Georgina Chapman is Just as Bad as Weinstein, Zendaya Speaks Out Against Harvey…In ONE-ONLY ONE Tweet, Emma Watson, and the List of Female Celebrities Who Wore Georgina Chapman’s Dresses!

Remember the article that was published almost ten years ago in 2010 titled Harvey’s Girls?  It’s an article that goes into detail of the women Harvey Weinstein would always surround himself with. Then another article was published two years ago about it being an open secret. Let’s not forget the dozens of women Harvey would have his wife dress in her gowns:

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Katie Holmes
  • Amy Adams
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Katy Perry
  • Elle Goulding
  • Lea Michele
  • Emmy Rossum
  • Zendaya Coleman
  • Viola Davis
  • Kerry Washington
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Blake Lively
  • Eva Longoria
  • Lizzy Caplan
  • Alison Brie
  • Michelle Obama
  • Heidi Klum

Recognize any of these names; of course you do and of course you can also find images of Harvey W. posing with these women while their in his wife’s gowns, with his arms wrapped around their small frames.

How did Zandaya get all of her roles; how did she get on the magazine cover over night? Well, she was associated with Harvey and his company; he paved the way for her as he did with many young starlets.

This is it, Zandaya…is this all you’re going to say about it? You’re so loud and vocal about everything else-literally, yet just one tweet about a man that you’re implying? You’re not even going to say his name as if he’s Voldemort or something? Hmm, I don’t think you’re speaking your truth, Zandaya. Speaking of Voldemort…

Okay Emma, I see you also don’t want to say his name. What is your truth, darling? You know I always loved you as Hermione, and even love you still as your acting career slowly slips away, but I can’t ignore these images, dear. Why is he holding onto you like that? Why is he even touching you? Is he escorting you, keeping you safe from paparazzi?

You’re such an out spoken feminist, and yet here you are posing with a man who you more than likely knew was sketchy. However, you could be a victim as well so I won’t shame you and I still love you. Yet so many like you Emma, knew that this was going on behind closed doors yet no one did anything.

Now that Harvey has pissed off the wrong person, every one and their grandma wants to come out and say what a sleaze he was/is. Everyone wants to come out and tell their stories now-oh really…and notice how all the women and men coming forward are A-list celebrities. They’re protected; they made their millions already: Angelina Jolie-I’m talking to you. But what about the girls who are B, C, D, and Z list celebrities? Will we hear them speak? Will they get notice for telling their stories-of course not, they’re nobodies.

Ms. Chapman knew; she knew. She met the man when she was in her twenties, the same time there were rumors going around then. The man launched her career within an year, one year. He had her dresses on A-list celebrities and magazine covers from the U.S.A to Europe, to Asia-this young woman who was once modest and middle class was now living a life style she could only dream of. The bitch , the woman knew what he was doing…and she ignored it so as to pursue her career. Now that the cat is out of the bag, she’s filed for divorce. But I bet you anything, she’s gonna try and milk him with all the money he has for the “sake of her kids“.

Don’t you just love hypocrisy?


What Is Going On in Hollywood; Pedophilia in Hollywood, Rapes in Hollywood, Molestation in Hollywood-Hollywood: Where You Go to Get Fucked-Literally!

I want to know what did Harvey Weinstein do to get in the public now. Most people know that Weinstein has been sexually assaulting, molesting, raping women for about three decades. When New York times first tried to publish an article about it, Weinstein walked into the office of the building demanding the article was pulled. And it was. There were actors like Matt Damon who called telling them to not publish the article years ago. Meryl Streep supported the man; in fact, Streep seems to support a lot of men who have sexual violence in their history. When Polanski won his Oscar, she proudly stood up giving him a standing ovation. Advocating for him, along with a list of other celebrities for him to be able to come back to the states. The man raped a 13 year old girl and served no time in prison. His own victim even pleads for the public to “get over it” and “move on”; of course, she was paid. She was advertising her Twitter and Facebook handler as if she was handing out business cards. Oh, she got over it, alright. It’s so funny Woody Allen is at the top of that list considering his history of sexual violence. But you know, this is a tale as old as time. When there is money, there is power. When there is power, there is sex.

Shirley Temple

On her first visit to MGM, Mrs. Black wrote in her autobiography, the producer Arthur Freed unzipped his trousers and exposed himself to her. Being innocent of male anatomy, she responded by giggling, and he threw her out of his office.


Let’s not forget Judy Garland:

At 17, Garland was a mess; her life was totally controlled by Mayer and Ethel. Even her love life, such as it was, was carefully monitored. Having lost her virginity at 15, Garland was in constant need of male companionship, especially after the death of her father. She had been linked with child stars Freddie Bartholomew, Jackie Cooper and Frankie Darro. Rooney was her best friend but when she began a putative romance with Tyrone Power, Mayer stepped in and scotched it.

There was the rape of a dancer and movie extra Patricia Douglas and the MGM’s cover up of the crime.

But that’s the tip of the ice berg; of course, there’s more! And what about this day and age, you ask? Well there’s An Open Secret, a documentary about the boys who were molested and raped in Hollywood by top executives. Some claims go as far to mention Bryan Singer, the writer, and director known for his X-Men movies. There’s the rape of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Elijah Wood calls out the rape and child molestation in Hollywood. Oh and the even more victims such as Lady Gaga who was raped by a record producer at 19. Rose McGowan was raped by a top Hollywood executive. There’s the battle with Kesha and Dr. Luke.   There’s the women Bill Cosby raped; there’s the R. Kelly girl that R. Kelly pissed on when she was 13 and now he has a sex cult as what’s being reported. Then there’s Nelly, but I won’t post a link to that just yet because the claims aren’t very strong in my opinion.

This writer actually provides a list of abusers and rapists that have been caught either beating women, abusing women, and even raping women yet nothing of course came of them. He mentions Mike Tyson who was convicted. He mentions Chris Brown-of course, Rick James, Sean Penn(Madonna was ever so glad to get away from him), Charlie Sheen, and the writer goes on. And then there’s the most recent claims against Louis C.K, but these are just rumors for him.

I’m still curious though about Meryl Streep and why she praises these men who have such a history of abuse; is she apart of this? So far all the perps have been males, but females can commit sexual crimes too and females are even less likely to get caught. However, this is a very bold allegation of me and I won’t go further because I’d hate to make false accusations which is why I didn’t link to Nelly or Louis C.K. Nonetheless, it’s fishy-her behavior with them.

Nonetheless though, every time something like this blows up, people get furious yet at the same time, they still support these celebrities. They still support these offenders and rapist. They watch their shows, they watch their movies, they play their games. Charlie Sheen got work time and time again even with his violent history with women. When a female co-star spoke up, she was fired. Victor Salva who wrote and directed Powder and Jeepers Creepers is still working, although, he at least did the time though. These are just the people we know of so far; I’m sure there’s tons more but when people say as I already said before, when they say, “I support the art and not the artist”, call them out on their bull shit. Because when you give money to the art, you give money to the artist.

Harvey Weinstein may be gone from the company; the company may even be changing their name, but he still owes a portion of the company. After all, he founded it. It’s estimated he owns about 42% of the company. Yeah, he’s going no where.

Disgusting….absolutely disgusting; it’s one thing for him to win but to give him a standing ovation, disgusting, but I still want to know the real reason Weinstein was outed because it sure as hell was the good conscious of the people behind the scenes.


So I just Finished Binge Watching Attack on Titan Season 2, Did Eren’s Father Create the Titans, Ymir and Historia/Christa- Only Good Thing About This Season Was the Lesbianism!

I know I’m late with this but this is how I do anime; wait for the season to end then binge watch…upon remembering to binge watch. This is going to be short because I’m not going to write a whole article of me bitching about season 2.


-I liked that the season focused on four of my favorite characters: Ymir, Christa/Historia, Connie, and Sasha!

-I liked the violence and gore of the season.

-I liked how much depth they went into in regards to Ymir and Historia’s relationship.

-I liked that we found out more about the titans and where they come from.


-Eren was still annoying.

-The season should have had 25-26 episodes instead of 12 which is ironic because remember that other article I wrote, saying how much I was happy this was going to be a short season? Yeah, not a good idea.

-Fast pace yet not a whole lot accomplished until the very end.

-The whole season was more of a filler. Most of the important information comes in like the last five or four episodes. There were a lot of flashbacks and just scenes that I didn’t really care to know about, most of those scenes were with Ymir and Historia. I watched it though because I was hoping for them to kiss.

-Things are becoming obvious and predictable now. I can’t help but think Erin’s father is behind all of this.

-Misaka apparently is in love with Eren. Well, I don’t really dislike this one, but I don’t like it either. Considering this is an anime, this whole set up was pretty predictable and obvious since anime likes to do that with their male and female characters.

In other words, four years was not worth the wait for me. I know a lot of anime seekers were excited but a lot anime fans eat shit. Let’s be real; they like shit and are easily impressed. Me, I’m more critical of shows that take my time.

Will I be watching season 3? For Ymir and Historia-yes, for Connie and Sasha(I think they may get together)-yes. For the actual story-no.

OMG, the English dub is horrible! See, this is why I watch my anime in Japanese with or without subtitles.

The New Tomb Raider(2018) Movie Has A Surprisingly Racially Diverse Cast, Good Job Hollywood, Movie Box Office Prediction, Thank You Donald Glover!

The trailer doesn’t look that great; it kind of looks like shit but this is coming from someone who doesn’t care too much for movies. Also, I was hoping the girl they got would look, and be more of a woman and not a…girl that just exited high school. I mean, I didn’t see the Wonder Woman movie, but I was hoping someone similar to Wonder Woman would be playing Lara Croft. Hopefully she sells it; I’m not buying it but a lot of people enjoy the shit Hollywood pushes in theatres so my prediction is this movie will make more than 150 million, but less than 350 million. I’ll be surprised if it makes more than 300 million in the box office.

So the cast, to my surprise, has more than one colored person. We have Daniel Wu, who is known for Blood Brothers, Tai Chi Hero, and Warcraft. He’s done a shit ton of other projects; this guy is no joke. I’ve seen him in Tai Chi Hero and though I didn’t like the movie, I enjoyed his acting as well as a few others. His wife is quite pretty and he recently welcomed a son.

Next we have Hannah John-Kamen who is biracial, black parent and white parent: Nigerian and Belgium descent. She has worked on very few projects but she is British born(like a lot of Hollywood talent these days). She was in Star Wars: Force Awakens, Killjoys, and will be in the Ant-Man and Wasp movie.

And now we have Antonio Aakeel. He too is British and also relatively young, and new to the acting scene. He was in shows like Skins, The Line of Freedom, The Doctors to just name a few. But it would seem Skins and Tomb Raider are going to be his most notable work so far.

I don’t know; I kind of want to say ‘THANK YOU, DONALD GLOVER’! I feel his presence and his networking, along with his blunt, straight forward tone on race and racial opportunities in Hollywood is the reason why we’re seeing this new shift, this new change in racial diversity in Hollywood films, and TV projects. Donald Glover was not the only one of course; I mean even Jada Pickett-Smith tried to boycott The Oscars and that didn’t go over so well(probably because she was portraying that negative stereotype of an “angry black woman”). Yet here comes Donald Glover, and instead of him coming off as an angry black man, or an aggressive black man, he comes off as an satirical, humorous, educated black man. With the presence and likability that Donald Glover has, he’s doing what Will Smith should have done years ago. Because Will Smith(not including his hip-hop music) had/has the same charismatic personality as Donald back when he was in his Fresh Prince show and popping up in numerous movies like Men in Black, and Bad Boys, and Independence Day. Nonetheless, The Emmy’s showed us that America is ready for racial diversity and ethnic diversity in the entertainment industry and I am on board!

Neo Yokio, How Jaden Smith Created an Anime With His Friends, and A-List Celebrities!

In truth, the anime is said to be created by the singer of Vampire Weekend, but Jaden Smith had a ton of involvement and more than likely his family’s money came into play as well. For the most part when you read the comments on Youtube, and other social media sites, there’s a lot of negative, put down to this anime. This anime has been mentioned to be a parody in a few articles online. A parody of basically all the popular anime that has ever been released. I mean look at the image in this trailer. It looks like they’re making fun of Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon(my all time favorite anime). I think people need to cut Jaden some slack.

Jaden Smith is young; how old is he, about 19 or 20? He’s lost…and you can tell he’s lost. You can tell he’s really trying to make a name for himself. When he was young, his dad had him in Pursuit of Happiness, had him in The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Karate Kid-and these movies all did good. But Jaden began to get older; and there was a time when he had this “cool” appearance going on in every picture he took. And then After Earth came and that was a complete bomb and I think it became obvious he wasn’t going to have the same acting career as his dad. However, he’s still young and he could…he absolutely could.

So then we start to see this change in him. He becomes more “self aware” and a “philosopher”. He re-establishes himself as an young man who is trying to see the world as it could be yet not obviously. Soon Jaden turns from the adorable boy in The Karate Kid to the crazy Will Smith kid on Twitter. After creating that image for himself, he has been dipping and dabbing in numerous ventures that never really took off.

He and his sister at one time had a clothing line and were advertising for that but that never really took off. He started making his own music with the help of his friends but that never really took off. He’s constantly showing up to networking parties and being seen with A-list people like P. Diddy, Kardashians, etc, but even networking hasn’t done much for his career. He tried modeling and breaking gender norms, and not much came from that. He started to get back into acting with the Get Down that was on Netflix, but that was pulled and now he has this anime.

He’s an young man trying to find his niche, trying to be something. He’s all over the place without really any concrete goals. There’s a lack of guidance basically in him that isn’t visible in his older brother or even his younger sister. And luckily he comes from an established family that can make investments on him such as creating this anime, and other future projects he more than likely will have.

Anime is not cheap, especially the production company that they used for this anime. The production company they used is known for Ghost in the Shell. An average anime similar to the action and plot of Neo Yokio cost about 200,000-500,000$ per episode. I can bet you this show, all six episodes cost about 1.2-3 million dollars. Not only that, but the anime has A-list actors as voice actors. There’s Jude Law, there’s Susan Sarandon just to name a couple. These actors aren’t cheap.

I’m not surprised by this anime at all but I am surprised how easily it was for Netflix to distribute it. I don’t have Netflix and when I watch Netflix cartoons/anime, I pirate it. But Netflix usually takes projects with a concrete audience or an already built up audience, original content. This anime is not something I thought Netflix would ever pick up. I think the reason why it was picked is simply because of who’s involved with the project.

For me, this isn’t really my cup of tea. I’m not really into satirical, parody anime. I got enough of that with The Boondocks. However, unlike most, I will wish him well and I’ll even watch an episode because I might just like it. This anime also looks like it was targeted for girls: a bi-shoujo maybe.

Meet the Crazy Woman That’s Out to Destroy Tig Notaro’s Career; Tig Notaro’s Internet Stalker, Tig Notaro’s Ex’s Ex is on Her Tail!

So today I learned that Tig Notaro has an internet stalker that likes to hang out on Reddit. Looking at this woman’s post history, everything is about and centered around Tig Notaro. Although this account has been up for about three months, she’s been posting under different usernames for the past two years on Reddit. This user goes around to various sub Reddits posting links to her blog. When other users call her crazy and a stalker, she becomes defensive and starts to insult them real quick. Anyone who goes on the defensive really quick is probably someone you should not be around for too long because they’re often a ticking time bomb.

Her blog can be found here.

It hasn’t been up for long, only about three months and in it she writes poorly written articles about Tig Notaro, and those around her camp. Some of her post are filled with images of documentation as well as people’s real names. Now the fact she’s showing the first and last name of people on her blog, and the fact she’s showing private documents on her blog, tells me she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone’s privacy. So 1, we established she’s a stalker, and 2, she doesn’t give a fuck about privacy.

This woman’s blog is named Alisa Blog Q, and I’m going to use some logical thinking, and put up the theory that this Alisa is probably the same Alisa that is Alisa and Lauren Spitzberg-one of the two stalker women of Tig Notaro.

So I’m just putting puzzle pieces together but as mentioned in the comments:

“Alisa Spitzberg, aka fernsy, who usually cowards behind the name of her poor elderly, Holocaust surviving mother Henya, is one of the most delusional, paranoid, defaming, egocentric, sick people I have ever met. While she is to be pitied for her illness, she continually attempts to smear the names and reputations of good people like Attorney James E. Silverstein and Peter Knecht; Judges Gerald Rosenberg, Villar, Jessner, O’Connor and others; Los Angeles City Attorneys Boags, Kalpakian, and others because she is mentally incapable of taking responsibility for her own abhorrent conduct towards other people. This includes her criminal case for stalking, threatening, assaulting, and violating a restraining order in favor of Tig Notaro. James E. Silverstein, Attorney, was miraculously able, after over a month of hard work, to convince the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in the Mental Health Court, Department 95, to stipulate to her mental competency to stand trial in her criminal stalking and restraining order violation case. This was despite clear and unambiguous evaluations from esteemed Doctors Velarde and Sharma that she was mentally incompetent, and incapable of, amongst other things, linear, rational thought. Her way of thanking him? Lying through her teeth about him, trying to destroy his good name and reputation because she is too mentally ill to appreciate what he did for her. During the case, she threatened him and caused him to recuse himself from her matter. Because no other private attorney would touch her case with a 10 foot pole, she went to trial with a public defender. The jury hung 11-1 in favor of guilt. Somehow, her public defender (who James E. Silverstein has a great deal of respect for) miraculously convinced 1 out of 12 jurors that there was reasonable doubt. Alisa Spitzberg was therefore NEVER ACQUITTED. An acquittal requires a unanimous verdict of not guilty by all 12 jurors, and this never happened for her. To make it abundantly clear, Alisa Spitzberg is a no one and nothing. She is a dismal failure as a stand-up comedian, and she is a disgrace of a human being. No one cares about, or is interested in her nonsensical crap. Spitzberg is a liar. She is out of her mind. Nothing she says makes sense. Alisa Spitzberg attempts to alter that sad reality by seeking notoriety for all sorts of the alleged wrongs she has suffered. In reality though, the only victims here are the numerous people she has, and continues to smear, like James E. Silverstein.”-Stated by the lawyer of this woman, Alisa, allegedly.

Alisa 1

So apparently Alisa is also a member of that one website I would go to now and again for lesbians or women who love women talk and gossip. Here she talks about Tig Notaro not really having cancer and she admits, whether she’s being sarcastic or not, that she’s a stalker of Tig Notaro(that’s if all of these Alisas are all the same, and I think they are-allegedly.)

Users from this thread pointed out that Alisa also goes by LovelyDear on another lesbian anonymous site. Below users of that anonymous thread talk jokingly about Tig Notaro giving LovelyDear a STD, and to not “lick that”.

Alisa 2

Someone then mentions the reason why Alisa is stalking Tig is because she found Tig sitting outside having coffee with her(Alisa’s) ex, Stef Willen. Although, Tig and Stef have obviously ended things since Tig is now with Stephanie and they have a pair of twin boys together, Alisa wasn’t able to move on. Here is also the case between Tig Notaro and Alisa Spitzberg that happened in 2008. It’s hilarious how they call her out in this thread.

alisa 3

Wait for it, Alisa also made a Rip Off Report for her lawyer that she was disappointed with when fighting against Tig Notaro in court. All I’m gonna say and finish with is I read the woman’s blog; I didn’t read all of it because it’s rather long. But one thing I will say, if someone did me wrong, there’s no way I’m going to put so much time and energy in ruining their lives. I can only imagine how stressful, depressing, and sorrowful something like that would be. Is Alisa speaking the truth-maybe? Is Tig Notaro speaking the truth-maybe? But I will never know the truth more than likely but this shit is straight up ridiculous-makes for good reading though!

Bill, Beverly, Ben Love Triangle in Stephen King’s IT 2017; “Who Brought Molly Ringwald to the Group”, Gang Bang Child Sex Scene Was Left Out, and Jake Dylan Grazer Stole the Show!

So I just got finish watching the movie It; and it was good but towards the end I kind of got bored. There are obvious things that are different about this one versus the mini series. Such as racial relations aren’t discussed in this one, it’s more violently graphic and the relationship between Bill and Bev and Ben and Bev are more obvious in this one. For those of you who haven’t read the book but seen the first mini series, you might be confused by this because as we know in part 2, Bev and Ben end up together while Bill ends up with some Asian woman. However, in the book, it actually does mention quite often Bill and Bev’s lustful feelings for one another but later in the book, it’s very apparent and obvious that Ben truly loves Bev and looks at her in more than just a lustful way.

“Can I have someone’s shirt?” Beverly asked, blushing more furiously than ever. Bill glanced down at her, and the blood came into his own face, all in a rush. He turned his eyes away hastily, but in that instant Ben felt a rush of knowledge and dismal jealousy. In that instant, that one bare second, Bill had become aware of her in a way that only Ben himself had been before.

The others had also looked and then looked away. Richie coughed against the back of his hand. Stan turned red. And Mike Hanlon dropped back a step or two as if actually frightened by the sideswell of that one small white breast, visible below her hand. Beverly threw her head up, shaking her tangled hair back behind her. She was still blushing, but her face was lovely. “I can’t help it that I’m a girl,” she said, “or that I’m starting to get big on top…. Now can’t I please have someone’s shirt?” “Sh-sh-sure,” Bill said. He pulled his white tee-shirt over his head, baring his narrow chest, the visible rack of his ribs, his sunburned, freckled shoulders. “H-H-Here.” “Thank you, Bill,” she said, and for one hot, smoking moment their eyes locked directly. Bill did not look away this time. His gaze was firm, adult. “W-W-W-Welcome,” he said. Good luck, Big Bill, Ben thought, and he turned away from that gaze. It was hurting him, hurting him in a deeper place than any vampire or werewolf would ever be able to reach. But all the same, there was such a thing as propriety. The word he didn’t know; on the concept he was very clear. Looking at them when they were looking at each other that way would be as wrong as looking at her breasts when she let go of the front of her blouse to pull Bill’s tee-shirt over her head. If that’s the way it is. But you’ll never love her the way I do. Never.” Stephen King’s, IT.

In other words, there’s a reason why Bev is overly sexualized in this movie and why she’s called a slut more often than in the mini-series. Unlike the book where her rape scenes and sex scenes were more graphic, the mini series tuned it down. This version did too but needless to say words were still thrown at Bev. (Also she kind of was sexual with all the boys at one time or another in the book, but given how she’s a rape victim…)

Pretty much in the book, Bev who had been sexually violated numerous times in the book, has sex with all of the boys while down in the sewers. She does this to unite all of them together and she also does this to take back what was taken from her. This gang bang with the boys was her way to reclaim her body, her consent. Even though her and the boys are 11-she was not protected by society. What society fears the most which is children having sex is exactly what happened to her, by her guardian basically.

Reading that scene as a kid, I was pretty turned on because it’s a girl getting the shit banged out of her. And the elementary school I went to, kids were fucking. They were talking about fucking, you know. I feel as if adults we forget that we were once kids. So reading that section in the book made perfect sense to me when I was young because sex was the gateway to being an adult. So it makes sense that those kids would think that in the book. I still think that as of now. I haven’t read the book since elementary school so I don’t know how I’ll feel about that gang bang scene when re-reading it; it’ll probably be awkward because you can’t help but think of kids fucking. And in the book, she mentions Stan or Bill, she mentions one of them having a big dick, which would be really awkward to imagine on an 11 year old.

I’m also surprised she didn’t get pregnant. I mean, she fucked six guys; and yes, 11 year old boys if puberty has hit, they can impregnate girls/women.

When Stephen King wrote that scene, he was really high on drugs. So if he wasn’t on drugs, he probably wouldn’t have had that scene in the book. However, I do believe Hollywood could have worked the scene in there. I mean, they could have called Roman Polanski-no, but for real, they could have implied the scene. By having her kiss all the boys, and they all gather around her, and fade to black. And prior to that Bev could have said something like, ‘hey, we have to unite, and stuff’. And given how the kids in the movie are like 13 or 14, I don’t think the sex scene would have been all that bad if implied.

I predicted the movie would make more than 200 million and I was right!

I’m really good at movie predictions; I should do more of them.

Who brought Molly Ringwald to the group?

This line is by far the funniest line in the movie. Because the character Bev-she cuts her hair when her father touches her intimately in the movie. Right after she cuts her hair, I literally say, ‘wow, she looks a lot like Molly Ringwald. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she becomes similar to her acting wise’. Needless to say further down in the film, the boy with the glasses is arguing with Bill about searching for It. Bev says she’s on Bill’s side and the boy with the glasses says, “who brought Molly Ringwald into the group”. And she sticks her middle finger at him. There were actually a lot of funny parts in the movie; I honestly didn’t think the movie was scary at all. In fact, the mini series It was literally the last time I was actually scared by a scary movie. This one was pretty hilarious; I was laughing quite often in my seat, lol.

I wonder if the writers wrote that into the script after they realized the actress who plays Bev looks like Molly upon her hair being cut?

The over all performance though in my opinion of It belongs to 14 year old actor, Jack Dylan Grazer who played Eddie, the kid whose mom tells him he’s sick when come to find out he isn’t really.

This kid was amazing and the funny thing is the watch that he’s wearing in this interview, he’s wearing in the movie the entire time, and it actually beeps. I’m actually kind of speechless when talking about him because he was that good and believable. When I watched him, I felt like he was the only one who was acting; therefore, I couldn’t tell that he was acting. Not to say that everyone else felt forced because I actually thought the boy who played Mike was also good, but I felt like Jack was more natural, while everyone else was more…typical. I kind of knew what they were going to do and say before they did it or said it, while with Jack playing Eddie, I didn’t feel that. His lines were unpredictable yet fitting for his character, and his actions were sporadic yet natural. I would be surprised if he’s had no method acting training. He just seemed really natural and I give him a thumbs up! And as someone who doesn’t watch a lot of movies, I hope his career turns out good.