I Called In to Work Yesterday So I Could Watch the 11 Hour Walk Through of Horizon Zero Dawn! (Spoilers)

So yesterday I discovered Horizon Zero Dawn was out before going to work; I thought to myself that I was going to pick it up after work, that is until I found out it was only on Playstation 4. I honestly didn’t know who to say ‘fuck you’ to. Should I have said ‘fuck you’ to Sony for making it a Sony exclusive? Or should I have said ‘fuck you’ to Microsoft for not wanting to get a distribution deal for the game? Maybe I should just say ‘fuck you’ to both corporations? Yes, I will do just that. Fuck you, Sony and Microsoft BUT thank you, Sony for making a beautiful game.


First, the diversity in this game is awesome! Sony does it better than Microsoft when it comes to representing people of different racial and ethnic groups. There are characters of European¬†background, African background, Asian background, etc, etc, etc. This diversity allowed for the story to be more realistic because the story is about humanity having to start all over with life once machines took over, and eradicated all man kind. This integration and inter-mixing of the races allows us to see how different humans formed tribes over the centuries. We definitely learn how this happens once Aloy, the main character, discovers the “wombs” that gave birth to this new human life. One thing that isn’t so realistic though is all the tribes speak English yet, as you learn through out the story of the game, many different scientist of all national, ethnic and racial backgrounds helped formed this new human life.

I’m quite upset that two characters Bast and Vala died. These two characters were first introduced in the intro of the game. Bast is the boy who stares at Aloy when a woman tells him and the other children she is an out cast. Bast would later throw a rock at Aloy and give her a scar on her forehead. Vala, even by his side then, soothed him when/if Aloy throws the rock at Bast’s hand when he tries to throw another rock at her. The game is a choose your action game. So you have choices for Aloy to choose. I wanted to see more of Bast and Vala; although Bast was a jerk as a teen, he was still likable and it was obvious him and Vala had a romantic thing for one another. Awwweeeee! Aloy was starting to make friends with them, yes, even Bast. Although both of these characters died, Aloy would later become friends with Vala’s brother, Val, who kind of crushes on Aloy. Aloy also befriend’s the mother of Vala and Val who is the war chief.

Queer people in Horizon Zero Dawn? Maybe because if you choose, you can talk to Petra, and Petra openly flirts with Aloy, which Aloy points out by the way. Petra says to Aloy, ‘you’re struck’. As she’s referring to Aloy’s body weight and how she looks pretty. I really had a kick at that.

Over all, the game is a good game and I wish it was on XBOX. Oh well, however, judging by the ending of the game:

There’s a good chance for a sequel…but one thing I’m still kind of confused on is, how did Rost, the man who took care of Aloy as she got grew and got older, how did he become an out cast? Yes, his family was taken or killed but it still didn’t really go much into his history. Or maybe I just missed it…


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