Sex Talk: Do I Date Trans Women?

So this is more than likely going to be the last question I answer from this person(whoever you may be with a Code Geass email). =/ I actually thought about whether or not I should answer this question because I’m going to be honest, blunt about it. The over all answer is yes but it boils down to sexual compatibility. (Right now in Texas, it’s 5:25 AM and I can’t sleep so I figured I’d write this. So if there are grammar and/or syntax mistakes, I apologize.)

If she’s post-op then we’re good.

If she’s pre-op/no op, it gets more difficult. I actually dated two pre-op/no-op trans women. One in college and another an year or two ago. I cheated on both of them. The one in college, she had a functioning penis that she wanted to use. I was open to it but I couldn’t enjoy it. The penis isn’t disgusting; I’m just not attracted to it. I have no desire to touch it, to put it in my mouth, to get penetrated by it-I don’t have that desire, and I didn’t then. I really enjoyed it when I was fucking her with my strap on though lol. I was romantically attracted to her. I was physically attracted to her but I wasn’t sexually attracted to her penis and testicles. You would think she would cheat on me, and maybe she did, shit, I don’t know but I definitely cheated on her because I wanted to have sex with women with vaginas, and I did.  She found out and was totally distraught. I had suggested we could have an open relationship-it didn’t last. I shouldn’t have cheated. I should have been totally honest with her and up front about my feelings, but I wasn’t. And me being a dumb ass then, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time because I did it again.

The second trans woman, she was the opposite of the college one. Although she was pre-op/no-op and she didn’t have gender dysphoria, yet she still had no desire to use her penis, and had no desire for me to interact with her penis(yay!). She was also taking a good amount of HRT, I think it’s called that, so she wasn’t able to get erections at all. So I was the one fucking her in the ass every time we had sex, and she would go down on me, and we’d have our orgasms. She was able to have anal orgasms while being completely soft which was weird the first time it happened; I was like, ‘wtf’! But I didn’t like the semen that came out of her though; it’s different from vaginal secretions…it’s colder and…just…I don’t know. But anyways, that was easily solved by her getting fucked doggy. I cheated on her the same reason why I cheated on the one in college, but this time I told her the truth before she found out from some one else. And again, I suggested we have an open relationship. She didn’t want that because she wanted a monogamous relationship…so we broke up.

So to answer the question, yes, I do date trans women although I’d prefer it if she’s post op so as I won’t go cheating on her with women with vaginas and so I won’t have to deal with XY body parts. Well, I guess I’ll try and get some sleep now before I get up in a few hours for work. =/




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