul, Elyssa Edwards(don’t know if I’m spelling her name right), and some others.

The movie was okay; it was made on a budget of 160,000, most of the funds coming from Kickstarter. It was an funny movie, and I would recommend it for those wanting to watch something that is silly, witty, campy, and LGBT rights focused. Anyway, by watching the movie, I was reminded that Texas is one of the states who don’t have discrimination laws to protect LGBT people from getting wrongfully terminated in Texas.

Remember the documentaries I spoke about some time last week: South West of Salem, and The Cover Up 2017? South West of Salem premiered on Investigative Discovery last week on Saturday. It told the story of the Texas four women who were wrongfully accused of rape of two little girls in 1994. The women were jailed for about 16 years each, and recently released in 2013. However, the women even now are still fighting to be exonerated of this pseudo crime.

I highly recommend this movie because these women were prosecuted simply because of their sexual identity. Remember this was an time when LGBT people were still in the closet, they couldn’t be who they were let alone marry. This was an time when AIDS was still an big deal, and homosexuals were seen as perverts and deviants. Well, this is what put these women behind bars, the hate, and bigotry of the jurors, and prosecutors.

I was able to interview the film maker of The Cover Up 2017, an documentary about discrimination at Petco which has yet to be released. Lisa being terminated and the other LGBT people who were terminated at that Petco weren’t protected, and that’s why it was able to happen. That’s why Petco didn’t listen to their complaints to Ethics or Human Resources.




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