K-Pop, K-Pop The Short Story Book! Is the Story About Jay Park or Taeyang?

So now and then I listen to K-pop. For the most part, I really only listen to Shinee, Beast, F(x), Wonder Girls and I used to listen to Boa. Boa was like the first to even come to the states one could say, but then she disappeared. One of the girls from F(x) actually left the group last year, early last year. And Wonder Girls have been on hiatus for a good long time. A little bit of Psy; in other words, I listen to anyone that pops up and if it sounds good then I’ll listen to them, and add them to my Spotify.

For the most part, I don’t really follow any blogs, Tumblrs, or channels that’s about K-pop because I’m not a fanatic, or a super fan but I do know, the website Inquire or something like that, talks a lot about K-pop. Nonetheless, I was on some blog or was it Facebook-anyway, someone mentioned the book and how it sounds a lot like Jay Park’s story of how he became a K-pop artist. For those of you who don’t know Jay Park , he’s a rapper from Washington. He’s an American basically that was given the opportunity to do K-Pop. So this person commented saying the book’s story sounds like Jay Park’s and then someone else on another place or maybe Facebook again, said it sounded more like Taeyang because Taeyang is a bit more thugged out, hardcore appearing. But I don’t think Taeyang is from America…more than likely not. Let me Google it real quick. So upon looking Taeyang up, I’m gonna go ahead and say Jay Park seems a bit more hardcore than Taeyang.

So this is the excerpt from the book:

Oskar ‘Oogie’ Park is a Korean American who lives in Houston as a dental assistant and rapper. He’s so popular around the local community for his musical skills that he soon attracts a scout from k-pop music record label, Krump Entertainment based in South Korea. But Oskar is more hardcore with his lyrics, he wears baggy clothes, and is covered in tattoos-not the typical k-pop image. When he’s given the opportunity of a life time, he struggles to come to a conclusion based on fear of not wanting to be rejected by the South Korean culture.

It’s only 99 cents so I went on ahead and ordered it; it’s only a dollar. I got a dollar at least, y’all. Okay so Oskar Park….Jay Park…okay, I see that but Houston is not Washington but there could be some similarities like the tattoos, getting the opportunity to do K-Pop in South Korea. It should be interesting. =) It’s 57 pages if one were to print it up and it’s on PRE-ORDER right now. After I read it, I’ll review it. =D Check it out here on Amazon. The book is written by Samson Kim.


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