How Trump Supporters Are Giving A Whole New Meaning to the Term, The Red Pill!

As some of you probably know, The Red Pill is a term from the Matrix which found it’s way onto Reddit. It’s a sub reddit that pretty much talks about either one of two things: how to become a fuck God(and to be totally sexist, what man doesn’t want to be come a fuck God), and how to have a successful, stable, long term relationship. It’s pretty much a how to guide when it comes to self improvement in areas like finance, culture, social skills, physical appearance, and over all confidence, and living for one’s self. It embraces the fact that females and males are in fact different both mentally and physically, and there’s nothing wrong with high lighting these differences.

During my time of browsing that sub reddit, it’s actually a good self improvement sub reddit when you get past some of the ass holes, and loners who are members on the sub reddit. Over all, it’s a sub reddit about men being…men; men wanting sex, sex, sex. So the men on the sub reddit are either talking about sex and/or getting sex, or they’re talking about their girlfriends/wives and how to maintain and keep their girlfriends/wives.

There are some things I disagree with such as ‘the women are children’ because it’s like, ‘why are you fucking a woman who has the mind of a child?’ And considering how many of them brag about participating in the sex tourism industry, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if many of them were doing just that: fucking a child.

They’re not all monsters though such as reading the Brock Turner Thread  but in the end, as one user has said, “The Red Pill is a sexual strategy for men” yet another user has said in the sub reddit, “if the topic doesn’t suggest how I can become a better husband or father then it’s not worth reading”. It depends on what route you take when swallowing The Red Pill.  (The Red Pill is not to be confused with The Mens’ Rights Movement, although The Red Pill is similar to Return of the Kings, which is also about embracing masculinity, male dominance in society, but a bit more extreme-kind of like feminism, just with men.)

Now how is this different from Donald Trump supporters? For those of you who are Trump supporters and/or used to be, and/or not at all, there are certain slang and lingo used such as cuck, libtard, and The Red Pill. Now when I first began supporting Trump, (now I’m more of just a hopeful), but when I first supported him, I was confused with the use of the term The Red Pill due to what I’ve known about it previously. But after engaging with fellow Trump supporters and joining online communities, their definition of The Red Pill doesn’t mean the other definition of The Red Pill.

1.) Trump supporters are mostly conservative and conservatives believe in family values so the whole fucking around, and becoming a fuck God is not the goal when taking The Red Pill as a Trump supporter(not including certain individuals who do desire that.)

2.) Embracing masculinity, and bringing forth male issues in today’s society. Trump supporters feel that masculinity is seen as bad because of the whole ‘down with the man, fuck patriarchy’ attitude many liberals process. Trump supporters believe masculinity shouldn’t be looked down on, and I agree. Masculinity and femininity are things we should be proud of; the only time we should be ashamed of it is when such ideologies are forced onto non consenting minds.

3.) Truth, and that the media is extremely bias such as far left. This is probably when I took The Red Pill so to say, was when I was seeing/reading so many lies coming from “news” sites like Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, CNN, Pink News(a queer site). It was just horrible! They were telling sooooooo many lies; it was fucking ridiculous. I had to research long and hard just to find credible news sources: BBC, NPR, CBS, and PBS are my go toos as I mentioned in another article I wrote.

There are many more of course, but these are the three things that stuck out the most to me when engaging with Trump supporters. If anything, number 3: Truth, should actually be number 1 because the fake news is really what helped a lot of people take The Red Pill. Nonetheless, Trump is giving a whole new meaning to the term The Red Pill, and it’s starting, at least in the conservative circle, is starting to mean something beyond ‘men who only care for sex’.


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