Final Fantasy XV is the First Final Fantasy Game That I’ve Played!

My birthday was earlier this month and of course as a present to myself, I got the new Final Fantasy game. I’ve always wanted to play Final Fantasy just like I always wanted to play Kingdom Hearts, but couldn’t because the games weren’t published on Microsoft Xbox. I tried getting Kingdom Hearts on my phone, but the game was just too big for my small Samsung.

I was surprised to see the characters weren’t Asian. I don’t know, I always thought Final Fantasy was a story about Asians, but as I’m seeing it, it seems that…they’re not yet at the same time are Asian influenced. The game has a mixture of western and eastern culture within it to my surprised.

The story is good…for it to be a RPG, it’s quite there-the story that is. Out of all the main characters, Noctes, Prompto, Ingis, and Gladi-something, Ingis is probably my favorite character. He’s tall, wears glasses, super smart, but towards the end of the game, his sight is taken from him. (He’s also a really good cook and is paranoid of Noctes driving; therefore, he prefers to be behind the wheel).  That’s another thing, driving in the game can take minutes to get to your destination if you don’t do fast travel which is 10GL.

There are 15 chapters, and currently I’m on chapter 13. There’s a good chance I’m going to finish it later on today. Everything is making sense so far except the love between Prince Noctes, well, King Noctes, and Oracle Lady Luna. They were suppose to get married before The Empire attacked, and then Luna dies…but I don’t get the feeling that they were in love with one another. To me it seems more like a strong friendship. Of course this is my first Final Fantasy game so I could be and probably am completely wrong, but that’s how it feels like.

Summoning the Gods is quite annoying because you can’t or at least I can’t summon them any time I want. I would have to wait at random times for the game to now tell me that I can summon one. It’s pretty weird. The music is good; it has a anime feel to it which I like. The graphics and coloring are amazing. The cut scenes are beautiful, as well as the game play. They ought to release a movie…another movie since apparently one came out in 2001, if I’m not mistaken. Check out the game play if you haven’t already. (You know, I wonder if there’s a yuri/shoujo-ai Final Fantasy game?) This game was worth the ten year wait.


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