La Belle Saison ou Summer Time

So there’s an movie I watched called La Belle Saison, it’s actually an movie that hasn’t even been released yet, but I watched it last night. One thing I am confused about is the title in English. Because in French, the title is The Beautiful Season yet in English, it’s Summer Time. That was odd to me, but nonetheless, I looked past that and decided to watch the movie.

The movie is about an farm girl who moves into the city, and she discovers the feminist movement of 1971 in Paris, France(I think it’s Paris). She falls in love with an woman who is also apart of the organization and who has an boyfriend.

Well one night after some drinking and rescuing an friend from an gay treatment facility that practice shock therapy, the girl with the boy friend gives the other girl an kiss. And the affair starts.


The movie has nudity, and it also has good sex scenes which is the main reason why I stuck around because other than that, the plot is pretty ‘meh’. I watched it last night after coming from trick or treating. Yes, I went trick or treating although I’m an grown ass woman, I went, and by myself too, and I actually managed to catch up with an old middle and high school friend.

Nonetheless, when it comes to story wise, and plot wise, it’s okay. It has the same basis a lot of lesbian movies has which is main girl falls in love with girl who has an man. I won’t say the ending but that’s because I actually didn’t finish it. But I will leave y’all off with an another nudity image.


If you don’t know French, that’s fine, the movie has subtitles.


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