As a Black Lesbian, Donald Trump is Probably the Most Liberal Republican Since Roosevelt and Eisenhauer, Maybe even Bush.

I’m literally so taken aback by what I’m seeing. As I said in another post, I didn’t vote. This is because I didn’t trust the intentions of Hilary, and I didn’t trust the intentions of Donald Trump and how he was going to implement such promises such as building his wall, and protecting us against cyber war, and ISIS. I hope to vote in the next four years if I’m confident in the president. Nonetheless, Trump is in the office, and I’m okay with that. Here’s why?

I support capitalism, and I am quite fond of economics. D. Trump knows capitalism quite well. He has had numerous ventures rise, and some even fall under him. He knows how to make and contract deals between entities, he knows how to bring shareholders into a corporation and show them returns on goods and products and I have no doubt that he would know how to bring in jobs, and to bring in money into our country to help save us from economic hardship.

I support nationalism. Nationalism was seen as being a bad thing for the longest time because of WW2, and the Nazi party, but nationalism means to be independent. There was a time when America was independent. We used to supply our own goods, create our own products, and invest within our own country. But now, as we know, many of these jobs have been outsourced. Most of our products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, Mexico, India and so on. The out sourcing of the automobile industry is what has Detroit in such an economic down fall since. I would like this nation to build our own products and to sell both to Americans and of course, outside parties. Yes, this will be very expensive to do for us, and it actually goes against capitalism in a way since capitalism doesn’t really mind out sourcing because it’s cheap labor, and cheap labor means more profits, and more returns. Nonetheless, we should be more independent.

I support vetting and only allowing legal immigrants to enter this country. The reason why Europe is seeing such an increase in suicide bombings is because of their lack of vetting programs, and their need to take in as much refugees as they can. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with helping people who need help, but there is something wrong with not taking precautions and assuming all human beings are saints, when we know damn well we’re not.

So no, I don’t support people marching up and down the street with the Mexican flag basically saying they want as many illegals to come into this country as possible. No, I support the right way. Women, men, and children are more likely going to enter this country safe and uninjured if they come the legal way. The illegal way, many women and children are raped and killed trying to cross the border. Their panties hung on trees as souvenirs. We’re making it harder on them encouraging them to come illegally.

No, I don’t support the queer community who refuse to give Donald Trump a chance especially when there’s no history of him being racist, or sexist, or homo-hating. So what he said he groped women, grab them by the vagina. I have said much worst shit than he has said-trust me. I understand the fear some people see in Pence, and Pence actually does have a history of anti-queer laws. That I myself am quite weary about, and anyone else who has a chair in the house and senate that supports such anti-queer laws, but I won’t pull my support of him until he actually gets into the white house and when I say ‘he’, I mean Donald Trump.

So let us wait, and see, and act if we need.


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