Wonder Woman Official Trailer-Is It Possible for There to Be Some Girl on Girl Action in This Movie, or No?

I’m not much of a super hero geek unless it comes down to video games, and I guess I’ll be hitting up the GameStop website to see if there’s a Wonder Woman video game coming out soon(not including the Injustice 2 video game), but nonetheless, how is it Wonder Woman comes from a land of Amazons and there’s no female on female action?

Do they explain that in the comic? Do they explain how they fuck? Because as a little girl, I was always befuddle on how there was no men in this society and yet none of them if any of them were gay, if not bisexual. I was confused and I still am confused. Should I Google that? Will Google tell me? Let me ask Google since I don’t have Alexa.

Okay so I Googled it and came upon a Reddit discussion where one user says:

I dunno about The Legend of Wonder Woman, but in the New 52 Amazons go out to sea, rape and kill sailors, and then come back to their island to give birth.

Yeah, I suppose rape is always a good way to reproduce. Go rape! (Just in case, you didn’t know, I was being sarcastic because some people can’t read sarcasm.) To read the whole thread, click here.

Another user says:

The original 1940s Wonder Woman stories had it that Wonder Woman was the first Amazon to be made of clay and given life, but then other Amazons later petitioned the Goddesses for magic kids.

So basically its a lot of WTF. I guess there’s no concrete answer to this, it would seem but even still, who are they fucking? Am I really expected to believe that they’re celibate the entire duration of their life? I find that hard to believe since Super Man and Wonder Woman get friendly with one another. Also, it would seem Wonder Woman gets friendly with a man in this movie. I feel like it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. They live in an all female society yet they don’t fuck each other and when the first man that lands upon the shore, Wonder Woman fucks. =/ *sigh*



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