Youtube’s Domo & Crissy: Has Anyone Else Notice Domo Wilson is Really Obsessed with Light-skinned, Biracial People?

I feel like I have a lot of shit to talk about these past few days. By the way, I watched the Boruto series and it’s good so far. I don’t get the feeling that it’s going to drag on like his father’s show did which is good! A bad thing is that the series started from the very beginning as in prior to the setting of the Naruto: Boruto Movie. I haven’t caught Attack on Titan yet but I’m watching Samurai Jack which is kicking ass; I’m loving it so far. I’m looking forward to Injustice 2 that is coming out soon and hopefully, I’d have beat Styx by then. We’ll see.

So there’s this couple on Youtube called Domo and Crissy; made up of Domo Wilson and Crissy Daniels( I think that’s her last name). They first came to light about an year ago, but they most recently became popular when Domo Wilson made a post about being a stud and being pregnant. She had a following back in 2014 and 2015 with her presence on Vine as well as Facebook. However the old Vine and Facebook material has mostly been deleted from the internet, except for the videos that managed to be around still on Youtube uploaded by random users. I watched a few of her videos both the recent and even old ones that were deleted but re-uploaded, and needless to say I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with having a baby, not only that but obsessed at making sure the baby was mixed and light skinned.

This video is an old video from 2015 where she first started the process of getting pregnant. In the video she talks about the baby being mixed with almost everything from black to Hispanic to Asian. And this was all before she even met Crissy. Fast forward to 2016, Domo met and got with Crissy and started the process all over again to get pregnant, such as in this video below.

It was reviled this time around the donor for this second time was a white man because Domo wanted the baby to be like Crissy, who is mixed with white and black. That doesn’t really make sense to me because why wouldn’t she want the baby to be part her, and Crissy? However, in the show The L Word, Tina and Bette had a black donor due to Bette being mixed with black and white-as someone else has mentioned. Supposedly they chose to name the child Domo short for Dominic which is NOT true because in Domo’s old videos, she already decided on the name Domo even in the old video that I posted up above.

So the baby has been born and Domo pretty much obsesses over the fact her “little snack is white” and has “green eyes”(the baby doesn’t actually have green eyes lol. If you follow her on Twitter or Instagram, she will often call out her son’s skin tone, and eyes-very often. Nonetheless, I don’t understand how someone can so blatantly lie. Maybe his eyes will turn green as he gets older but for now, they’re dark. Domo 1

I stopped watching their videos to be honest because I just didn’t really feel comfortable watching them. Domo has admitted before that she has had depression and anxiety in a past video, and her being obsessed in my opinion with light skinned and biracial people, there’s a good chance she could have self hate for herself as well. I feel like this baby wasn’t created so as to start a family, to become a mother. I feel like Domo had this baby so as to feel and be loved, a co-dependent relationship one could say.

The love Domo has for the baby looks superficial because something tells me if that baby came out dark skinned, she probably would have gave it up for adoption as horrible as that may sound. Then they had a one month birthday party for the baby. Besides for crazy obsessed parents, who the fuck does that? =/ They’re also suppose to be going on tour, a bully and music tour. I don’t know how that’s going to work out since they have a new born, and Domo is forever cussing out her fans(who are little girls, little gay girls) and other Youtubers-is that not bullying? Don’t know why any grown ass person would watch them…(which is why I no longer do because… they act like kids themselves really and her being obsessed with light skinned, biracial people is pretty creepy and borderline fetish-y, and I should know because I have a lot of fetishes myself. 😉 )

However, like I said, I don’t really watch their videos, I don’t follow them or interact with them so these are just my small observations of them when I did tune in to see who they were.


4 thoughts on “Youtube’s Domo & Crissy: Has Anyone Else Notice Domo Wilson is Really Obsessed with Light-skinned, Biracial People?

  1. People who “grade” skin tones => it’s colorism !

    But that line: “That doesn’t really make sense to me because why wouldn’t she want the baby to be part her”

    it’s kind of logical for me because their son will always be a part of her (Domo) since he will share her DNA and so you want your kid to look like both parent (which naturally happen for straight couple excluding adoption and infertility).

    Anyway in Domo’s case it could became difficult because Domo is so much lighter and people might ask themselves “who’s kids is that”. And that gets tiring according to my sister who has bi-racial kids and people assume that she is the nanny !


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