The Winner of Miss Black University of Texas, Rachael Malonson, Took Advantage of Colorism in the Black Community!

So in other news(besides fucked up Trumpcare), a biracial woman who is half black and half white, as in her father is black and her mother is white, won the Miss Black University of Texas beauty pageant which is hosted by the majority black male fraternity on campus. I don’t understand why this pageant even exist but you know what they say now, ‘segregation is the new black’.

I see nothing wrong with her entering because she is half black and I personally also know how it feels to be told, ‘you’re not black because you’re mixed…’ or ‘you’re too light to be black’, or ‘you’re not black enough’. These are things that I’ve also been told when growing up by (believe it or not) black women; however, this girl is not fucking stupid! She, Malonson, knew she was going to win.

Even in the year 2017, the black community still struggles with colorism, which is the lighter you are, the more valued you are, while the darker you are, the less valued you are. This all started during slavery and colonization when light skinned black women would work in the house, and/or become the sexual mistress’ of the slave owner(s). Also, black people who were light enough were even able to “pass” as white, and own slaves themselves in certain states such as Louisiana. No lie, this old lady told me about three or so years ago that if I was growing up during slavery times, I’d be able to own slaves. She told me that. Nonetheless, the affects of colorism from the 19th century still drags on today.

She probably never won any of the other pageants she went out for when young, and she probably thought she could make it in this one. Because let’s be real, how often do black women, or women of color in general win regular beauty pageant contests? Exactly. This girl knew that because of her light skinned, she knew she was going to be more valued than the darker skinned girls. The judges were also black men, and as our society believes, black men have a very strong liking to white and/or light skinned girls. Another advantage she had going for her was that she knew one of the judges, as stated in one of the articles that was written about the “scandal”. So she had three advantages for this pageant:

1.) She’s light skinned

2.) Panel of (light skinned/mixed) black men

3.) She knew one of the judges who was even quoted sympathizing to her plight of being biracial.

The bitch knew she was gonna win. Now did she really take advantage of the colorism within the black community so as to win this pageant? I don’t know, but I have a very hard time believing that she didn’t know she was going to win. If she’s as smart as they say she is then the bitch knew. She knew she had it from the very beginning. And then she takes the picture of the two black women bowing down to her…oh yeah, she knew.

To read the original article, click here!


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