Black Women Stop Defending Non-Black Women; Hispanic Women Are Not Our Allies and There Is No Such Thing as POC Solidarity!

Eva Longoria Dismisses Black Women Efforts!

I haven’t been writing a lot simply because I just haven’t had a lot to say because of being stuck in the house due to Covid-19. In fact, I had two friends lose people close to them. For example, one friend lost his uncle. Another friend told me that his friend lost her mom. Plus a member from a boy band who I used to follow some what, and see how he was doing since I kind of grew up with him per se due to him being apart of a boy band, Chris Trousdale of Dream Street, died from “an undisclosed illness” that may or may not be related to Covid-19. There’s a lot of rumors surrounding his death and I’ll leave that for another post.

Kerry Washington has stepped forward to defend her friend, Eva Longoria, from the statement above.

I used to be very positive and very open to all of our communities coming together; however, I no longer believe that. It has been shown time and time again that when black women are praised, women from other minorities including white women, will stomp on the praise.

Because this has been done repeatedly via the communities, via various role models of such communities, various leaders of those communities-I have no desire to be an ally to any other group of people besides black women and/or black mixed women. I’m not even an ally to black men…

What this is…I will judge individuals as they are, something I’ve done to begin with but when it comes to entire communities, I will not assist them, I will not fight for them, I will not support them, nor will I praise them. I will remain quiet and hope for the best regards to them. Of course, I won’t wish them any ill will.

POC solidarity is a myth.

Asian people stand and protect your community and hopefully, you’ll knock a dent in that wall of why Asian women love getting with white supremacist. Hispanic people stand and protect your community; hopefully as time passes you’ll stop spreading shame of those who have African heritage; here’s a comment from the comment section of an article:

I don’t understand how you can spout this rhetoric as if Telemundo and Univision isn’t all white Latinxs? They are not light skinned they are literally white people who were born and grew up in Latin America. There are definitely brown/light skinned Latinxs who are colonized in their mindset in which makes them “white” in a way but they are still brown just racist and white supremacist which is a whole other topic and issue to discuss and unpack. But we have to stop saying that there’s no such thing as white Latinxs when they are everywhere. This idea that we’re all just one race “Latinx” is dangerous and wrong. The experiences are different amongst Latinos who are visibly indigenous or black and more often than not, it’s white Latinos who are perpetuating violence and racism towards bipoc latinx’s.

And black women and black mixed women, let us stick to minding our own because when we stand up for people, they will not stand up for us.

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