I’m Officially Done with Donald Trump; I Can’t Support A President Who Allows A Dictator to Beat the Shit Out of U.S Citizens on OUR OWN LAND!

Okay so I’m sure some of you have heard, or maybe haven’t since no one is really talking about it, but guards of Erdogan practically beat the shit out of Kurdish protesters outside of the White House in Washington D.C; in other words, on American soil while Erdogan-the dictator who is pretending to be a democratic president, meets with Trump.

This video below is of the fight that took place between supporters of Erdogan, and Erdogan’s bodyguards against protesters.

Read about it here on FOX.

Now I don’t follow Donald Trump so I don’t know if he addressed the issue, but judging from Google, it doesn’t seem like he has. He’s bowing down to a country that is not only a non-democratic country, but a country that is heavily against us arming the Kurds against the fight against ISIS. And if anyone knows the history between U.S. and the Kurds(from numerous locations in the middle east), we have good relations with them, time and time again.


This whole election was a roller coaster and I tried to give him a chance as a president because I went in liking him, and I still do like him-as a business man; however, I do not think he is fit to be president. If he can’t even protect us from officials from other countries who do us harm in our own country then how the fuck is he going to protect us from North Korea, or China if they decide to aid North Korea, or even Russia since they’ll still buddy buddy with Syria? I don’t care if you’re a democrat, liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate-how can you support a president who doesn’t even bat an eye to this? I’d understand if the protesters were being violent-they weren’t. I’d understand if this took place in Turkey-but it didn’t. These were peaceful U.S. citizens who were charged as you see in the video on American soil.

First, I didn’t agree with Donald Trump putting out that half ass travel ban. Then I didn’t agree with the bombing of Syria, and third, I definitely don’t agree with him not responding, and not doing anything about this physical altercation done onto us as Americans. The cops should have beat the shit out of those Turkey officials, better yet-should have shot those mother fuckers. So Donald Trump was riding Putin’s dick at the beginning of this election and now it would seem, he’s riding Erdogan’s dick. I was once flippy floppy but I’m done. If Donald Trump does something good in the future-yeah. If he does something bad in the future-seen it coming.



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