Tig Notaro, Me Being Right About Donald Trump, and Why Disney’s That’s So Raven Spin Off Would Be Better For Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

So I came across an hilarious comedian by the name of Tig Notaro. I don’t have a lot of favorite comedians; in fact, Kathy Griffin is probably the only other one, and her material has started to be less and less funny as the years gone by. Nonetheless, I was browsing on a streaming website and came across a show called One Mississippi which airs on Amazon Prime, originally. I looked up the main character and found out she was Tig Notaro and so I did a little bit more researched, and discovered home girl nearly died three times and even lost her mom. Tig was diagnose and cured of not only c-diff but pneumonia, and even breast cancer. She went and got both of her breast removed and now has a 7% chance of it returning, and plus her mom died during the time she was in the hospital for c-diff. Her mother died just by falling and hitting her head. Tig has been through a lot through out these  years and she’s only 45 or so. She is an open lesbian(whoop, whoop!) and she is married to a woman she met a few years ago while doing the movie In A World. This woman is hilarious and I totally recommend you look her up. Her comedy is dead pan and life experience, so she’s making fun of her own experiences which is quite inspiring considering all that she’s been through. Her show, One Mississippi which I plan to re-watch, is one of the few live-action shows I watch(the other two being Empire and maybe AHS.) The show is basically about her life…back in her home town. The show deals with child molestation, c-diff, her losing her mom, her losing her breast, relationships with other women, her job as a radio host, etc. I’m looking forward to season 2. Yes, there will be a season 2. She also has a couple of specials on Netflix which includes her trying to have a child with her now wife, Stephanie.

So I was right about Donald Trump in regards to me not voting for him due to me not being able to trust him. I wasn’t against the travel ban, but the way it was first carried out was a hot mess. Not only were green card holders stuck but also visa card holders; and to get a green card and/or a visa, you go through a tremendous, tedious task of getting it. It’s intense so in my opinion, there was no reason to hold them back. Some people say that it’s racist, etc, and to be honest with you, if you go to Donald Trump’s presidential website, it clearly states that he wants to halt ‘ALL MUSLIMS’ from entering into this country. The website literally says that the last I checked. I don’t know; maybe they updated it. I doubt it, so go take a pander. So that go around of the travel ban was a disappointment to me.

The gender restroom, whatever, I don’t care about that. I honestly don’t even know why it’s a big deal to be honest. I’ve dated two trans women who were very passable, lipstick, feminine women, and they both had the full intention to fully transition; as a result of them looking exactly like cis-women, they used the women’s restroom without any problems. I met one of them in the restroom! So I just don’t understand why it’s a big deal to be honest. People who pass will use whatever restroom they identify with. And how can a law like that even be enforced because there are a lot of women who look like men. Tig Notaro gets mistaken as a man all the time. lol So…wtf.

The health care bill, Trump Care, is a hot mess and I knew it would be because as I said in the very beginning, Trump is a capitalist. He’s going to do what is best for corporate companies more so than the well fare of the people. I’ve said this already. So it should be no surprised to his voters and others that his proposed health care plan is only making things more expensive for the unable and/or poor. That’s a second disappointment that I knew I would have.

Russia, Russia, Russia, North Korea, North Korea, North Korea. A lot of people are scared we’re going to war with North Korea. Anything’s possible but I don’t see how that would happen when North Korea is a strong ally to both Russia and China, and Donald Trump has been trying to get on the good side of Russia and China since he got into office. Here’s an over view.

“On December 2013 Russia joined the sanctions against North Korea, introduced in March by the U.N Security Council (Resolution 2087). The corresponding decree signed by President Putin specified that Russian companies were prohibited to provide North Korea any technical assistance and advice in the development and production of ballistic missiles. In addition, North Korean naval vessels to call at Russian ports would be required to undergo inspection. Also, the authorities ordered to be vigilant when dealing with North Korean diplomats.[19][20]

In May 2014 Russia and North Korea have agreed to settlements in rubles in all trade between the two countries.[21] The first transactions in rubles between Russia and North Korea were carried out in October 2014.[22]

In March 2015, a Russian official said Moscow and Pyongyang have agreed to discuss the creation of advanced development zones in Russia’s Far East and North Korea.[23]

On May 2016 the Central Bank of Russia ordered all Russian banks to halt financial dealings with North Korean agencies, organizations and individuals on the U.N Security Council sanctions list. The move was in line with the United Nations Security Council resolution adopted in early March to penalize North Korea for its fourth nuclear test and long-range missile launch and curb its weapons of mass destruction program. ”

Without the intervening of the U.N, Russia and North Korea get along really well, and as we can see have a few trade deals into works. For Putin to totally disband from N.K for the U.S.A then Trump must have a lot of shit up his sleeve but Putin doesn’t seem like the type of guy to ride dick for anyone, let alone Trump.

When it comes to China and North Korea:

“In 2012, a $45 million investment by China’s Haicheng Xiyang Group into an iron-ore powder processing plant failed under what the Chinese called “a nightmare”.[28] On February 21, 2016 China quietly ended financial support of North Korea without any media publicity. It is reported to be due to the fallout of relations between the two governments.[29]  “

However, although they are still allies to one another, the relationship is not as strong:

“China and North Korea have, in the past, enjoyed close diplomatic relations. However, China–North Korea relations have declined markedly over the past few years. The decline in China–North Korea relations is primarily due to growing concern in China over issues such as North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and its impoundment of Chinese fishing boats.[2]

It has been confirmed that That’s So Raven staring Raven Symone will be getting a spin off which will be airing later this year. Raven Symone will be a divorce mother of twins and she will continue to be best friends with Chelsea played by Anneliese van der Pol. The show was hilarious when it was on during the early 2000’s. Mainly season 1, and season 2, everything after that was pretty, ‘meh’ in my opinion. I wish the show wasn’t going to be on Disney though; someone on Twitter mentioned they wished Netflix brought the show and I agree. Raven Symone is pretty hilarious; I enjoyed her on the show, and I enjoyed her in other shows as well so I feel like she can’t really do a whole lot on a Disney show, a show aimed for kids. Now, the show isn’t going to be about her per se, it’s going to be about one of her kids who ends up having the same ability she does as well.

If Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime would have got it, I feel like the show would have focused more on Raven which is what I want, and we can see Raven act, perform in a mature manner, in a mature environment, something we have rarely seen from her. Most if not all of her entertainment projects have been aimed for kids except for a few episodes on Empire, The State of Georgia, and The View. Raven Symone is also not heterosexual; she hasn’t fully come out to label herself which is fine but it has been known, and is known she has dated numerous women including a co-star of Empire. Although Disney wanted to introduced queer characters in the future, something tells me-‘ehhehh, maybe’. Although I could be wrong since the live-action Beauty and The Beast had a gay thing going on in that movie. =/ But I’m not going to hold my breath.

I would absolutely love for Raven and Chelsea to hook up in the show. I’d love for that to happen. I’ve read fan fiction of that happening. I feel like there’s so much there if Raven and Chelsea would get together and help raise their kids together. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I do know Orlando Brown isn’t going to reprise his role as a result of his crazy ass interviews he’s done these past couple of years, talking about eating Raven’s pussy, and her aborting their child, and all kinds of shit-basically.


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