Women Who was Jailed for Pretending to be Male for Two Years while She had Sex with Female Friend, is Appealing

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Gale Newland of the United Kingdom had sex with an female lover with an prosthetic penis for two years; the victim says Gale had her wear a blind fold the entire two years. Upon having sex with Gale, the victim pulled off the blind fold and saw that Gale was an woman with an fake penis. She then reported her to the police, although Gale insisted the victim knew she was an woman, and that both woman were struggling with their sexuality, and was experimenting with role play, the judge threw the book at her, and gave her eight years in the month of October, 2015. But now Gale is back, and she’s appealing her sentence.

And she should be appealing. Eight years, really, eight years for having sex with someone for two years, and only ten times. And then what proof did the prosecutors have to suggest the victim had no idea she was fucking an woman? Did they seriously just go by her word; I sure hope not, but that’s what it seems like.

So if the victim is telling the truth, Gale is basically going to jail for lying. So what does this mean for transgender people, women who are transitioning to men, and men transitioning to women. Trans people call themselves by the identity the identify with. So will people get put in jail for lying about…anything?

This doesn’t make sense, and seems more revengeful than anything. How can you not know; what is this, the play M. Butterfly? Besides, once Gale was founded out. Basically, what exactly was Gale charged with, and I think it’s safe to say eight years is way too much.



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