Disappointment in The Game ReCore as Well as In the Trump Adminstration


I didn’t vote this year-well last year, which I have mentioned a while back but I did mentioned that I still liked Trump’s capitalistic beliefs which is also the reason why I didn’t trust him. Because most people know capitalism isn’t human rights’ best friend; even I’m willing to admit that. Within a month of Trump being president, shit has hit the fan on so many levels which makes me glad I didn’t vote because I would have been very disappointed. I’m most disappointed by the travel ban even though I’m actually not against it because I believe we should do our best to vet refugees coming out of terrorist countries from entering our United States of America. The ban actually started with the Obama Administration with Iran and Iraq but the difference is, Obama didn’t actually ban anyone. He just ordered for better vetting procedures for those coming out of certain countries. This Trump ban was being called the Muslim ban by either default or fault, and it is on the record of Trump trying to implement it in a legal manner, as if knowing this was just an horrible thing to do. What had happened was it was just a poor policy that was rushed.

He banned seven countries: Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya  and a couple of other ones. The problem I had with those countries except for Syria was that none of them had/have history of terrorism toward the United States. I personally was expecting to see Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and yes even Syria on that list-but didn’t(except for Syria). Why not? Well one, Trump has business ties to those countries (see, capitalism), and two, the United States is actually allies to many of those countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt just to name a few. I was shocked to know he banned green card holders, and visa card holders-these are people who have already been vetted and vetted extremely well. And I was even more surprised to learn Christians were being allowed to enter from those banned countries yet Muslims weren’t which is actually illegal; you can not in this country prefer one religion over the other. Some people say, ‘well the Jews were given priority during WW2’. First, Jewish is not a religion; it’s an ethic group. Judaism is the religion; you can be a Christian Jew, an Atheist Jew, a Wiccan Jew and even an Islamic Jew(though not likely), Ethiopian Jew, etc. Second, Jews were allowed to enter the United States prior to WW2 and after WW2 but not during; Anne Frank and her family applied in the 1940s and were denied entry.

Either way it was sketchy. It was sketchy ass fuck, really. But it doesn’t surprise me because Trump is riding Bannon’s dick who even Dana Loesch has said isn’t good for the country, and of course Trump has riden Putin’s dick who is anti-human rights also.  I kind of wish Ivanka Trump ran for president. In fact, I’m hoping she runs in the next four years. I’d vote for her. Although she’s still registered as a democrat if I’m not mistaken; nonetheless, she’s pretty, socially aware, business woman and conservative when it comes to the economy and capitalism. I’d do her-I mean, I’d support her.

Now let’s talk about ReCore!

This game is a drag! It started out fun but then it turned into a hot mess. The game is actually quite easy but what ruins it are the amount of bugs and glitches that are in the game. The game is pretty old and came out last year around August or September, and is Microsoft only so PC and XBOX One. The story is okay….I mean, it’s nothing to run home about. It’s about a girl name Joule who is on a planet all by herself except for these core-bots who help her fight enemies so as she can find Prismatic cores to help her gain…ugh, the whereabouts of  other humans-I guess, I don’t know. That’s what I got from playing the game.

What I didn’t like and wish I was warned about it is that, for you to progress from level to level you have to have a certain number of Prismatic cores; as a result, you have to, you have to do side quests. These side quests will lead you to dungeons that will lead you to more Prismatic cores. By the end of the game you should have about 35-45 of them. I hate that. I hate side quests and I hate having to do them so as to progress to a level. However, that was something I was willing to deal with so as to beat the game but I can’t beat the game-why not, you ask?

Because the player, Joule, gets stuck!!! Yes, that’s how buggy this game is. Sometimes your player doesn’t respond to your controls. At first I thought it was just me until I did research and found out no, it’s a lot of other people whom voiced their opinions on various forums, threads, Youtube comments, Reddit posts, etc. Apparently for it to be fixed, you have to start the game all over again, or the level all over again. I’m on the last level, Eden’s Tower-I don’t want to start all the fuck over again because Joule is acting crazy! Needless to say I was quite pissed. Even the IGN page for ReCore isn’t even finished because apparently the writers got stuck too.

However, I learned my lesson; I will not be buying any games until I test the demo out. I have been disappointed by two games: Dragon Ball Xenoverse and now Recore as a result of bugs, glitches, and even false advertisement. Never again. The next game I plan on getting is Attack on Titan. I will be playing a demo if possible on Xbox later tonight.


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