John Ridley Doesn’t Cast Black Women in New Showtime, Guerrilla, Show and I’m Actually Cool With That.

John Ridley is the writer of 12 Years A Slave, a movie I didn’t see and now he has a show coming out on Showtime called Guerrilla that is about the Black Panther movement in the United Kingdom(in which I will also not be seeing). Well, there are no black women in this show, and during a questions and answers moment at the premiere, a journalist actually asked why. To sum it, Ridley pretty much said he cast an Asian actress because he’s married to one- in so many words; in other words, he’s on his knees sucking clit to his Asian wife and when she makes a snap of her fingers and orders him to not cast black women, he submits, Good Boy. Okay, not word for word but you know; nonetheless, the journalist is questioning why there are no black women in the show.

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When it comes down to black women and other women of color there really isn’t a whole lot of opportunities for them when compared to white women in the entertainment industry. The roles that black women are stuck in are roles that are about them being black and/or being a black woman. I feel like Zoe Saldana is one of the few women of color who is able to step out of her race and actually do movies that attract wider audiences such as Columbiana, Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. Taraji P. Henson is another black actress who I can think of that is able to break roles and do both movies that are race focused, and movies that aren’t such as Date Night, The Karate Kid, No Good Deed, etc, all of which she had a major role in, and all of those movies did extremely well in the box office. And as we know, she’s on the hit show, Empire; therefore, I’m actually kind of glad that John Ridley didn’t cast black women for any roles in this show(with the exception of one or two). I’m sick of seeing black women being put in such typical and/or stereotypical roles.

I would love to see more black women as the main character, with bigger roles in science fiction, fantasy, drama, and even romance within main stream movies and TV shows(it’s slowly happening like with Gotham, Sleepy Hallow, How To Get Away With Murder, etc). I would love to see more Asian women get these opportunities as well because they too are kind of stuck. Hispanic women who aren’t fair skinned are also kind of stuck; women of color are stuck. And it’s not like there weren’t opportunities for black women to rise up because Oprah and Tyler Perry cast numerous black women in their movies, but most if not all of those movies were about being black, the black experience of black women, so again, being stuck in the same role.

Maybe I’m not angry like some women are because I’m mixed and I haven’t experience what a lot of black women experience within this country. I have light skin, I have green/hazel eyes, I come from an affluent home so I can’t relate to being pulled over by cops, I can’t relate to being discriminated against; I can’t but even so, I still see that it happens to others and I see it heavily within Hollywood; and maybe it’s not even because I’m mixed but because I don’t have the stereotypical and/or typical image of a black woman in our society, who’s to say. Black men have come a long way in Hollywood but black women-not so much.




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