Why Would Gal Gadot Ruin Her Career Just to Play Wonder Woman; The Super Hero Curse?

Real talk!

As we know, it is extremely difficult for a female to get a lead role in a movie that isn’t a drama, or a romance. In the month of May, 2017 about 83 movies came out.  So out of 83 movies that were released in theatres in the month of May, about 23-27 had a female as the lead character, so 33%. About 33% of the main stream and independent, and foreign movies that were released in the United States had a female as lead. Out of those lead roles, the genres were drama, and romance, two sports/action/adventure movies; in other words, roles for women in movies are very limited.

There’s a pattern when it comes to super hero movies during this point in time. The actors and actresses you see in these super hero movies from DC and Marvel, are all actors, and actresses whose careers were on the declined before getting that super hero role. Some examples include, Zoe Saldana, Robert Downy. Jr, Ben Aflect, Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, and the list goes on. Once an actor/actress is done making super hero movies, their career either stops, or it declines, most notably, Adam West from the 60’s. Hallie Berry who was not only Cat Woman but also Storm of X-Men. Branden Routh, who found himself stuck in another super hero franchise, Toby Mcquire as Spider-Man. Eric Bana who was The Hulk, most of his movies are flops, the most recent good one he did was Deliver Us from Evil. Huge Jackman….once he got the role of Wolverine, every other movie project he did was a flop, so he pretty much stuck with Wolverine. Now that his career is over as Wolverine, I don’t see him doing a whole lot of movies. And if he does, they’re more than likely going to be flops.  ( I don’t know any of the people who were in Suicide Squad, although to be fair, Will Smith’s movies have been flops lately, pretty much since Hancock; the kids in Power Rangers pretty much ruined their career-good luck, y’all.)

As you noticed, only two women were named: Zoe Saldana and Hallie Berry.  Zoe Saldana although she is the main cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, she isn’t the lead. Hallie was the lead and now her career is lack luster to say the least, so why would Ms. Gadot, who is young about 32 years old, risk ruining her career to play Wonder Woman, and potentially type casting herself?

Super hero franchises usually have three to five movies. After, the studios would usually do a reboot. What this means is Ms. Gadot will have three to five years(maybe more) as Wonder Woman. After Wonder Woman is done then what? I’m sure she’s not thinking about the Super Hero Curse right now since she’s had a steady career as minor characters in other main stream movies such as Fast and Furious. She’s racking in a lot of money of course, and needless to say she’s with glee. I suppose I wrote this because I truly am fluster that she would take such a cursed role at a young age when her career was just starting. And who’s to say, maybe she will be one of the few who is able to bounce back from being typed cast as Wonder Woman in these next future projects. Maybe she doesn’t give a fuck if she’s Wonder Woman and that she will forever be seen as Wonder Woman of our generation. But girl, if you do care about your acting career, I’d suggest having a back up.


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