They Gave Michelle Rodriguez A Penis in the Movie, The Assignment, and Princess, Princess Ever After is Just Too Cute!

Yesterday I was in Austin with a friend and we were hanging out; we went canoeing, ate at Michi Ramen, went to the library, and we were going to go bouldering but sadly, there wasn’t enough time for that. During our time together though, he told me about the movie, The Assignment, which stars Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver. It’s about a man played by Rodriguez who is a hit man. He is caught one day, taken to the doctor who is played by Weaver, and transformed into a woman. This movie is so laughable and horrible at the same time. I’m surprised that with an all star cast such as these two that the acting was so bad! It was horrid, y’all, horrid! But what got me the most was that when Rodriguez played a man, they gave her a chest and a penis, and they showed it….on camera, like a close up.

They gave Michelle Rodriguez a pretty big penis that was circumcised. =0 If you’re not doing anything tonight or after you’re done watching anime, cartoons then check this movie out. It’s so hilarious and I now know why Rodriguez doesn’t take the lead in a whole lot of movies.

While I was at the library, I checked out a few books. One of the books was a cute little book about woman on woman love titled Princess, Princess Ever After by by Katie O’Neil and published by Oni Press.

The book is about two princess’ who fall in love with one another and what I love most about the book is the couple is not only a lesbian couple, but an interracial couple as well. I think this book which is an young adult, if not children’s, book would be an excellent way to teach children about the different types of love there is in the world. There are all kinds of love out there in the world among humans from it being same sex love, to interracial love, to inter-religion love, etc, etc, etc. When people from two different backgrounds of racial, ethnic, or religion, even political, come together, and form a relationship, it represents understanding, compromising, and acceptance. What do I mean when I say understanding, compromising, and acceptance? I mean understanding is wanting to learn about the other person who is different than you. Compromising is when you can see, feel, hear these differences yet you open yourself up to them and together you agree to focus on what brings y’all together than what could tear y’all apart. Accepting is when you respect and love them for the simple fact they respect and love you and all your differences.

It’s a cute book and I totally picking it up either on Amazon, or at your local library. =D



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