So The City Council of Charlottesville Was Actually Warned About This Potential Act of Domestic Terrorism Was Going to Happen!

The WARNING they got!

I don’t know who started this one; and I don’t really care because at the end of the day, violence erupted and it’s as if these protest regardless if their Black Lives Matter, Alt-Right, Immigrant Rights, Women’s Rights, etc-it’s as if they all turn violent by the end of it. My mother who was at work, called me yesterday saying what she was seeing on the news reminded her of what happened in 1963. We can kind of all agree that things have gotten intense and personally, if something like this goes down in Texas, I’m staying inside. It’s as if the only way to make a change in America is to lobby because even a simple protest can get you killed. If this happens in Texas, I already know there are gonna be guns popping off. It’s ridiculous. I honestly don’t have much to say on this issue because I mean, WTF, guys, wtf?


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