Birth of an Nation Didn’t do so Well in the Box Office; Why, Does it Have Something to do With Nate Parker being Accused of Rape in 1999?

Birth of an Nation is about the revolt of an literate slave, and preacher by the name of Nat Turner. The movie stars people like Nate Parker who wrote, and directed the movie, and Gabrielle Union. But what people seem to be talking about is Nate Parker’s rape case that took place in 1999. The girl he and his friends allegedly raped was an white woman, and people who’ve seen the movie, Birth of an Nation says there’s an sadistic rape scene that appears to reenact what took place with the real life victim.

The victim who accused Parker and his friends killed herself in 2012, but in 1999, she reported Parker and his friends took turns having sex with her while she blacked in and out of consciousness. There was no physical evidence, there weren’t any visual evidence such as videos, or recordings, and there were hardly any witnesses. The witnesses they had were incredible to say the least. So in the end, the case turned into what many rape cases turn in to ‘he said, she said’. Parker said it was consensual; the victim did not. Nonetheless, Parker was acquitted, and his friend although sentence was also soon let out, and not retried.

Did this have an affect on his movie, Birth of an Nation? I doubt it. The movie was made with an budget of 10 million but only grossed about 13 million in the box office. So it made an 3 million dollar profit, and hardly saw any returns, and probably won’t see much return made on the film. I didn’t even know about the movie; I will admit, I watch shows online, and I have ad block so even if I wanted to view advertisements, I couldn’t because I’d have to take my ad block off. The few times I do watch TV, I never saw any of the movie’s trailers. But then something tells me the trailer probably showed on BET, or TV One, or the OWN channel. Three channels targeted to black people; three channels I don’t watch.

It was said when Parker wanted to market the show through news coverage, many outlets would turn him away because of these allegations, so he missed out on many marketing opportunities. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement, and it was being spread around as an horrible movie due to an director who had an questionable past. The rape scene in the movie didn’t help bring the film justice either. Nonetheless, the movie was an bomb in the box office. Was it an horrible movie, or is it karma?


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