Boruto: The Next Generations, Naruto’s Son Gets A Spin Off!

Why didn’t anyone tell me Naruto’s son was getting his own anime which will premiere on April 2017, that’s this year, I may add? Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a whole movie dedicated to him that was released last year called Boruto: The Naruto Movie? I will be the first to admit that I started watching Naruto while in middle school, 8th grade, but stopped by the time I graduated high school. Although I still liked the anime and watched it on line since by that time it was no longer coming on American TV, the series was filled with…fillers. Those fillers fucked me up that I just stopped watching.

Every now and then since high school, I would check in on the Wikipedia page, the Wiki page, the manga because I still wanted to be up to date with how he was doing and whether or not he became Hokage, which he did. So as I’m currently watching Naruto Storm 4 on Youtube, a video game walk through, I decided to do my annual update check and found out he had a daughter along with a son who is the oldest of the two.

I already knew he had a son prior, and I already knew he was married to Hinata but I didn’t know he also had a daughter. I also didn’t know they already had a manga series based on Boruto, along with a movie, and a soon to be released anime. I am actually looking forward to this anime; one thing I hope though is that it isn’t 400 plus episodes, and I hope it doesn’t have tons of fillers. That’s the main reason why I love anime. Most of the shows are only about 12-13, 24-26 episodes long, with maybe two to five seasons. Anything that drags on and on, I just don’t enjoy. I’m talking about you, The Walking Dead.


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