Sex Talk: Do I Date Bisexual Girls?

Someone sent me an email, I’m assuming it was a female and she asked if I dated bisexual(pan/omi/whatever) girls. I suppose it could have been a male who sent that email but I don’t understand why a guy would care if a lesbian dated a bisexual girl or not. =/ But human beings are quite complicated so who knows.

The answer is a simple answer really. Yes, I do date bisexual girls but they have to pass the bisexual test which is a ‘Would You Rather’ game. The test is:

Would You Rather suck a cock or Would You Rather lick a pussy?

She has to choose one; has to. If she says lick a pussy then yeah, she’s my type of bisexual that prefers having a romantic and sexual relationship with females. But if she says the latter then she’s the type that would rather have a romantic and sexual relationship with males.

I suppose this test is quite ignorant of me to talk about bisexuals in this manner; as if I’m saying their worth is in their sexual taste. Maybe…but over all the answer is still yes. I would rather date a lesbian though, but whatever happens, happens. =/ I’m open to love and I’m open to sex and bisexual girls are quite easy when it comes to sex…from my experience. 😉



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