The Summer of Sangaile(Lesbian Movie Sex Scenes)

So I just got finished watching The Summer of Sangaile movie. It’s a movie I actually have been wanting to watch for a while and finally got the chance. Needless to say, I was disappointed. It’s the typical story of a girl that falls in love with another girl in a short amount of time, and they move on once that time is over. And in this case, it’s during the summer time.

The movie started off okay until the main character, Sangaile, had sex with a guy at the beginning of the movie. It was then I thought to myself, ‘they always gotta have them fuck one guy. A girl just can’t be a dyke; she has to desire dick at least once’. So once that happened, I just rolled my eyes and pretty much skipped to the sex scenes of the movie.

The story isn’t great…it really isn’t. I wish I could go on and feed you guys bull shit about how this movie is so touching, and beautiful-no, it’s just two white girls who fuck each other during the summer and go their separate ways afterwards. Yep, nothing special-just a simple summer pussy to pussy fling.

I too wish this movie was something to run, brag home about but it really isn’t, and thankfully I watched it for free. If not, I would be demanding my money back. You know what movie is good though and I might just talk about it tomorrow, Moonlight. Actually I will talk about it tomorrow, yep.


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