My Bad, Samurai Jack Didn’t Get Laid, and Faith Goldy AMA, Ask Me Anything, on REDDIT!

So in the last episode, I think it was the last episode of the season-yeah, it’s the last episode, Jack makes it home-SPOILERS! He and Ashi are able to go back to the past because of Ashi having her father’s powers such as creating time portals. Upon them going back to the past, Jack is able to kill Aku. As him and Ashi are getting ready to get married, she slumps over. Jack rushes to her side where she slowly begins to fade and where she says, ‘without Aku, I wouldn’t be able to exist’.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that for an ending. I was actually thinking they would live happily ever after with one another. Even so, the show still ended on a good note such as Jack seeing hope within a lady bug. A lady bug, the same bug that gave him hope that Ashi would learn the truth about him, and Aku which in turn she did. Over all, I’m really happy of this season and one thing I will do is re-watch all the seasons prior since I know I haven’t seen all of the episodes.

So now and then I will hang out on The_Donald sub Reddit because even though I don’t really support Trump as much as I used to, I still support many of the policies that conservatives and republicans, and libertarians are trying to pass: such as a decent travel ban, deporting illegals(specifically the ones who do our country and economy harm), reforming health care, and strengthening ties with other powerful countries such as China, Russia, and even North Korea. I don’t want war with any of these countries; I want unity. And of course dealing with ISIS, and extreme terrorism which at this moment, let’s not bull shit ourselves, is coming from extreme Islamist. Nonetheless, as I was on the sub Reddit today, there was an AMA, Ask Me Anything, of Faith Goldy.

Faith Goldy, there really isn’t a whole lot about her but upon reading her Twitter as well as the AMA that was on Reddit, she’s a Christian, she’s a conservative, and she’s a nationalist. She believes Islam is taking over many countries within Europe, and even in the middle east such as Israel. She’s from Canada and hopes to get her country back on track to a more traditional place before “immigrants, and feminism” took over. It’s funny how she says immigrants because she doesn’t look all white to me; she looks biracial although I could be wrong and she seems like the type of person to hide her racial heritage, especially if it would put her at a disadvantage. Or maybe she’s just a white girl with a really, really dark tan, hmm, hard to say.

Most of what I got about her is from her Twitter account because most of the comments on the AMA were mostly ‘you’re so pretty’, ‘are you married’, ‘what kind of men do you like’, etc. However, it would seem from the comments and responses she made on the Reddit AMA that she is a supporter of traditional gender roles such as the male figure being the provider, and the female figure being the care giver at home. I see nothing wrong with those beliefs, even though I will fully admit I have no desire to be a stay at home wife-(unless I’m making money from other means such as an online business, or job, or something).

One thing I thought was interesting was that on Twitter, a woman mentioned no one asked Goldy anything about her opinions on people of color and the queer community, and the importance of getting them involved in the conservative movement. I agree with that. I am an out lesbian. I am also Catholic, I am a moderate conservative, libertarian to say the least, and I’m a capitalist; I personally believe that the conservative and libertarian parties need to be reaching out to more diverse groups besides straight, white males and women who enjoy being house wives. We all believe in equal rights-we have that now in our country so as a result, no one should be pushed away from these parties due to their race, sex, or sexual orientation so why are we still seeing white dudes, and house wife women as the only people in these parties? We need to reach out more and pull people in. I mean come on, I can’t be the only lesbo that likes guns?

Goldy seems young, and obviously she’s very attractive and as we all know, sex sells, so let’s hope we see more of her, and see more of her values, and see more of her proposes. I don’t know her stance on queer people. There’s a chance she could hate people like me, or people of my color; I don’t know-like I said, not much is on her but as of now there’s potential.


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