Hey, I’m just an lesbian in Texas and I decided to create this blog to talk about anything I have on my mind, whether its personal, pop culture, entertainment, sex, etc. This is an Safe For Work site for those of you wondering, besides, go to Tumblr if you want to browse women on women sexual activity.

I was born and raised in Texas; I am a mix breed as well and have an BA in theatre and design. I have lived in Killeen, Waco, Fort Worth, Fort Hood, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, and Savanna, Georgia. I have also visited Daytona Beach, Florida at least three times, New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona for about an week, El Paso, Texas. Outside of the country, I’ve been to Luzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, and Chongqing, China; and I’ve also visited Montreal, Canada. If you can’t tell already, I enjoy traveling. I’d like to visit Sweden, Germany, and most importantly Denmark. I also would like to visit South Korea, Japan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, and even more!

I enjoy reading, writing, playing video games, and drawing; luckily I am able to work as such. =D

As for me being an lesbian, I am that of an tom boy because I do like sports, and being fit, and active, but I can also mix things up with my look as well. So I wouldn’t label myself an butch, stud, femme, or stem, but tom boy is the closet that comes to me.