Batwoman, Are We Ready for a Lesbian Super Hero, A Black Woman Super Hero, An Asian Super Hero to Hit the Big Screen!

So many people are “surprised” that Marvel’s Black Panther is doing so well in the box office? Really, why? This movie had almost everything going for it. It had an extremely large budget of about 200 million; it had an even larger marketing budget that can be predicted to be about 200 million. It had a predominantly black cast and was very pro-black, and of course, it’s a Disney/Marvel movie. That alone is enough to bring in about 500 million in the box office. Over all, this movie is the political movie the black community has been waiting for for a very long time, especially considering the race relations we currently have going on in this country! It shouldn’t be a surprised to anyone that this movie has grossed the amount it has to grossed so far.

So when can we expect a movie about Batwoman? Yes, yes, yes, we know; Wonder Woman is bisexual as her creators intended her to be when they created her in the 1940’s.

Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston (pen name: Charles Moulton),[2]and artist Harry G. PeterOlive Byrne, Marston’s lover, and his wife, Elizabeth,[3] are credited as being his inspiration for the character’s appearance.

However, Wonder Woman hasn’t ever been given a female love interest and although there may be numerous sexual tensions, interactions, and innuendos with other females, she hasn’t ever actually been in a romantic relationship with one. What this means is, there’s a good chance that if DC does decide to show off Wonder Woman’s bisexuality, it’ll more than likely be based around sex and nothing else. Let’s not also forget the two lesbian characters within Black Panther that were written out at the last minute. It’s unsure of why this happened but given how the black community is still a bit homophobic generally, it probably wouldn’t have gotten the best reception. However, I’m not quite sure; on the other hand, it could have done well and actually opened the door for more discussion on sexuality within the black community.

But with Wonder Woman 2 in the works, along with Batgirl, it’s going to be a while before we get Batwoman. Unless, the CW decides to pick up Batwoman for a show. I have come to believe that regardless of race or sex of a movie, if that movie has a good budget of over 150 million, a good marketing budget around the same, or a good hype then it is absolutely possible for any other diverse character to succeed as a super hero on the big screen. Whether they’re a black man, black woman, Asian man, Asian woman, gay, lesbian, etc, etc, etc, we have moved on from racism and sexism in the cinema. I personally believe we are now ready to see a lesbian super hero, black woman super hero and even an Asian super hero!

There are numerous Asian super heros to choose fromAdmittedly, Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution could have been the first Asian super hero if they would have cast him as an Asian and not a white dude, especially since they cast an Asian woman as Chi Chi. Black Widow is being made, and it would have been interesting if Marvel chose to do Monica Chang and her universe than Claire. In Big Hero 6, the main character was an Asian male. If the movie would have been a live-action then that would have been a good opportunity for Asian visibility. I mean hell, Batman and Talia al Ghul’s son is half Asian! As much as I don’t really care for super hero movies, there’s so much here in this universe that can be played with, and that will continue to be played with for years to come (until a generation finally gets bored).

Remember Halle Berry as Catwoman?  Let’s not talk about that. Nonetheless, Moon Girl was announced to get her own animation show, and then there’s the show Black Lightning that not only has important black female leads, but also an interracial lesbian couple. So not only is this character black but also a lesbian. So see, we’re getting there…well, we’re already there, I’d say. The question I was originally asking though is if it’s possible for these characters to have a movie on their own and succeed to the height of Black Panther? As I’ve answered already, I think so with the right production budget and marketing budget. (I will admit though, it’s gonna be a while until someone breaks Black Panther’s record. I don’t even think Infinity War will do it.)


Angele From 60 Days In Gets the Program Shut Down; Remember When Bill Clinton Offered North Korea 4 Billion Dollars in 1994, and is Gun Control in the United States Effective When Reducing Violent Crime!

I’m going to start off with something fun such as an update on that big bull dyke, Angele from 60 Days In. I won’t do a whole re-cap because there’s plenty of those walking around, but needless to say when I first wrote about Angele, I predicted, along with many others that she was going to be the one to get the program shut down. Not only did she do drugs but she also got into a physical altercation with another inmate. Not only that, but she had sex with an inmate by the name of Gabrielle. So she admitted to the producers that she was having sex with this girl and that she also told her she was in the program. Angele didn’t tell Gabi she was in 60 Days In; she just said that she was working for the warden and she was a plant. So as a result, they had to shut the entire program down, and they put Angele up in a hotel where she would have no contact with the outside world so as to stay true to her contract. For an update on Angele, apparently she has a new girlfriend:

Angele from 60 Days In Update
Angele on 60 Days In Update

Its good she has a girlfriend that isn’t a LURD(Lesbian Until Release Date). There are also other Instagrams and Twitter accounts out there that are fake, so it took a while for me to find her authentic one. But she also is a screen writer…well, a “screen writer”, and is working on her new clothing line.

An un-bias look at Trump meeting with Kim Jung-Un. This is a tricky one that I really wanted to analyze and take a look at before rushing into judgement; however, him meeting with Kim Jung is like if F. Roosevelt met with Adolf Hitler. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Other presidents in the past have refused to meet with the leaders of N. Korea because when one meets with a dictator such as that, it legitimatizes their power, and their political relations. The chances of Kim Jung Un staying true to his or any agreements made with Trump is very unlikely. It has been proven in the past that such negotiations failed. This is no different than what was proposed to N. Korea in 2012. Also let’s not forget Bill Clinton tried this in 1994 and it didn’t do so well then either. N. Korea still continued to produce weapons of mass destruction. Clinton offered N. Korea 4 billion dollars to help grow their economy if they shut their nukes program down. Something else that no one is talking about is the concentration camps within North Korea. Every one is talking about their weapons which is reasonable, but let’s not forget how horrible the North Koreans are treated. Look at the sere difference in South Korea and North Korea at night!

That’s how underdeveloped they are yet they desire to build weapons for war instead of investing in their own economy.

Florida sends potential new gun bill to governor. So let us take a look at the facts on both sides to see if this will be benefiting Florida, and the rest of the United States or not. Are there other factors we should be taking into consideration or are guns the only problem?

The United States has the highest rate of guns per capita in the world at about 1 gun per resident, nearly twice as high as the next highest country, Serbia, which has about 0.58 guns per resident. That number however masks a fairly uneven distribution of firearms. Roughly 32-42% of Americans report that they live in a household with guns, though the only data we have come from surveys, and therefore there is a margin of error. Both of the principal surveys showed that rates of gun ownership declined from the 1970s-1990s and have been about steady since. Surveys also estimate that among gun owners, the number of firearms owned is highly skewed, with a very small portion of the population (about 3%) owning half of all firearms in the US. The US also has a very high rate of homicide compared to peer countries, and an about average suicide rate compared to peer countries. Firearm homicides in the US are much more common than all homicides in any peer country however even US non-firearm homicides would put the US above any western country except the Czech Republic. The total homicide rate of 5.3 per 100,000 is more than twice as high as the next highest (Czech) homicide rate of 2.6 per 100,000. The US has a much higher firearm suicide rate than peer countries (6.3 per 100,000) but a fairly low non-firearm suicide rate, which puts the US about middle of the pack on suicides (same source as above paragraph).

Some writings have offered that the reason behind this is not guns-per se but our culture instead.  If you’re pro-gun you’ll see and understand how the writer in the article points out that the US non-firearm homicide rate is higher than the total homicide rate for most other first world countries. The US has a problem with culture that even magically vanishing all guns wouldn’t fix. If you’re anti-gun you’ll appreciate how he tentatively tries to put a number on the costs of gun violence. In 2016, an article was published on the American Psychological Association’s website. The article talked about the relations of media and it’s impact on individuals and their desire to act out violent crimes such as mass shootings. While the media will argue that the public has the right to know, what they refuse to see is that they’re creating a infamous persona to the killers. This is something that has been going on even in the 1980s(even as far back as the 1920’s in the United States when the media was actually allowed to be present, and involved in crime scenes) with copy cat killers as mentioned in this article from 2015.  What I’m trying to say is and what others are trying to say is, there is something wrong with our culture…not our guns.



A Child Lost Within the Night, Black Women Gaining More Ground in Hollywood, and Are Latin Americans Being Excluded?

A new different type of animation is being produced; different I say because it isn’t your typical family, kid friendly animated movie. No, this one seems to be a bit…dark. I discovered A Child Lost Within the Night when I was browsing the #HappyTexasDay hashtag. At least, I think it was the Happy Texas Day; it had the word Texas in it. Nonetheless, I figured it could have been a new Texas production due to giving a shout out to Texas, although I’m not so clear on that, but if it is, then I want to go ahead and cover it.

A Child Lost Within the Night is a story about a child that comes from a dysfunctional family. As a result of the abuse the child goes through, the child’s imagination gets the best of him. The animated movie touches on themes such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and of course, child abuse. The movie started on production early this week but I’m unsure of when production will finish, or when/if it will get distributed. Either way, if it is a Texas independent production or even if it isn’t, I hope it does well and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. It’s a step in a different direction in regards to animation!

Black women have come a long way in Hollywood! A few months back, I talked about how black men were doing really well in the entertainment industry. I mentioned they were getting lead roles, and blockbuster hits while black women were still stuck doing predictable roles about being “black” or typical, stereotypical, and historical roles like Hidden Figures. That me and many other people wanted to see black women do more than just…be “black”. Well things seem to be changing thanks to the release and success of Black Panther. With a budget of 200 million, the movie has as of now grossed about 545 million in the box office. The movie is doing extremely well in Asian countries such as South Korea and Thailand. But the thing that most people are talking about(besides for the many scars on Killmonger’s body), but the numerous and positive roles of black women in the movie.

For the past decades after the 1970’s, black women have been portrayed in the media as ghetto, loud, and obnoxious individuals. Although I didn’t see the movie of Black Panther, I have read numerous reviews and comments about the movie. Yes, the movie isn’t anything special compared to other Marvel and DC movies yet it is at the same time. The story is nothing new, but it’s the characters and their development that sets this story apart. This movie does what Luke Cage wasn’t able to do on Netflix. This movie does what Blade featuring Wesley Snipes wasn’t able to do. More than likely it does have to do with the fact Trump is in office, and many African Americans feel that racial tensions and relations are sour more than ever. Plus the Black Lives Matter movement, and the taking down the statues, have all made an impact that shows in this movie. Needless to say, we can definitely see more good things to come especially since Spike Lee is setting up new projects with Jordan Peele. There’s A Winkle in Time with Oprah. Even up and coming creator of Underground, Misha Green, is working on a collaboration project with Jordan Peele with a supernatural twist.

Latin Americans are feeling excluded! I recently just got finished reading a blog post in which I wanted to put in my two cents. The post was about African Americans rising up and that Latin Americans need to do the same, and why haven’t they. Now, I’m mixed with Latin and I can tell you why.

There is more exclusion in the Latin American community more so than the black community, and the Asian community. The blog post points out numerous Latin Americans who work in Hollywood although the author leaves a lot of Latin Americans out as well. The author doesn’t pay attention to Latin Americans who don’t have fair skin with the exception of Zoe Saldana; she also failed to include Disney’s Coco. Coco was made with a budget of about 200 million and gained more than 700 million in the box office. It even beat out Moana which made about 640 million in the box office. Let’s not forget Puss in Boots; I could go on and on about the numerous Latin American projects that have come out in theatres and on TV like Devious Maids and One Day At  A Time on Netflix. Remember the George Lopez show and Tiana? I also find it interesting the author is pointing out Black Panther is for African Americans but didn’t point out Miles Morales of Spider-Man, a boy who is mixed with black and Latin. There is literally a whole list of Latin American super heros that this author fails to mention, and fails to ask why prominent Latin American creator/producer/director/writers in Hollywood aren’t trying to pitch these ideas.

“The reason why the Latin American community can’t come together is because they don’t all identify as Latin American. Some of them live their lives as “white” people; in fact, many Latins who are in fact the skin color white has had more opportunities in the film industry than even black people ranging all the way back to the 1930s. There have been numerous Latin stories told in the main stream media all the way from Pan’s Labyrinth to Spy Kids, to Columbiana to Desperado…”. I comment. I go on to say:

“Colorism is rampant in the Latin American community. When you watch Latin shows on Mun2 or Univision, every one is “white”. In Hollywood, it’s no different. Most of the Latin Americans are white. The reason why it’s hard to hear Latin voices in Hollywood is because most people who are Latin American would rather live a “white passing” life in the industry  than call themselves a person of color. Latin Americans who actually have color to their skin are the ones being ignored; the ones who don’t pass for white.” I then say:

“I also want to say there are tons of Latin Americans in the industry who are Latin but don’t have a Latin last name. I find it interesting that you’re ignoring their voices. You’re excluding the ones who are multi-racial, and multi-ethnic. Jada Picket Smith is mixed with two types of Latin. Cameron Diaz has Latin in her. And there are even more! But see that’s what I’m talking about; the Latin community picks and choose who they want in their community. Latin people don’t have a set physical appearance like African Americans and Asian Americans; as a result, Latin Americans don’t accept all as Latin Americans regardless of their ethnic/racial background; if some speak Spanish or some don’t speak Spanish. That’s the problem; there’s exclusion in an already excluded community.”

Janelle Monae Tells Us She’s Bisexual in New Song, Make Me Feel, Gun Laws in Switzerland and Japan, NRA is Not to Blame for Parkland Shooting!

Before I get into the serious talk, I decided to talk about something a little more positive. Janelle Monae has been making the rounds with Tessa Thompson and not without speculation. Ever since Ms. Monae has arrive on this planet wearing androgynous clothes, it has been asked what exactly her sexuality was. Now eight years later after releasing Tight Rope, Janelle Monae has set the record straight with new song, Make Me Feel!

Upon watching the video, you’ll see not only is there a Prince vibe that commentators are talking about, but it also takes us back in time to the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror:

As you can see that in the music video, Janelle is interacting sexually with numerous women including Tessa Thompson, her supposed real life girlfriend. The singer can also be seen interacting with a male as well, implying that she loves who she loves regardless of the biological sex of that person. Is it the new bisexual anthem? Some are saying yes.

The shooting of Parkland is said to be the 18th mass shooting in the United States of just this year alone. We’re barely in the year 2018, hardly leaving February. We know the name of the killer and I won’t name him here. We also know his history and sources have been telling us that not only was there numerous, about 20 complaints about him sent to the FBI, but he was also an avid cutter, abused animals(NSFW), and committed violence against his own parents. There are also rumors of him being a Mens Rights Activist, a group notorious for anti-women speech under the disguise of men’s rights. But I couldn’t find any credible sources of those allegations, nor evidence. As a result of this shooting though, parents and students alike decided to point the gun at the NRA.

Now it is true the NRA will often lobby and pay politicians like numerous other major organizations and corporations here in America. However, I find it interesting that people are so quick to be in an uproar about these mass shootings that rarely happen, yet they’re totally okay with the numerous gangs in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, and New Orleans killing each other. As of today, about 309 people have been shot in Chicago so far in the year 2018. Can you believe that? 309 people and like I already said, we’re in the month of February still and Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation! CNN is celebrating the fact Baltimore has had 11 or so days without a single homicide, shooting and non shooting related. However, a simply Google search will tell you they’re back to killing again. Also it should be noted, most of these killings are actually being done with knives.

Then what about the small town in Georgia– Kennesaw? There everyone is required to own a gun and where violent crime has decreased as a result. What about Switzerland?What I dislike though is when people compared the United States to Japan. First, Japan had the samurai. Without going into too much detail, Japan had the samurai which acted as their police force for numerous villages and cities, as well as the kingdom all the way back to 668 A.D. There was no reason for the people to use guns because they were heavily protected by these samurai’s who fought for their way of living. The United States didn’t have anything prior to a police force. And the police force in the U.S. didn’t really form until the 19th century. Citizens either volunteered or simply just protected themselves with whatever means they could. Americans first settled in the land in 1492 with most colonies coming around 1600; yet the police force didn’t come about until the 19th century. That’s a long time for citizens to have to pretty much defend for themselves. Then when the police forced finally formed in the U.S, it was heavily corrupted so much so citizens used guns to protect themselves from abuse, especially African Americans, Native Americans, and Asians Americans(who weren’t even recognized as Americans then.)

The NRA didn’t put the AR-15 into the hands of that 19 year old boy who was adopted, whose parents died about an year or so ago. The NRA didn’t tell that boy to post images of himself on Instagram and Facebook with guns. The NRA didn’t tell this boy to say how he wanted to kill Mexicans and blacks; the NRA didn’t even remind the boy he had a Hispanic last name. So why are these Parkland kids(who really just want to get out of school) blaming the NRA? Simple, they want someone to blame. They want someone to blame no more than Adolt Hitler wanted to blame the Jews or Alt-Righters wanting to blame the Muslims, or the KKK wanting to blame Mexicans for taking their jobs. We need to blame the people who refused to do anything about this boy and it was more than likely because of political correctness.

1.) The FBI brushed aside the complaints, along with other law enforcement agencies. 2.) Cruz was sent to a mental institution and let out on early release. 3.) He was able to buy guns even with his history of mental illness and institutionalization.

This: He was able to buy guns even with his history of mental illness and institutionalization. Is the problem-that right there needs to get fixed in Florida.

The Nunes Memo, What Is True; What To Believe, An Unbiased Analysis, Consequences of Editing, and Rules of the White House!

The Nunes Memo has come out and of course everyone has taken to it. There are the Republicans who are saying one thing, and the Democrats are saying another. Since most sources are either right or left, it’s really difficult to come to a conclusion on what exactly is true and what isn’t, and what’s being pushed so as to move an agenda along. This Nunes Memo is like the Bible; everyone sees and reads the same words, but all come up with different interpretations to fit their narrative.

First, are there any consequences of sending an edit version of the memo to the White House?

No, there are rules to the White House that must be followed: the committee allows for information to be edited in a document as long as its no new classified information. If you take a look at the PDF, it’s said on page 14-16, within Rule X, Clause 11, Article G, Section 1.

Second, why was Trump allowed to release the memo after five days? 

Because the committee must approve the release and by doing so, it needs to go through the executive branch. If the executive branch wants something to be edited out then it goes back to the committee, and the committee then must tell the president of this new change. It is then, there is a five day release clock.

Third, did the FBI act improperly?

There are four reasons to go by and the sources are in the memo itself. However, there’s no actual evidence that can be sited because of the FISA warrants and request of secrecy, and/or confidentiality has been blocked from public view. Since these FISA documents more than likely won’t be released for a good while, all any one can really do and what they are doing is speculating. Remember:

The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court filings that he met with Yahoo News—and several other outlets—in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. Perkins Coie was aware of Steele’s initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington DC in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed. 

Again, we can’t see that FISA application so the only thing we can go on is:

“FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page’s July 2016 trip to Moscow.”

That’s it. That’s all we have; as you can see, it’s not telling us anything. It just keeps referring to the FISA documents. Personally, until I can read the FISA reports then I’m not going to believe or find anyone else’s interpretation credible.

Rose McGowan Is Accused of Transphobia(Again), Andi Dier Reminds Us That Only Trans Women Are Allowed To Rape!

The big old bathroom debate that the trans movement tries to tell us is that trans women even if they may have penis’, will not harm or sexually assault you. Well, this is what liberals and Democrats will tell you just like Republicans and conservatives will tell you the opposite. So who’s right? They both are. Awe, is it not surprising that maybe both sides of the party may be right on some points at the same when spewing opposite messages? Well either way in October of last year, a trans woman was charged with molesting a ten year old girl in the restroom.

Well, well, well, I’ll keep this short because it’s Saturday, but Rose McGowan was confronted by a trans woman activist at her book signing, Brave. Of course, all the articles are talking about Rose being rude, and spewing hate speech to the trans woman who rudely interrupted her signing, so as to push an agenda. But what no one is talking about, except for the small few, that the trans woman, Andi Dier, who spoke out in Barnes and Nobles apparently has been accused by multiple girls and women. The girls and women came out on Twitter and even in their small towns, saying Andi sexually assaulted them and molested them; some even as young as 13 at their local mall:

Of course, if you say anything about it then the trans-movement, and the LGBT community will label you a TERF. So I can’t help but come to the conclusion that if you’re a man and you commit rape-then bad! But if you’re a trans woman and active in the trans and queer community, and you commit rape-it’s all good. Yeah see, this is why I stepped away from the queer community years ago. Their minds and hearts just aren’t in the same place as mine and ain’t nobody got time for all that! 

Thorgy Thor of Rupaul’s All Stars 3 Was Robbed; AutoStraddle Teaches Queer Ladies How To Give Blow Jobs To Strap-Ons, and Those Damn DACA Kids!

Shout out to r/rupaulsdragrace for this image. Needless to say, I am a drag race fan for the show as well as for the local drag queens we have here in Texas. But good Lord, Thorgy Thor on episode 2 of season 3 of All Stars was robbed. And the worst part about it was it was so blatantly obvious!

The girls were given diva icons for this episode and while everyone was getting entertainers who were very charismatic and energetic, Thorgy got stuck with Stevie Nicks. And Stevie Nicks is like the non-crack head version of Janis Japlin. That’s the best way I can describe her. She was/is apart of Fleetwood Mac. Thorgy was very torn on how she was going to drag out Stevie Nicks for her performance musical with the other girls. Todrick Hall(who I’m starting to view as an asshole) was the dance instructor, and choreographer of this so called musical. Thorgy originally came out as this version of Stevie Nicks:

Of course Todrick gives Thorgy the bitch face. But maybe its just me, but Thorgy’s test run seemed very Mrs. Nicks to me.

So then Bebe comes to practice as Diana Ross and doesn’t do much; I mean, she waves her arm once or twice:

And Todrick says, “That’s great; I love it!” Okay-(although Bebe did give a good overall performance of Diana Ross, I’m starting to think these conspiracy theories are true.)

So Thorgy gives her performance of Stevie Nicks with the other girls within the musical; the judges all have bad words to say about her costume, hair and make-up:

I’m confused, Ru, is this not Mrs. Nicks?

Thorgy’s performance may not have been wow but given her character she was purposely given by Rupaul himself, she did good. That Celine Dion and Janet Jackson performance however……….

For all you queer ladies who like to get kinky, Autostraddle has an article for you: how to give(get) a strap-on blow job? I’m a kinky person, and I think I even wrote something similar about this way back when I first started this blog, but I was surprised to see it on a very popular queer female web site. Let’s read it together, shall we?

“They’re fun! Strap-on blow jobs, where one person wears a harness and a dildo and another person performs oral sex on them, are fun because they’re super queer, subversive, look and feel hot, and can be as much or as little about gender or power play as you want them to be.”

Yeah…okay-sure. I’ll take that reason.

“So many things are hot about strap on blow jobs … The sensation of the dildo against my tender parts, and whatever her hands are doing, and whatever skin her mouth might be kissing. The sight of her tongue, her lips. The imagined sensation of what it might, would, could possibly feel like. The sight of her mouth watering: drool, spit,” says Sinclair Sexsmith.

Role play and gender bending-got it! (Gender bending, that sounds like a new Avatar: The Last Airbender power. “Are you a firebender?” “No, I’m a genderbender?”)

Hmm, I’m currently celibate because I’m single at the moment. By reading this blog, you probably know why. My way of thinking isn’t  the typical way of a homosexual female of color. Anywho, I already done this kinky sex act before though so it’s nothing new. Teach me something new, like how to piss on someone so I can aim to be like R.Kelly(or a nicer version of him in which he doesn’t have a sex cult or a sex tape of him, and an underage girl).

DACA, DACA, DACA, DACA! After something is shoved down my throat so much, I usually stop caring. I did that in college with gay marriage(2008-2012) even though I’m gay. The trans movement, I stopped caring about that. And now DACA. But I will say that those kids seem very entitled to being American citizens. They come off as brats to me, and I kind of have no sympathy for them just like I don’t have sympathy for people who wave the Mexican flag around proudly, yet have no desire to live in Mexico because they know it sucks to be over there. Just like I have no sympathy for the man who was here for 30 years and never once decided to go back to Mexico, and file the proper documents. I have no sympathy for his family either because if they loved him all that much, they could have went right back to Mexico with him. But they know Mexico sucks, so they didn’t. I have no sympathy for people who break the law. I have no sympathy for people who come here illegally, and make it harder for those who are trying to get here legally. No, I don’t care about them. Not only are those people hurting the low income African American community, but also the low income Latin American and Asian Asian communities(yes, I know its hard to believe but Asian Americans can be poor too): 2010, 2016, 2017, 2018. Is it not a coincidence that unemployment is at a low, the lowest it’s ever been right now with strict illegal immigration laws especially for minorities?

Either way, both parties need to come to a conclusion because even though I don’t give a fuck about these illegals, they want to become actual citizens of this country, and they want to contribute to this country. Democrats and Republicans need to come to a compromise and make it happen; they also need to find a way to strengthen economical ties with Mexico. The only way we can stop illegal immigration is if countries and/or businesses are willing to invest in jobs and opportunities in Mexico, promote hour wages of 5-8$ an hour instead of the one-two dollar they have; in other words, their economic status needs to change. Once China started investing in Africa, many countries started to boom! Stop donating, and start investing.