There’s A New Queer Women of Color Sub Reddit, and They Already Created Two New Labels: Lesbian Homosexual and Lesbian Pansexual!

So I am now apart of a new r/queerwomenofcolor sub reddit for of course women of color. The sub reddit was created because:

For whatever reason WOC are hardly the topic of discussion on any of the wlw subreddits. Whether consciously or not, from what I have personally seen non-WOC users have little interest in posting about non-white celebrities, entertainment recommendations, etc. While I have seen many QWOC users imo we aren’t nearly as represented as non-WOC on any of the subreddits.

I can’t speak for others, but for me i felt there was a casual disinterest towards WOC regarding…anything. Even when describing ideal partners I saw very few who listed features that included WOC, the majority coming from other WOC. This, almost, invisibility can be discouraging to some WOC and dampen their desire to post on the subreddits and share their stories in a meaningful way.

I wanted QWOC to have a place where they could get away from that feeling. A place where they can come together and discuss how being a minority woman of color affects every second, of every part of their lives without having to explain the heaviness of that to others who can empathize but never experience it. It’s also a great feeling when the tiny little details of your life are recognized by others. It’s refreshing to see a joke about “bundles” and not have to explain it to somebody. Does that make sense? I don’t know if I’m explaining this clearly lol.

Honestly it’s mainly to get away from the mentality that festers questions like “do you think only WOC can appreciate WOC.” That right there. That lack of understanding and the exhaustion of always being told you have to bend over backwards to teach everyone.–MOD of the Subreddit

Original Thread So the link is the original thread and it talks about how apparently the word ‘lesbian’ has changed and as a result of this new change, there seems to be two or more different types of lesbians. There are homosexual lesbians-those who are attracted to the same sex or same body anatomy as them. And there’s pansexual lesbians-those who are attracted to all women regardless of biological sex and body anatomy(post op trans women). Personally, I like these two new labels and I myself especially if I use online dating, will be using lesbian homosexual. These new labels actually sound similar to Thailand culture, gender, and sexuality.

Something else that sounded very familiar to me was when a user said:

I’m gonna be real here- I was in a previous relationship with a trans girl a few years ago and this was one of the main issues we had. Romantically? We were awesome. But sexually? Just didn’t work. I’m same-sex attracted and so I didn’t want to use / play with her genitals, and this led to our sex-life being very uncomfortable and one-sided and basically just not healthy for either of us.-a user said.

I wrote an article on here about how I dated two trans women in college; one was no-op, the other was pre-op and I cheated on both of them. I liked them but sexually wise, I wasn’t feeling it. When I started cheating on them, I spent less and less time being with them and after those relationships ended, I realized I’m only into cis women and am totally open to post op trans women. I haven’t met a trans person since college which was seven or so years ago, so I kind of actually doubt I’ll ever seen one in real life again considering only 1-3% of the population is trans in the United States.

A lot of trans women, I don’t know maybe it’s because they used to be men and felt they were entitle to sex from women continue to feel this way when they transition, but trans women often label women who feel this way as transphobic, or TERF-what have you when it would seem in reality, there are just two different types of lesbians, three if you count translesbians. It’s an interesting new concept for sure and we’ll see if it goes far, it has with me.



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