The Reason I Don’t/Didn’t Hang Out on The_Donald Sub Reddit Was Because It Really is a Racist Sub Reddit; CNN TRACKS DOWN The_Donald Troll!


There’s a sub reddit on Reddit called The_Donald; I won’t bother to link to it. The sub reddit claims to be open minded, and non judgmental, and not racist, etc but in my opinion, they’re worst than many of the liberal sub reddits too be honest. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t get any news from there; it’s way to bias and sometimes even straight up lies similar to many liberal sub reddits that also post news.

Even though The_Donald claims to be not racist, the MODS do a horrible job at removing people and post that are racist. Most of the racism is either targeted towards Muslims, towards Jews, or towards blacks; mostly it’s targeted towards Muslims. Once I realized the MODS weren’t going to moderate such racism and get rid of it, I left. There’s a difference between being anti-politically correct, and just being hateful.

Well some guy, a member of The_Donald who posted a lot of racist trolling shit submitted an apology to all of Reddit and The_Donald for making the The_Donald appear as a racist, hateful place to be.

If you click on that, you’ll see that most of the comments have been deleted and/or removed. If it’s ‘removed’ then that means the MODS deleted it; if it’s deleted then that means the original poster deleted it. As you can see, it says ‘removed’ which means the MODS literally deleted the apology this guy made. What this tells me is that The_Donald has no desire to make their sub seem not racist; that they’re very proud of their white supremacy. Not white nationality-there’s nothing wrong with someone of a particular race who is proud of their nation. However, here’s the apology; yes, it’s a screen shot of the original post before the MODS deleted it.


If you want to read it before it was deleted then  CLICK HERE! Be careful, since my browser is telling me it’s an insecure site.

Shit, I don’t even trust CNN but them motherfuckers called this dude out. (Well they tracked him down, it would seem which is pretty low too-just saying.) Then the Reddit user who has since deleted his account said:

“I love people of all races, creeds and origins. One of my best friends is a homosexual and one of my best friends is Jewish and one of my best friends is Muslim.”

Me: You got some dumb ass friends especially if they’re friends with you.




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