Meh, The That’s So Raven Spin-Off, Raven’s Home, Was Pretty Disappointing!

You can watch the full episode above.

It’s not bad, but it doesn’t stand out to me like That’s So Raven did. When That’s So Raven came out, it was built on a cast who had previous acting experience. Raven Symone was on The Cosby Show, Hanging With Mr. Cooper, Dr. Doolittle, etc. Orlando Brown was in Family Matters, Major Payne, Waynehead, Two of a Kind with Mary Kate, and Ashley Olsen. Anneliese van der Pol was in a few independent movies, a show, and a few stage plays prior to getting her gig on That’s So Raven; so in other words, the three main characters knew how to act. The problem with Raven’s Home is you got three kids with very little to no acting experience who aren’t acting, but are being the stereotypical, annoying little kids. That’s not fun for me to see kids who can’t act, not act, and not even try to act.  Although a theory, I think the reason why That’s So Raven was one of the highest rated shows on Disney is because of the talented and known cast they had for the show. Every other Disney channel show was built around kids who had no acting experience prior.

Another disappointing thing is the show is about kids…I knew the show was going to be about Raven’s children, in this case, the son, having psychic abilities but I thought they were at least going to be in middle school or high school like 9th grade. I honestly did not think the kids were going to be in fucking elementary school.

The producers of the show boasted on Twitter about how the show was the highest rated kids and tweens show to air when it did. It pulled in an average of about 3.5 million viewers. That’s not really a big deal when Girl Meets World pulled in about 5 million viewers when it premiered. And that show ended after three seasons.

The show was also being looked forward to by people my age about 25-35 years old since we grew up with and really enjoyed Raven, and we wanted to see her since her acting career has pretty much died after That’s So Raven, sadly. However, most people my age have unplugged from cable and have gone to streaming services; so unless Disney quickly uploads the episodes to streaming services, they’re missing out on a maturer audience, even if they might be disappointed like me.

The good thing about the show is Raven is one of the focus’ in the show; she’s not a back character like her parents were in That’s So Raven, so if you watch the show solely for her then you won’t be disappointed except for the fact that her character hasn’t really changed much. She still does stupid shit basically. Another thing to look forward to the show is the possibility of grown characters coming back on the show to reprise their roles. For example in the season to come, Raven’s main love, Devon, will make a guest appearance.

I don’t know; I just wished the show was more mature and I wished a streaming site would have picked it up so as to have that more mature element, and better acting talent, especially since Raven and Chelsea are single moms that are living in an apartment with their three kids total. Plus, there’s a girl by the name of Tess, from another apartment who is always coming over to their apartment, which means she more than likely has parental, or home problems. If Raven’s Home was on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, the show could address more mature themes such as divorce, affairs, being a single parent, bad home environment, abuse yet at the same time still keep the comedy, and science fiction element the show has. The show could have gone to a whole new height if it wasn’t on Disney. But to me this show is a show about a woman whose acting career didn’t pan out so she went back to Disney. When you look at the teaser above for this up coming season, it looks as if Raven’s character hasn’t even matured. The show feels like a step down when I was hoping for a step up.


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