The Neon Demon (2016)’s Rape Scene, and the Necrophiliac Scene

So I decided to check out The Neon Demon which was done by Amazon Studios and was made with a budget of 7 million, but only got about 3 million in the box office. I hope this doesn’t ruin Elle Fanning’s career because she was just getting started. Nonetheless, this isn’t a lesbian movie. It’s a movie about career obsessed young women, who take out their enemies and the enemy is Elle Fanning’s character. But the reason why I decided to check this movie out is upon reading the Wikipedia page, they mentioned the scene where I believe her name is Ruby, has sex with a corpse. So I was like, ‘whhhhhhhaaaaaat!’

What’s funny though is that no one mentions the rape scene that took place prior to that, where Ruby is attempting to rape Fanning’s character. And she even tells Fanning to ‘sssh’. She slams her on, not slams but pushes her on the bed, and proceeds to penetrate Fanning. Fanning then pushes her off, after screaming no and stop. If Ruby would have done the rape, it would have been a really intense, well done scene.

So then after this, the next morning Ruby goes to work at a morgue where she does make up. The dead girl’s body that she’s working on looks a lot like Fanning’s character. Ruby gets aroused and proceeds to fondle the corpse and then, kiss it, even spitting in the corpse’s mouth. Follow by copulating with the corpse. During this same time frame, Fanning discovers Ruby isn’t in her room, and goes to a near by couch to fondle herself.

Wow! Wow! I feel like this movie was trying to do what Black Swan did in 2010, you know with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portland? I feel like it.


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