How Fast Do Lesbians Get Married; These Lesbians on Reddit are Scaring Me With Their Answers.

So I was browsing a sub reddit called r/LesbianActually. I much prefer this one over the other one which is r/Actuallesbians mainly because Lesbian Actually accepts everyone, and allows for different opinions to be shared in a civilized manner while Actual Lesbians only allows liberals, and as y’all know, I am more of a moderate conservative and kind of a libertarian. Regardless of what I am, I know I’m not a 100% liberal. It’s also too politically correct and I just ain’t got the time for that shit, so I unsubscribed from that sub Reddit after like a few months of being on the site.

So one thread was created called Lesbians Who Are Married/Engaged How Long Were You Dating?

As I’m reading the comments, I’m seeing a pattern, and the pattern is 4 months-2 years of dating and then engaged, then marriage. WTF? =/ One of them was only dating for a month, and got engaged and married. What! Man, this U-Haul myth is real, y’all!

It kind of scares me a bit. Eventually, I’d like to start dating again, preferably when I buy my condo and buy a new or new/used car. I would buy a house, but I don’t want to buy a house with just me. So a condo would do. Nonetheless, with these goals in mind, and when accomplished, I’d like to start…dating. But dating for me is like, going on dates for a few to several months. After around an year or two, start to get serious and form a committed relationship with one another. Then after three to five years, an engagement then marriage. That’s how I planned it out. Now will it happen like that-shit, I don’t know. But damn, a month then marriage, those bitches are crazy!!

Right now, same sex marriage is only about two years old, right, maybe three. So most same sex marriages are too young to get a divorce just yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what will happen within a few years, or so when people have actually been married for more than five years.


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