An Attack in London…Again…

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I hate to say this but after seeing so many attacks in England, Germany, Sweden, and France, I wish them all the best, but-come on now. I mean, if they don’t do something about the people entering their country such as proper vetting procedures, if they don’t listen in and follow tips, if they don’t start tapping into suspected people’s conversations then this will never stop, but will only get worst. And it’s getting really old; it’s gotten old for me. It would seem, correct me if I’m wrong, that these four countries all of whom have ‘open door’ policies when allowing in refugees, all have this problem of attacks. Terrorist are terrorist regardless of religion but let’s be real, these, if not most of these attacks going on in these four countries are Islamic terrorist. And often times, supposedly, authorities are tipped off that an attack is going to occur.

We don’t know who did this attack, just like no one knows who did the Kabul attack so we’ll see if any group takes claim over this attack.

What people will be saying months and years to come:

Woman 1: Girl, what’s going on?

Woman 2: A terrorist attack….

Woman 1: Again, girl?

Woman 2: Hmm hmm…

Woman 1: Ssppff, I thought it was something actually important-what you want for dinner?



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