Hey, I’m just a lesbian in Texas and I decided to create this blog to talk about anything I have on my mind, whether its personal, pop culture, entertainment, sex, etc. This is a Safe For Work site for those of you wondering, besides, go to Tumblr if you want to browse women on women sexual activity.

I was born and raised in Texas; I am a mix breed as well and have an BA in theatre and design. I have lived in Killeen, Waco, Fort Worth, Fort Hood, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, and Savanna, Georgia. I have also visited Daytona Beach, Florida at least three times, New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona for about a week, El Paso, Texas. Outside of the country, I’ve been to Luzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and Chongqing, China; and I’ve also visited Montreal, Canada. If you can’t tell already, I enjoy traveling. I’d like to visit Denmark and possibly have another home in Greenland. I also would like to visit South Korea, Japan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, and even more!

In regards to languages, I can speak fluent English as you can tell; I took eight years of French but suck at the language. I picked up Danish which I think is an easy language to learn besides for pronunciation. And while in China, I spoke Mandarin. I’m learning a little Japanese but Mandarin and Danish are by far, my favorite languages to speak.

I enjoy reading, writing, playing video games, and drawing; luckily I am able to work as such. =D

As for me being a lesbian, I am that of a feminine- tom boy because I do like sports, and being fit, and active, but I can also mix things up with my look as well in regards to femininity.