Watched Black Mirror: San Junipero…I Understand the Hype For It!


So Black Mirror: San Junipero was nominated for two emmys.

I decided to watch it for myself to see what all the hype was about. When I was reading comments off of Reddit, people were saying it was beautiful, great writing, directing, and very emotional-that the episode was one of the best episodes to date for the show and that it had many of them balling in tears.

I don’t watch a lot of live-action shows; I mostly just watch cartoons/anime. The live-action shows I do watch tend to be murder porn like Deadly Women, Disappeared, Murder Among Friends, Detective Kenda, etc, shows like that. When I was younger around 9 or so, I watched a lot of live action shows like Buffy, Popular, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven but as I got around 11 and discovered cartoons and anime, it’s been hard for me to engage myself in live-action fictional shows. Right now, the only one I’m watching is Empire. I did watch The Walking Dead for the first two seasons but got bored, but I am very glad my favorite character, Daryl, is still alive! I also used to watch a show called Cold Case but also got bored. I used to watch Life As We Know It but it was cancelled. I used to watch OITNB but got bored. Got bored with Stranger Things; I couldn’t even get past the second episode with that show. Got bored with American Horror Story after the fourth season and I started watching that show on the fourth season. So yeah, pretty much.

When watching it, the concept actually reminds me of this short animation movie I watched at an animation film festival last year, where they put the minds into boxes so people lived for ever. So when the characters ‘passed over’ in this episode, it reminded me of that short film.

I understand the hype for it; I understand the connection and the bond that the audience was able to relate to, and the idea of getting old, moving on in a way that actually doesn’t seem too far off from reality in my opinion. But for me, besides the science fiction element of it, it came off as any other lesbian themed movie or show. I didn’t see or feel anything special really. It was good, and beautiful but meh-romantic lesbian love stories are very common and nothing new, so it felt repetitive for me. I would have much enjoyed it if it was an anime. Anime makes me feel shit; anime gets deep, and there have been numerous anime that had me balling my eyes out. Strawberry Panic, I’m talking to you.

For me it was good enough to watch once. I have no desire to watch it again.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is fucking gorgeous! If I do watch that episode again, or any show, or movie with her in it, I’d be watching simply just to see her. I hope for the best in her career and I hope she’s able to get as many opportunities as her fellow companion Naomie Harris -who is another beautiful woman. One thing I like about Britain, is that they give better roles to women of color, especially black women; they start their careers off way better than here in the U.S.A. America cinema is still too racist to give black women good roles.



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