Luna Loud of The Loud House is a Lesbian(or at least bisexual)!

The Loud House is one of the highest rated shows on Nickelodeon. Weekly, viewers ranging in the millions will watch what this family of 13 is up to. I just got finish catching up on the most recent season, season 2, and the latest episode to be released is ‘L is for Love’. The episode is about a letter that comes in the mail that says ‘L, Loud’ and the kids are trying to figure out who the letter is for. SPOILER. At the end, the letter was actually the parents setting up a date night; however, what made this episode awesome is the fact one of the kids is queer!

Yes, Nickelodeon did it again; they made lesbian lovers out of Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra. They made Clyde’s dad from The Loud House an interracial gay couple, and now it has been revealed that one of the siblings, Luna Loud, has feelings for one of her female class mates name Sam! It feels great to see Nickelodeon stepping out of their comfort zone, and really digging deep with showing diversity on their channel. Cartoon Network is still showing queer people through metaphors and implications like with Steven Universe and Princess Bubblegum and Merciline-I spelled her name wrong, and I don’t even think Disney has introduced any queer characters in their show line ups(well did they have that first gay kiss).

luna loud chitarra

Luna Loud (voiced by Nika Futterman) — The 15-year-old third-eldest child of the Loud family. Luna has a habit of speaking in a mock British accent and sometimes a mock Swedish accent. She is a wild and upbeat musician who owns various instruments, with her signature instrument being a purple Dean electric guitar. She very closely follows the words of her idol Mick Swagger and always encourages her family to “stay cool.” In the episode “For Bros About to Rock,” it is revealed that Luna has ruined all of her siblings’ first concerts. She also appears to hold the youngest child Lily the most out of her other siblings-as written on Wikipedia.

I won’t really call Luna Loud a lesbian just yet because I do know in both seasons, she appears to crush on a few male characters, mostly males from Britain; however, as most people know, lesbians do have male crushes of that of just admiration, so it could just be that. Nonetheless, she’s queer and she’s here, and seeing this most recent episode made me very giddy inside. It reminds me of me when I first started telling girls I was into them in high school, those little ‘Do you like me circle yes or no’ in elementary school then texting came about in high school. This was very cute, sweet, innocent, and over all Chris Savino is telling people, especially kids and families to stay true to yourself, and support one another through the thick and thin, that love…is love!


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