Young M.A is Crazy! and Other Things Going On in the World Today!

I get a free Dominoes Pizza, medium because of my points! I’m excited about that. Free food is always a blessing. I rarely if ever get on Facebook but I saw an invite for the K-Pop The Movie page; they got a visual novel coming out in January, so I liked the page. I like some k-pop (kind of…it depends how hot the girls are. Just kidding…but for real, I really only listen to Shinee, Wonder Girls-but I think they broke up, and F(x)-they kind of broke up when a member left but that’s pretty much it for k-pop besides for a random song here or there.) =p

CIA says Russia may have helped Donald Trump win the election. With all the fake news war going on, it’s hard to believe what is true and what isn’t. Personally, anything is possible. Where there is money, there is power. Besides Russia is close to checking off their goals from a list titled  The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia . 

So I was browsing the internet which is what I do a lot because I’m not really into television or movies. I currently don’t have any new games although I will be getting Final Fantasy 15 come my birthday. That’s good news. I think this is the first time Final Fantasy made a game for non-sony consoles. Correct me if I’m wrong. I may or may not be getting South Park next year because I tried watching The Stick of Truth and it was kind of boring lol on Youtube. I still gotta get Attack on Titan and ReCore.

So as I was browsing, I came across a rapper that every one is blowing up about called Young M.A. As of now people are all on her clit for the music video and song of “Oooouu”.

I like watching her perform and am quite disappointed that she was at SXSW, and I totally missed her. =/ Though I enjoy watching her, I’m not really into the songs per se. It’s nice to see a hardcore, mix breed, woman rapper. She’s talking tough and all that jazz. Nothing like Nikki Minaj that’s for sure. For one Young M.A isn’t using her sexuality as a way to get paid unlike Nikki Minaj who faked being bisexual(there are people who die all over the world for their sexuality-which is why I’m not a fan of Minaj. Fake is fake).

What I really admire about Young M.A is she’s doing everything independently. Everything! That’s fucking awesome! She has no label and even turned down opportunities like being on the show Empire because of not wanting to sale a fake character so as to sale her music which was actually a bright idea since none of the actors from Empire are actually selling their own music.

Her doing this as an independent shows that you don’t need a label to succeed. All you need is promotion and marketing. Having a label, only means you don’t have to pay for the marketing or promotion of your music; it also means you lack a lot of freedom. It’s quite common to see artist go from one label to the other. Nonetheless, she’s something to watch out for.

Favorite quote so far from Young Ma:

“I hate when niggas use the internet to send a threat!”


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