Luna Loud of The Loud House is a Lesbian(or at least bisexual)!

The Loud House is one of the highest rated shows on Nickelodeon. Weekly, viewers ranging in the millions will watch what this family of 13 is up to. I just got finish catching up on the most recent season, season 2, and the latest episode to be released is ‘L is for Love’. The episode is about a letter that comes in the mail that says ‘L, Loud’ and the kids are trying to figure out who the letter is for. SPOILER. At the end, the letter was actually the parents setting up a date night; however, what made this episode awesome is the fact one of the kids is queer!

Yes, Nickelodeon did it again; they made lesbian lovers out of Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra. They made Clyde’s dad from The Loud House an interracial gay couple, and now it has been revealed that one of the siblings, Luna Loud, has feelings for one of her female class mates name Sam! It feels great to see Nickelodeon stepping out of their comfort zone, and really digging deep with showing diversity on their channel. Cartoon Network is still showing queer people through metaphors and implications like with Steven Universe and Princess Bubblegum and Merciline-I spelled her name wrong, and I don’t even think Disney has introduced any queer characters in their show line ups(well did they have that first gay kiss).

luna loud chitarra

Luna Loud (voiced by Nika Futterman) — The 15-year-old third-eldest child of the Loud family. Luna has a habit of speaking in a mock British accent and sometimes a mock Swedish accent. She is a wild and upbeat musician who owns various instruments, with her signature instrument being a purple Dean electric guitar. She very closely follows the words of her idol Mick Swagger and always encourages her family to “stay cool.” In the episode “For Bros About to Rock,” it is revealed that Luna has ruined all of her siblings’ first concerts. She also appears to hold the youngest child Lily the most out of her other siblings-as written on Wikipedia.

I won’t really call Luna Loud a lesbian just yet because I do know in both seasons, she appears to crush on a few male characters, mostly males from Britain; however, as most people know, lesbians do have male crushes of that of just admiration, so it could just be that. Nonetheless, she’s queer and she’s here, and seeing this most recent episode made me very giddy inside. It reminds me of me when I first started telling girls I was into them in high school, those little ‘Do you like me circle yes or no’ in elementary school then texting came about in high school. This was very cute, sweet, innocent, and over all Chris Savino is telling people, especially kids and families to stay true to yourself, and support one another through the thick and thin, that love…is love!

How Fast Do Lesbians Get Married; These Lesbians on Reddit are Scaring Me With Their Answers.

So I was browsing a sub reddit called r/LesbianActually. I much prefer this one over the other one which is r/Actuallesbians mainly because Lesbian Actually accepts everyone, and allows for different opinions to be shared in a civilized manner while Actual Lesbians only allows liberals, and as y’all know, I am more of a moderate conservative and kind of a libertarian. Regardless of what I am, I know I’m not a 100% liberal. It’s also too politically correct and I just ain’t got the time for that shit, so I unsubscribed from that sub Reddit after like a few months of being on the site.

So one thread was created called Lesbians Who Are Married/Engaged How Long Were You Dating?

As I’m reading the comments, I’m seeing a pattern, and the pattern is 4 months-2 years of dating and then engaged, then marriage. WTF? =/ One of them was only dating for a month, and got engaged and married. What! Man, this U-Haul myth is real, y’all!

It kind of scares me a bit. Eventually, I’d like to start dating again, preferably when I buy my condo and buy a new or new/used car. I would buy a house, but I don’t want to buy a house with just me. So a condo would do. Nonetheless, with these goals in mind, and when accomplished, I’d like to start…dating. But dating for me is like, going on dates for a few to several months. After around an year or two, start to get serious and form a committed relationship with one another. Then after three to five years, an engagement then marriage. That’s how I planned it out. Now will it happen like that-shit, I don’t know. But damn, a month then marriage, those bitches are crazy!!

Right now, same sex marriage is only about two years old, right, maybe three. So most same sex marriages are too young to get a divorce just yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what will happen within a few years, or so when people have actually been married for more than five years.

Why Would Gal Gadot Ruin Her Career Just to Play Wonder Woman; The Super Hero Curse?

Real talk!

As we know, it is extremely difficult for a female to get a lead role in a movie that isn’t a drama, or a romance. In the month of May, 2017 about 83 movies came out.  So out of 83 movies that were released in theatres in the month of May, about 23-27 had a female as the lead character, so 33%. About 33% of the main stream and independent, and foreign movies that were released in the United States had a female as lead. Out of those lead roles, the genres were drama, and romance, two sports/action/adventure movies; in other words, roles for women in movies are very limited.

There’s a pattern when it comes to super hero movies during this point in time. The actors and actresses you see in these super hero movies from DC and Marvel, are all actors, and actresses whose careers were on the declined before getting that super hero role. Some examples include, Zoe Saldana, Robert Downy. Jr, Ben Aflect, Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, and the list goes on. Once an actor/actress is done making super hero movies, their career either stops, or it declines, most notably, Adam West from the 60’s. Hallie Berry who was not only Cat Woman but also Storm of X-Men. Branden Routh, who found himself stuck in another super hero franchise, Toby Mcquire as Spider-Man. Eric Bana who was The Hulk, most of his movies are flops, the most recent good one he did was Deliver Us from Evil. Huge Jackman….once he got the role of Wolverine, every other movie project he did was a flop, so he pretty much stuck with Wolverine. Now that his career is over as Wolverine, I don’t see him doing a whole lot of movies. And if he does, they’re more than likely going to be flops.  ( I don’t know any of the people who were in Suicide Squad, although to be fair, Will Smith’s movies have been flops lately, pretty much since Hancock; the kids in Power Rangers pretty much ruined their career-good luck, y’all.)

As you noticed, only two women were named: Zoe Saldana and Hallie Berry.  Zoe Saldana although she is the main cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, she isn’t the lead. Hallie was the lead and now her career is lack luster to say the least, so why would Ms. Gadot, who is young about 32 years old, risk ruining her career to play Wonder Woman, and potentially type casting herself?

Super hero franchises usually have three to five movies. After, the studios would usually do a reboot. What this means is Ms. Gadot will have three to five years(maybe more) as Wonder Woman. After Wonder Woman is done then what? I’m sure she’s not thinking about the Super Hero Curse right now since she’s had a steady career as minor characters in other main stream movies such as Fast and Furious. She’s racking in a lot of money of course, and needless to say she’s with glee. I suppose I wrote this because I truly am fluster that she would take such a cursed role at a young age when her career was just starting. And who’s to say, maybe she will be one of the few who is able to bounce back from being typed cast as Wonder Woman in these next future projects. Maybe she doesn’t give a fuck if she’s Wonder Woman and that she will forever be seen as Wonder Woman of our generation. But girl, if you do care about your acting career, I’d suggest having a back up.

Below Her Mouth (Lesbian Movie) is so Fucking Horrible!


So I watched a lesbian movie by the name of Below Her Mouth.

It’s so fucking bad! It’s a porn; there wouldn’t be anything wrong with the explicit, frequent sex scenes, if it weren’t for the fact the story is very lack lusting. I honestly can’t even tell you the story or plot besides for the fact that a straight or bi girl is engaged to a man and she meets a woman, fucks her, gets caught, and ends up back with the man, yet she remains friends with the woman. I mean, that’s the story in a nut shell; in other words, a very predictable typical lesbian movie made by the Canadians(well the ending is kind of not typical since she remains with the man-usually the woman runs off with the other woman after like two days of knowing each other.=0)

The first scene of the movie opens up to Main Woman #1 fucking her current girlfriend.

They talk about something and basically Main Woman #1 no longer wants to be in the relationship so they break up. Main Woman #1 then meets up with a friend where they decide to go to the club. Upon getting ready for the night out, Main Woman #1 decides to pack with her new strap on that she seems to be in love with.

Below Her Mouth 3

While at the club, Main Woman #1, meets Main Woman #2 in the restroom because Main Woman #2 came to the club with her friend because they were curious what it was like to hang out at a lesbian and/or women only club. Well, Main Woman #1 and Main Woman #2 actually know each other some what because Main Woman #1 is the roofer for Main Woman #2. They talk for a little bit in the restroom and Main Woman #1 is flirting with her but the other woman says no, she’s engaged, and she’s loyal and she came to the club because her, and her friend were curious.

Okay, one thing I don’t like is that Main Woman #1 continues to go after her. She follows her out to the club floor then follows her out to the balcony. It’s like, ‘if it’s not okay for a man to do this then it’s surely not okay for a woman to do it’. It felt pretty much like harassment, if not predatory for me. I mean, Main Woman #2 kept saying, ‘no, I can’t, no, leave me alone’, and Main Woman #1 kept coming after the other woman until the other woman just gave in. Nonetheless, because Main Woman #2 says no, and runs away with her friend, Main Woman #1 decides to take home another girl.

Below Her Mouth 4

The fucked up thing about this catch is that the girl who’s in bed asked Main Woman #1 for a ride, but Main Woman #1 dissed her. I mean, if you’re going to take a girl home and fuck her like a slut, if she asks you for a ride, at least give her a ride to her place. That’s the least you can do. It’s only polite. =/

So that same day, Main Woman #1 is doing the roof of Main Woman #2, who decides to also take a bath. And while she does, she decides to use the water as a masturbation tool.

Below Her Mouth 5

Her and Main Woman #1 meet up later that night since Main Woman #1 kept howling her to meet up, so she gave in and said, ‘yes’. Well after the drinks, things get heated between the two. They try fucking in the back alley but the trash can guy comes out. Then they try fucking at the back of the trunk, but stopped…so then they go back to Main Woman #1’s place.

At home, they do some finger stuff then Main Woman #1 eats out Main Woman #2. After that, Main Woman #1 takes out her strap on which she was packing(and that part was actually hot) and fucks the other woman. After the strap on sex, they go back to the bed and do a little tribbing. Y’all know what tribbing is right, vulva to vulva rubbing. Hmm k.

So after that, they chit chat, and they wake up to one another and then they…yep, you guessed it, have sex again!

This time there’s face sitting, and more tribadism. And then they go spend the day with one another, and Main Woman #1 tells Main Woman #2 that she doesn’t want to be without her, and I’m like, ‘bitch, you just met her two days ago’. They go to a boat and ride out on the sea…I guess then they go back to Main Woman #2’s place.

…Okay, so if you’re going to cheat on your spouse, don’t do it at y’alls place, words of wisdom.

So they’re fucking…again…and they go to the bath tub to relax and Main Woman #1 proceeds to use her strap on again(another good scene out of two good scenes of this whole movie) and proceeds to have anal sex with Main Woman #2.

Below Her Mouth 14

So the husband/fiance-whatever, walks in on them of course, and she chases after him, apologizes to him, fucks him, and they end up together. At the end, her and Main Woman #1 remain close friends. I think that’s what happens. By that time, I had the audio off on the movie and I was drawing.

THE END! I do NOT recommend.


An Attack in London…Again…

Follow the reports here!

Follow live streams here!

I hate to say this but after seeing so many attacks in England, Germany, Sweden, and France, I wish them all the best, but-come on now. I mean, if they don’t do something about the people entering their country such as proper vetting procedures, if they don’t listen in and follow tips, if they don’t start tapping into suspected people’s conversations then this will never stop, but will only get worst. And it’s getting really old; it’s gotten old for me. It would seem, correct me if I’m wrong, that these four countries all of whom have ‘open door’ policies when allowing in refugees, all have this problem of attacks. Terrorist are terrorist regardless of religion but let’s be real, these, if not most of these attacks going on in these four countries are Islamic terrorist. And often times, supposedly, authorities are tipped off that an attack is going to occur.

We don’t know who did this attack, just like no one knows who did the Kabul attack so we’ll see if any group takes claim over this attack.

What people will be saying months and years to come:

Woman 1: Girl, what’s going on?

Woman 2: A terrorist attack….

Woman 1: Again, girl?

Woman 2: Hmm hmm…

Woman 1: Ssppff, I thought it was something actually important-what you want for dinner?


Kathy Griffin Fuck Up, Y’all!

So in a post I made about Tig Notaro, I talked about how her and Kathy Griffin are one of my favorite comedians, and admitted that Kathy Griffin wasn’t as funny as she used to be.

Now Kathy Griffin has always been an attention seeker; she’s admitted in her interviews, in her shows, and in her books that she has confidence issues, and low self esteem due to her child hood, and even situations that happened in her adult hood. There have been numerous times that she has done outlandish things just so she could stay relevant, and funny. And most recently she’s done the Donald Trump photo, which I’m sure y’all seen.

What surprised me the most was that she actually apologized! I mean Kathy Griffin has said a lot of shit and done a lot of things over the years, yet she apologized for something she knew was going to cause a stir. So it’s not like she didn’t know what was going to happen. And CNN, one of her few jobs that she had, fired her:


Do I think the photo shoot was tacky? Yes, because it’s Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated head of the president’s head when tensions are already high between republicans and democrats. Have other people done worst things; yes, but they were nobody’s. Just like ignorant people had images of Obama hanging from a tree when he became president, but they were nobody’s; they weren’t in the public, they weren’t figure heads. When you’re a (non political)public figure in my opinion, you shouldn’t be taking political sides due to the wide audience of your fan base. Obviously you can have your political affiliation, and what have you but to boast, and knock people down for their political affiliation is ridiculous. Sadly, Hollywood has been doing a lot of that lately.

Do I think she should have been fired? Yes, I do actually. As a news source, you need to remain as un-bias as you can especially now with the war on fake news, and the war on liberal news distorting facts for views, and entertainment(although conservative news does this too).

Do I think she ruined her career? She hardly had one; I mean yeah, I like her, but she hardly had a career besides for the show My Life on the D-List, and Kathy on Bravo. So yeah, it put a stop to her career for sure.

Blossoms Bloom Brightly Visual Novel Game Review, Kids Who Are Confused About Gender May Have Parents Who Aren’t Accepting, and Bacha Posh-Girls Who Dress as Boys


Y’all like my desktop? lol Well, I just got finished playing a visual novel called Blossoms Bloom Brightly. It’s a shoujo-ai and can be played for free on Steam. I’m surprised the game has so many good reviews because the game was boring as fuck! I honestly never played a visual novel before; I didn’t realize there was going to be so much reading and less playing. There were maybe about three or four questions that allowed for player interaction but besides that, nothing.

The music was good yet repetitive. The art work of the settings and characters were good except the settings were also very repetitive. If the characters weren’t in the cafeteria, they were in their rooms, hallway, bar, infirmary, or space station/area. There were also only three characters with very little character development.

The ending, as in the relationship between two of the female characters by the name of Erica and Sara, seemed really forced and honestly made no sense whatsoever. I’m guessing the creators of the game also got bored with the story line and just said, ‘fuck it’. I would not recommend paying for this game or any of their bonus packages, but if you have nothing to do then go for it since its free.


So I watch an Youtuber now and then, and yesterday I watched one of his most recent videos, which you can see below.

The video talks about a lot of stuff and it’s pretty much a rant, but one of the things that I really liked what he said was, ‘the reason so many kids are confused by gender is because they have parents who expect them to do something or not do something because they are this or not this gender’. Not in those exact words though, just to be clear.

Nonetheless, I agree with Dollface Barbie. I believe that if we didn’t focus on so much of what one gender can do and what one gender can’t do(gender roles), we wouldn’t be having such a surge of young people trying to figure out where they fit in in regards to gender; we wouldn’t have so many a-gender, or non-binary gender bull shit that we’re seeing a lot more of now within the young generation(I actually think it’s a trend too but that’s a whole other post).

Back when I was a kid, I was a tomboy. I played sports; I enjoyed running, being outside, playing with boy toys but I was still a girl, and people still saw me as a girl. It was okay for girls to be into boy things and still be girls. But now if a girl does that, parents are gonna be whispering, ‘is she trans? She must be trans if she likes having her hair cut short, likes wearing pants, likes wearing baggy clothes’. Or maybe she just likes wearing boy’s clothes-ever thought of that?

Dollface in the video specifically calls out black women in the black community because of a comment that a black woman said in regards to this eight year old boy wanting to dress in drag. He goes on to say that within the black community, there’s a reason why so many black males are stuck, why so many black males take to the streets.  If that black male shows one trait that’s un-masculine then he’s worthless to the eyes of his parents, especially his mom, and especially if he doesn’t have a father figure in his life.

There seems to be a thing where the emasculation of men is something that is bad. Do I think men should be masculine-absolutely, but I’m not going to knock a man down simply because he would rather do ballet than football. Or that he would rather wear a skirt than pants; in other words, he is who he is, and if you’re a parent who has a child like that, the best thing you can do is accept who he/she is. Without support or acceptance, kids resent, they get depressed, they get suicidal, and sometimes they think their life will be better as another.

This isn’t to say that all people who are trans are like this, but this is to say that people who are transitioning often have to go through therapy because often times they do suffer from these conditions: depression, anxiety, seclusion, suicidal thoughts, conditions that go beyond that of gender dysphoria(mentally not matching their physical body). There are times when a person who over comes these conditions will often feel the need to no longer transition. This is probably why we’re seeing more stories of people de-transitioning; these people lacked support, lacked acceptance, lacked parental love. So through guidance, and/or therapy, they realized that they’re totally okay with who they are. They realized, ‘hey, I don’t actually have to become a man to do man things…’. ‘Hey, I don’t have to become a woman to do womanly things like wear make up, etc’.

Do I believe in gender roles-yes, I do; I do believe men are better at some things when compared to women. And I believe women are better at some things when compared to men. I do believe chemically wise, men and women differ greatly in the way we think, and the way we express ourselves. So yes, I do believe in gender roles, and I do believe in the differences between the sexes, and I don’t believe gender is a social construct; however, I don’t believe in forcing gender roles onto those who have no desire to do this or that. I, myself, don’t follow the traditional gender roles of what a woman is and that’s fine. And there’s nothing wrong with a woman who does follow the traditional gender roles, and enjoys it. I, myself, would like to be with a woman who is more traditional in that aspect.

So I’ve been watching a few documentaries on Afghanistan, mainly because I really want to know why the fuck haven’t we left there yet. Then I realized, America doesn’t really leave any country that we invade/occupy. I mean, we’re still in Japan, Germany, South Korea(and that war is technically still going on) just to name a few. Sadly though, many of those countries depend on our military, but hopefully, as the years go on, they can be a bit more independent. Mostly Europe is the weak continent that truly needs us; most of Asia have very strong militaries.

I’m learning a lot about their culture through these documentaries and I’m amazed at how calm, and peaceful the country used to be until all these empires started to invade basically. Empires such as Britain, Russia, the U.S, and the U.S. is still there. Even in the 1960s-1970s, it was very common for many hippie women and men to travel to Afghanistan freely, just roaming around the country, hanging with locals, and doing drugs! I was shocked. A good documentary to start out watching is Afghanistan: The Great Game, a two part series which is on Youtube. Check it out!

Upon learning about Afghanistan, I stumbled upon Bacha Posh, which is a ‘girl who dresses as a boy’. The documentary you see above show cases four stories of girls who partake in this practice which isn’t taboo at all. It usually only becomes taboo when the girl decides to continue living as a boy without her parents approval the older she gets, but some times, the parents will approve it.

It’s like a third gender for females. These girls are female and have no desire to psychically become a man(although maybe a few do who are trans) but they desire for freedom that living as a man provides in Afghanistan. This is something I thought about myself. If the United States ever became like A Hand Maiden’s Tale then I will definitely be posing as a male. I will be binding my breast(even though they’re already small), and I will be getting a buzz cut. I’m quite thin and barely have any curves so I think I can pass; anyone can pass if they put in the effort.

Another thing is these girls appear heterosexual; the most masculine of them all even talks about the type of man she would want to settle down with. This correlates to the fact that gender, nor gender roles relates to sexuality. It’s sort of a mind fuck. ‘What! These women who live as men haven’t the desire to lie with women’. It’s an eye opener, for sure.