Why I Didn’t Vote For This 2016 Election?

For those you who voted, good job! It’s very important for us as Americans to practice this because it is who we are as an country. Voting represents our democratic republic country, which we love to live in. However, this election was the WORST election I have ever witnessed!

The problem I had with this whole election was the fact the candidates spent more time attacking each other personally instead of talking about serious issues affecting this country. Donald Trump kept talking about his wall-okay, his wall to fight immigration. That’s fine but he never actually went into detail on how this wall was going to work. How much will this wall cost? How long will this wall be? How long will the wall take to build? Who will be paying for the wall? How tall will this wall be? Will there be soldiers through out on the wall? Will they aim and shoot for illegals trying to get through? What are the logistics of this wall basically and why was none of this addressed?

Cyber war-Donald Trump talked more on what his ten year old son could do then about how he was actually going to stop it, or monitor it. I would think he would talk about IP addresses and monitoring each one to make sure none were being hidden, or were coming from servers with addresses of other countries such as China and Russia. Oh and the United Kingdom since they actually admitted to spying on their neighbors and will continue to do it.  In other words, he talked about what he was going to do but he rarely if ever talked about how he was going to implement such changes. Other than that, I actually think Donald Trump is quite liberal, out spoken, and different from the ultra conservative, God fearing republicans we usually get.

Hilary Clinton, I like her. I think her deal with the e-mails were taken to the extreme and a waste of tax payers money. I honestly see her as no different than any other politician, and I think her crimes were hardly crimes especially since some FBI informants were working with D.T. to try and drag her down.

But I think she spent more time trying to clean her image than talking about what truly matters for the American people. She should have ignored the allegations of rape and assault that Bill was facing because Bill isn’t running for president, she is. Personally, I don’t care what Bill Clinton did to those girls; there is no evidence to any of those claims, so move on people! As a result of these allegations, she had to spend more time defending herself, and him. All the while people like me who were still indecisive are still indecisive and don’t feel comfortable enough to vote. I WANT to vote! But I don’t have enough logical information for me to vote.



2 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Vote For This 2016 Election?

  1. So, there are absolutely no local races, or changes in state law you care about? You don’t have to vote the presidential/VP contest. They still have to count what you DO vote on, and below the top box every vote actually matters. Texas will go for whoever the GOP nominates, as it has for quite awhile, so it doesn’t really matter who you would choose for president/VP. I’m not in a swing state either.

    Go do your duty. Your foremothers dedicated their lives so that you could. Women are laying their “I Voted” stickers on the grave of Susan B. Anthony.


    1. So true, although after reading a article about Russia aiding Trump’s election investigated by the C.I.A…it looks as if we no longer live in a democracy anymore. I’m going to do more research on it and I plan to write a blog about it with sources stated.

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