Black Women and Black Men Shot Moore Down in Alabama; Black Women Be Like…!


Regardless of who’s side you were on or me in fact, I am very proud to see that so many of my brothers and sisters from another mother and mister are voting because they know, we know how important it is. And things will not change unless you let your voice be heard! Good job, y’all! Black women in Alabama-move forward, not backwards! Support more black women! Vote more black women! Hire more black women!

White women in Alabama…wtf? I understand white men voting for Moore, but come on now. There’s no way in hell I’d vote for Moore. In a video, he literally blamed lesbians for the horrid going on in the states, fuck you too, Moore!





What Happened to Cosplayer, TwinFools; Cosplaying When You’re Not White!

The next couple or several post I make will probably relate to being a geek or a nerd that I am(can never really tell those words apart). Either way, when I was in high school, I used to watch and follow an Youtube channel called Fighting Dreamers Productions. Pretty much they would do cosplay scenes of characters from Naruto, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Avatar the Last Airbender, and the list goes on.

They’re around my age; they range in ages from 24-32 even though they look young in their videos but that’s this generation. I mean I get told I look like 16-18 when I’m in my late twenties. They can’t really act but these videos were never meant to be taken serious; they’re just for fun and I used to watch a lot of them back in the day. They’re also based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Two cosplayers that I enjoyed the most were TwinFools and Nova. They were two females and a lesbian couple. Well once I entered college around 2008, I stopped watching them. So I decided to research what they were up to now and just like that video I posted above, they’re still cosplaying with over 180,000 subscribers on Youtube, and they’re still traveling all over the world to anime, comic, etc, conventions, taking pictures, doing videos, etc. Pretty much what they were doing in 2008, they’re still doing almost ten years later coming to a close in 2017. But one thing has changed…

Twinsfools, who now goes by Lucas(as in not cosplay name), is no longer a woman but a man. That’s right! Around 2010, he made an announcement via Youtube that he was going to transition. And this is the final result:

He and Nova are still together and not much has changed with their relationship, but also nothing has really changed with Twinfools either. If you look through his Youtube channel, there’s a video of him and Nova, and she was not surprised by his coming out. I think most women who are with masculine butch/stud like women, aren’t surprised if their partner begins to transition.

From looking at this video above, and just going through his Instagram and Tumblr, he isn’t as muscular as he was in this video. In his most recent videos and images, the muscle went away and it’s more fat with a little bit of muscle in regards to his upper body. And I noticed his voice isn’t as deep. He also keeps his body from what he posts in images, completely hairless; there’s only one image of him with a little hint of facial hair. He hasn’t confirmed this at least not to my knowledge, and it’s none of my business but more than likely, he’s lessen his T dosage. So although him and Nova are still a homosexual couple (because sex and gender are two different things), they sexually identify now as a straight couple as they should. I’m all for respecting people’s identities and pronouns; respect is respect regardless of agreements.

Cosplaying when not white! After seeing how my Youtubers aged on their Fighting Dreamers channel, I wanted to know how cosplayers of color got along. Because as we know most characters have white, European backgrounds, and it’s often difficult for people with dark skin to even really do a whole lot. And when they do, they often get backlash if they choose a character who isn’t of color. When I was watching the conventions on the Fighting Dreamers Youtube channel, I noticed most of the attendees were white and thought maybe this is why there isn’t a lot of color, beyond that of Asians at conventions.

I recently read a Kotaku article about the struggles many black(females) face when doing characters. Often times and sadly predictable, they’re hit with racism and insults to the point where it seems like a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t situation.

A pretty popular cosplayer who was first mentioned on MIC, made a video about the reactions she got when doing D.Va. It’s known that the world of Over Watch has a huge fan base and sadly, like with a lot of fan bases when things are shown that doesn’t reflect the popular opinion of the fan base, they attack. It also doesn’t help that the Over Watch universe doesn’t have any black female characters. And the creators don’t seem to be too fast to add any. Then there are people complaining that they shouldn’t add any because it’s “pandering” and “politically correct”. See, damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

When drag queen, Nina Bonina, placed up her Sailor Moon cosplay, it was quickly taken down for being “racist” on Instagram. He had colored his skin, and face with white make up to appear more like the character of Usagi aka Sailor Moon. This image was also uploaded during the time he made questionable remarks about Mexicans and the earth quack that took place, killing dozens. Either way, the reaction wasn’t postive.

When Did Cops Become Such Pussies; Are They Literally Afraid of Everything Or Are They Just Extremely Trigger Happy and Sadistic!

The Mesa, Arizona police officer who shot and killed Daniel Shaver has been found not guilty, even though in the video, it was not only obvious that that whole situation was a cluster fuck, but the cop who was barking orders was sadistic as fuck as well. Watching that video made me feel as if I was playing a game of Simon says, “Hands up. Hands on head! No hands up! Get on your knees, crawl toward me! I say hands up! Straighten your legs. I said CRAWLLL or WE WILL SHOOT!!!” Was it those exact words? No, but watch the video and you will see just how ridiculous this cop’s demands were. That cop who was barking orders was literally playing a cat and mouse game with Shaver. It was disgusting!

The cop who shot Shaver, Braisford, even had you’re fucked etched into his gun; I mean, that dude was aiming to kill. If I encountered a police officer with that written within his gun, I’m going to assume he doesn’t care for my life and is more than likely going to end it that day. I also have a feeling most people feel they will be dying at the hands of police officers than anything else in the United States: white, black, Asian, Latin, male, female-if you encounter a cop, there’s a good chance you’re going to die. While Europeans are getting blown up by car bombs by extreme Islamic terrorist, Americans are dying mostly by cops and men who just want to kill people. The man, the cop as in the Sergeant who was barking ridiculous orders to Shaver by the name of Charles Langley, supposedly retired and ran to the Philippines last year when the shooting took place. If this is true…what the fuck?

This is another reason why I feel Americans should have the right to bare arm. When it feels like the police is turning this country into a police state, we as Americans should have the right to protect ourselves from corruption. Because even though they say not all cops are bad, only a few apples, well guess what-

Evil prevails when good men do nothing-Edmund Burke

And that’s exactly what is going on this day and age with the police. Good men and women are literally allowing these bad apples to corrupt them, and they’re not standing up for what is right. Just like the cop who dragged the nurse out of the hospital, none of his peers did anything especially when they all knew that cop was in the wrong! This video of Shaver, one of the cops should have told that Sergeant to calm down, and command reasonable demands. What’s worst is the money that is used for these settlements and pay outs, is money coming out of the public, coming out of the public’s taxes. The money for these settlements needs to come out of police pockets, need to come out of their pension, their office, their prescient-I bet you this shit will stop real quick.

The jury of this case saw the video, and they found the man not guilty. This has to do with the law and law enforcement in general. If a cop believes his/her life is endanger then they are justified when shooting you. Hands up, back facing them, on knees, hands behind head, crawling, already dying-it doesn’t matter, if they feel they will be harmed then they can and will kill you. The police as intended by the United States, shouldn’t have this much power as they do over the general population.

Good things do come of bad situations though. Walter Scott who was shot in the back by a cop has gotten justice.  Cop who breaks man’s leg is also found guilty!

While Grindr Allows Women Now, Lesbian Dating App-HER, Now Allows Men; Al Frankin Has NOT Resigned, and It’s Snowing in San Antonio and Austin.

So Grindr, the most popular gay hook up app for sex and dating, has opened its doors to females and those who identify as women. One man in particular is not happy as you can see in this poorly done video.

The lesbian app HER has done the same thing. Not only does it allow males who identify as women but now they allow men including both males, and females who identify as men. Of course some of them aren’t happy about this either.

For a while now, the lesbian community has been saying what the gay community is now saying: lesbians do not have a safe space away from males. That the lesbian is being erased. Everyone is referring to themselves as “lesbians”. Although a lesbian used to be a woman who loves women such as female homosexuality, there are men both males and females calling themselves lesbians. There are bisexual, pan sexual females calling themselves lesbians. And even some trans women, although they typical use the word transbian. There’s even an article about bisexuality being “erased”. So everyone thinks they’re being erased, an ideology that begun with the erasing of black women. So who’s next?

As horrible as some people think this is, at the end of the day, these apps are businesses. Lesbian apps do pretty bad already due to the lack of clientele so it was just a matter of time before they opened their doors to all sorts of people, so as to increase revenue and ad shares. To be honest, I’m not sure why Grindr did it because they had an extremely large clientele. So the only thing I can think of is the fact people were complaining. But in truth, Grindr kind of always had an open door policy as of 2011; not really news to be honest as of now.

But those who are upset are now using Scruff and Growlr; in regards to lesbians and bi women whether bio or trans, there’s FindHrr which is only for Apple. But there’s also Lesdo which is the most popular lesbian app to date and it’s actually based in China; there’s also LesPark and the L both in China. And these three lesbian apps also have their own web series to help promote registered users, and bring in new users.


Al Franken has not resigned! I know some of y’all are coming across articles and new sources, or social media sites stating that he’s resigned but the truth is, he hasn’t resigned. As stated in the New York Times article:

Mr. Franken did not specify precisely when he would leave the Senate, saying he would do so in the coming weeks.

What does this mean? It means he will be on leave for a couple of weeks and once this blows over, more than likely he will still have his position. It’s unsure if he’s even done the proper procedures such as documents in regards to his resignation; in other words, one big publicity stunt. He’s done everything so far: cried, apologized, denied yet showed remorse, hugged his fellow senate people.

So small as this is: y’all he hasn’t resigned.

Also it’s snowing in San Antonio and Austin. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures if it’s still around. It’s snowing pretty bad too to say the least.





Meghan Markle; I Don’t Trust Her!

I won’t say much to this just like I didn’t say much about Louis C.K when I first brought him up in an early article before all this crap happened with him because I didn’t have any sources at the time(but as we all know, there’s more than enough sources to go around in regards to Louis C.K now). When I don’t have sources, I don’t make claims. I refuse to do that.

I am going off of a hunch basically. This hunch could be well validated or it could be a personal dislike even though obviously I never met her. Regardless of the case, the hunch is here and the hunch is saying, ‘I don’t trust her‘. I don’t know why it’s saying this because she’s very pretty. She has a one time history of addressing sexist ideology.

She’s an actress that had pretty much very minor roles in projects. I never heard of her or seen her until now basically. She’s well aware of her racial make up and how some are using that to throw hate onto her, and her marriage to Prince Harry. She’s been married before for about  two years and then divorced. She’s been dating Prince Harry for only an year and is getting married. They met in July of 2016…an year. Besides that, there’s not really a whole lot about her to be honest besides for her Wikipedia page. And she actually reminds me of a woman who I won’t name because I don’t want to make assumptions without evidence. So all I will say is…I don’t trust her.



The Hip-Hop Industry Thought They Were Untouchable: Russell Simmons, Chris Stokes, Dr. Dre

So as we now know, Russell Simmons has stepped down from head of all of his companies. He has given up the roles to a new diverse group of youngsters who will continue on in his foot steps, as he goes on to heal, learn, and listen as he says in the article. Now Simmons isn’t new when it comes to young girls and women. He met Kimora Lee in 1992 when she was 17, and married in 1998 when she was 23 and he was 35 years old. It’s even rumored Tyra Banks warned Kimora about his ways. Oh and let’s not forget that poorly taste Harriet Tubman rape parody that even Spike Lee called him out on. But as we know, Simmons isn’t the only one from the industry who likes them young. I mean, must we say R. Kelly? Although these men come from the 1980’s and 1990’s, we now have a new generation of men in the hip hop industry lusting after young girls.

Lil Peep died just a little while ago but apparently he hung out with two crew members by the name of Lil Tracy and YungGoth. Although these two young men weren’t in his crew per se, he was still often associated with them.

Screen shots of messages the boys sent young girls are all over hip hop forums and image hosting sites like Imgur. These girls are literally telling these young men who are in their early to mid twenties that the girls themselves are underage, some are even 12 yet the men continue trying to get them to Facetime and send more “booty” shots.

Once these young rappers were exposed, Lil Peep began to disassociate with them as best as he could, even calling them out on Twitter.

Remember Chris Stokes, the man who created Immature, B2K? The man who did the movie You Got Served which was number 1 in the box office in 2004? Stokes was called out in 2007 and Omarion was quick to come to his defense. But it didn’t stop Raz B from continuing to call out not only Stokes, but Marques Houston too as rapists.

The feud was so strong that Houston even had to get a restraining order on Raz B in 2013. Even with all this trouble and with him living in China, Raz B still has a net worth of about 1.8 million(good on him).

Think about it though. Chris Stokes also put together Immature as already mentioned. And they were young when they formed and there were images of these boys dressed like this:

They grew up to:

Then we have Dr. Dre and his Straight Out of Compton pals and how they were sued for raping a 16 year old girl while on a tour bus. Granted, it was only one of them that was alleged to have done it. But I’m sure y’all remember the song where Dr. Dre raps about gang raping a woman and killing her, right? Oh I get it; those are just lyrics and couldn’t possibly mean anything. That is true but Dr. Dre does have a long history of violence against women. I would have to be one dumb bitch to not believe that if a man can put his hands on numerous women in a violent manner then he probably could rape, gang rape, and maybe even kill a woman too. It caught up to him in 2015 since the movie Straight Outta Compton had no desire to talk about all the fucked up things they did to women in those days.

People thought hip hop would remain untouchable because of the no snitching mentality but with all of these allegations coming forth, including the one from Terry Crews and then Russell Simmons telling him to give his accuser a break-well, Simmons let the cat out of the bag. The problem is though although all these men are stepping down from their positions, leaving, or getting fired-none of them are actually receiving any type of punishment. And they can’t since there’s little to no evidence that these assaults happened. And the assaults were years ago. Simmon’s accuser was 1991. Roy Moore was in the 1970’s(random, I know). In fact, I think the only recent one is probably R. Kelly. I think he’s the only one who could literally be sent to jail if the justice system did their job(well and those two young rappers I mentioned above).

Who’s next:

LA Reid
Russell Simmons
P. Diddy
Clive Davis
Tommy Mottola
Dr. Dre
Steve Harvey

She’s Gotta Have It Netflix TV Series Lesbian Sex Scene! (NSFW)

Spike Lee has a new show on Netflix called She’s Gotta Have It(2017) which is based off of the movie of the same name. The show is centered around a black woman named Nola who is pansexual and lives a polygamous life style.

The show has gotten positive reviews on blogs, news sites, and critic sites alike. It was okay; I wasn’t able to get into the show, but then I found out there was a lesbian sex scene so of course, I went back to try and find it!


Both of the actresses are attractive and they seem to really get into it. I also can’t help but like that the actress who plays Opal(Ilfenesh Hadera-who is mixed with black(Ethiopian) and white(Irish)I think it’s Irish, don’t quote me) has not only her nipples pierced but they’re extremely hard as well.