So Donald Trump is the Female Version of Hilary Clinton Now; Is That What’s Going On?

Donald Trump ran his whole campaign on the United States being an isolationist country. He wanted us to go back in time and follow the beliefs of George Washington which was for us to keep to our own, and my our own business. Which is something the U.S. did all the way up until WW2. Some people might say WW1, but I think it was WW2 because we literally wouldn’t have entered that war if Japan wouldn’t have bombed us due to the U.S. having territories in eastern Asia at the time. That’s why I supported Trump because I like that way of thinking. I was sick and I’m still sick of the U.S. being fucking Super Man when we need to focus on our own problems. Trump said he was going to do his best to avoid shit like this; he lied. “Oh no, he changed his mind…” Nah bitch, he lied. Stop sucking his dick. Stop letting him nut in your mouth; he lied.

“I just saw all those pictures of dead children, bloody, beaten…I just had to do something.” D. Trump-in so many words. “They used chemical weapons, so we had to intervene…” No, the U.S. didn’t. They used chemical weapons on their own people, why is that any of our business? Was the chemical weapons airborne? Was he planning to attack the U.S. and/or our allies with these chemical weapons? I would understand intervening because of that but none of that has been made clear to my knowledge.

Wait a minute, those same children who you said couldn’t seek refuge in the U.S. and whom you’re saying other countries should not take in as well, you suddenly fucking care about those same children now? Are you fucking serious? North Korea has been doing this shit to their people for decades. Russia apparently has areas of gay concentration camps, even though they claim, “there are no gay people here”. So let me make a check list: it’s cool for North Korea to hold their citizens in camps, and kill them, etc. It’s cool for Russia to have “no gay people” in their districts, towns, cities, etc. It’s cool for China to make people “disappear” if they talk poorly of China(and I actually like China been there two times but I won’t ignore some of the sketchy shit that goes on there). And then we have all that shit going on in Africa that no one ever gives a fuck about.

Hilary Clinton ran her campaign on trying to “fix the middle east”. You got all those sexist mother fuckers saying women can’t lead because they’re too emotional. Dude, Trump saw images of dead children and decided to bomb Syria without approval from Congress. If that’s not fucking emotional then what the fuck is? He literally did what Hilary Clinton was going to do. Her plan was to send troops in to Syria, into Libya, etc. If a war was to start, Clinton was ready to go for it.

Man…I’m glad I didn’t vote….



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