The Chinese Boy Group-oops, I Mean Girl Group, That’s Blowing Up The C-Pop and K-pop Scene and Gets Two New Members!


So some of you may have or may not have heard of a girl group/non binary female group from China by the name of FFC Acrush. They were created last year around September but recently released their first single and music video: Action.

They’ve gain a good amount of popularity before even releasing a single. By the time this music video came out, they had opened, performed, and been interviewed on numerous shows and venues nation wide. The group has about 700,000 followers on Weibo. At least this page does; I’m not certain if this is the official page, although I think it is.

The group is sponsored by the football(soccer) federation of China as a way to promote the sport to a wider audience. The group also has to train and practice in the sport so as to show off cool moves while performing at their concerts-crazy, I know. Although not confirmed, but I’m also sure this is a way for China to promote more national artist internationally especially ever since they banned Korean artist from their country. I give it to China; this is a smart marketing tool. From investing in Africa, to promoting their own websites, China has a lot of good business deals and ventures going on(and besides for the banning of Youtube, Facebook, etc but not Reddit within China, I actually enjoyed my time in that country.)

The ironic thing about it though is these girls are very masculine appearing as you see from the music video, and these girls aren’t allowed to discuss their sexual orientation but I think we can assume at least one of them is queer in some sort of way. It’s ironic due to China banning queer content nationally.  

What’s really ironic is that I’ve been to China a few times, and there are numerous girls like the ones in this group: tomboyish, masculine, butchy, androgynous-I even saw them holding hands with their very femme girlfriends, so it’s not like this whole trend, or appearance is new or anything. This look has been done before by female Taiwanese group Misster.  And let’s not forget Li Yuchun!

The young ladies, or ‘handsome youth’ as they like to be called range from age 21-24; they have nice looks and awesome dance moves, and their songs which are more similar to k-pop and American pop, are also very catchy. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer. It’s weird; I haven’t been this giddy for a music group since Nsync(yes, I loved Nsync-I think it’s mostly because I envied them; their sex appeal and love from many female fans. I wanted that to be me.). Within this video, there are five dancers, but it’s been announced via Weibo, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram that they added two more girls plus a stand in, so eight to be exact.

ACrush performing at Wuchan University!

Misster didn’t last very long and only released one album. This group is new and only has been together for literally less than an year. I won’t lie though, my favorite one is the one with the jet black hair kneeling down in that Instagram image above: Min Junqian.

Which is even more ironic since she’s the one that looks like a dude A LOT, but she’s not so I wouldn’t have to worry about a penis or testicles getting in a way when smashing!



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