Blossoms Bloom Brightly Visual Novel Game Review, Kids Who Are Confused About Gender May Have Parents Who Aren’t Accepting, and Bacha Posh-Girls Who Dress as Boys


Y’all like my desktop? lol Well, I just got finished playing a visual novel called Blossoms Bloom Brightly. It’s a shoujo-ai and can be played for free on Steam. I’m surprised the game has so many good reviews because the game was boring as fuck! I honestly never played a visual novel before; I didn’t realize there was going to be so much reading and less playing. There were maybe about three or four questions that allowed for player interaction but besides that, nothing.

The music was good yet repetitive. The art work of the settings and characters were good except the settings were also very repetitive. If the characters weren’t in the cafeteria, they were in their rooms, hallway, bar, infirmary, or space station/area. There were also only three characters with very little character development.

The ending, as in the relationship between two of the female characters by the name of Erica and Sara, seemed really forced and honestly made no sense whatsoever. I’m guessing the creators of the game also got bored with the story line and just said, ‘fuck it’. I would not recommend paying for this game or any of their bonus packages, but if you have nothing to do then go for it since its free.


So I watch an Youtuber now and then, and yesterday I watched one of his most recent videos, which you can see below.

The video talks about a lot of stuff and it’s pretty much a rant, but one of the things that I really liked what he said was, ‘the reason so many kids are confused by gender is because they have parents who expect them to do something or not do something because they are this or not this gender’. Not in those exact words though, just to be clear.

Nonetheless, I agree with Dollface Barbie. I believe that if we didn’t focus on so much of what one gender can do and what one gender can’t do(gender roles), we wouldn’t be having such a surge of young people trying to figure out where they fit in in regards to gender; we wouldn’t have so many a-gender, or non-binary gender bull shit that we’re seeing a lot more of now within the young generation(I actually think it’s a trend too but that’s a whole other post).

Back when I was a kid, I was a tomboy. I played sports; I enjoyed running, being outside, playing with boy toys but I was still a girl, and people still saw me as a girl. It was okay for girls to be into boy things and still be girls. But now if a girl does that, parents are gonna be whispering, ‘is she trans? She must be trans if she likes having her hair cut short, likes wearing pants, likes wearing baggy clothes’. Or maybe she just likes wearing boy’s clothes-ever thought of that?

Dollface in the video specifically calls out black women in the black community because of a comment that a black woman said in regards to this eight year old boy wanting to dress in drag. He goes on to say that within the black community, there’s a reason why so many black males are stuck, why so many black males take to the streets.  If that black male shows one trait that’s un-masculine then he’s worthless to the eyes of his parents, especially his mom, and especially if he doesn’t have a father figure in his life.

There seems to be a thing where the emasculation of men is something that is bad. Do I think men should be masculine-absolutely, but I’m not going to knock a man down simply because he would rather do ballet than football. Or that he would rather wear a skirt than pants; in other words, he is who he is, and if you’re a parent who has a child like that, the best thing you can do is accept who he/she is. Without support or acceptance, kids resent, they get depressed, they get suicidal, and sometimes they think their life will be better as another.

This isn’t to say that all people who are trans are like this, but this is to say that people who are transitioning often have to go through therapy because often times they do suffer from these conditions: depression, anxiety, seclusion, suicidal thoughts, conditions that go beyond that of gender dysphoria(mentally not matching their physical body). There are times when a person who over comes these conditions will often feel the need to no longer transition. This is probably why we’re seeing more stories of people de-transitioning; these people lacked support, lacked acceptance, lacked parental love. So through guidance, and/or therapy, they realized that they’re totally okay with who they are. They realized, ‘hey, I don’t actually have to become a man to do man things…’. ‘Hey, I don’t have to become a woman to do womanly things like wear make up, etc’.

Do I believe in gender roles-yes, I do; I do believe men are better at some things when compared to women. And I believe women are better at some things when compared to men. I do believe chemically wise, men and women differ greatly in the way we think, and the way we express ourselves. So yes, I do believe in gender roles, and I do believe in the differences between the sexes, and I don’t believe gender is a social construct; however, I don’t believe in forcing gender roles onto those who have no desire to do this or that. I, myself, don’t follow the traditional gender roles of what a woman is and that’s fine. And there’s nothing wrong with a woman who does follow the traditional gender roles, and enjoys it. I, myself, would like to be with a woman who is more traditional in that aspect.

So I’ve been watching a few documentaries on Afghanistan, mainly because I really want to know why the fuck haven’t we left there yet. Then I realized, America doesn’t really leave any country that we invade/occupy. I mean, we’re still in Japan, Germany, South Korea(and that war is technically still going on) just to name a few. Sadly though, many of those countries depend on our military, but hopefully, as the years go on, they can be a bit more independent. Mostly Europe is the weak continent that truly needs us; most of Asia have very strong militaries.

I’m learning a lot about their culture through these documentaries and I’m amazed at how calm, and peaceful the country used to be until all these empires started to invade basically. Empires such as Britain, Russia, the U.S, and the U.S. is still there. Even in the 1960s-1970s, it was very common for many hippie women and men to travel to Afghanistan freely, just roaming around the country, hanging with locals, and doing drugs! I was shocked. A good documentary to start out watching is Afghanistan: The Great Game, a two part series which is on Youtube. Check it out!

Upon learning about Afghanistan, I stumbled upon Bacha Posh, which is a ‘girl who dresses as a boy’. The documentary you see above show cases four stories of girls who partake in this practice which isn’t taboo at all. It usually only becomes taboo when the girl decides to continue living as a boy without her parents approval the older she gets, but some times, the parents will approve it.

It’s like a third gender for females. These girls are female and have no desire to psychically become a man(although maybe a few do who are trans) but they desire for freedom that living as a man provides in Afghanistan. This is something I thought about myself. If the United States ever became like A Hand Maiden’s Tale then I will definitely be posing as a male. I will be binding my breast(even though they’re already small), and I will be getting a buzz cut. I’m quite thin and barely have any curves so I think I can pass; anyone can pass if they put in the effort.

Another thing is these girls appear heterosexual; the most masculine of them all even talks about the type of man she would want to settle down with. This correlates to the fact that gender, nor gender roles relates to sexuality. It’s sort of a mind fuck. ‘What! These women who live as men haven’t the desire to lie with women’. It’s an eye opener, for sure.



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