I Feel Like I’m More Flippy Floppy Than Donald Trump Now!

I was pretty upset that Trump started blasting off missiles in Syria due to it going against his original campaign, but now that North Korea’s missile launched failed, I kind of feel as if Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un out on his bull shit. Wow, maybe I should sit back a little bit, and really watch what D.T. and Mad Dog Mattis have going on. For one, I actually like Mattis. He’s a cool ass dude for those of you who have read his history. I mean the dude has a nickname of Mad Dog; he must certainly know his shit. Mad Dog, that’s a Marvel super hero name if I didn’t know any better.

As we know North Korea had strong allies with China and Russia, right? But as we now know, those two countries are slowly dipping out of North Korea, so now I kind of feel that if there is a WW3, it will literally be everyone on the planet versus North Korea.

At the moment with Syria after the attack there and in Afghanistan, Assad has said they currently don’t have any chemical weapons, and the video was a fake. The fact that he’s lying about this tells me that maybe Trump sending those missiles scared him because now there’s a president in the office who isn’t afraid to step up. Yes, I was upset as I stated about him sending the bombs. Yes, I was upset he didn’t get approval from congress. Yes, I am upset that he’s going on his testosterone it feels like as he fits into his new role of Commander in Chief. However, it seems Assad may be backing down now, and if he does back down then maybe he will cooperate with us along with Russia so as we can get rid of ISIS once, and for all. Kim will probably test, and send out more missiles but after what just happened today, I’m feeling kind of confident that America can over come what he dishes out. That maybe he isn’t such a tough guy after all, he’s one of those little dogs who bark, and bark but when it comes down to fight, they run with their tails between their legs.

This is going to be a flippy floppy term for me, y’all. There are a good amount of things I agree with in this term that him and his team are doing, and there are some things I don’t agree with(many things). (What the fuck is going with health care and that wall, don’t get me started on Devos?) However, I’m kind of feeling a bit more confident in our military decisions. I wasn’t at first….now I kind of am. It feels good to have faith in your country. It feels really good.


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