Lil Peep Dead At 21; Lil Peep Blue in the Face, Dead on Couch!

A lot of you probably never even heard of Lil Peep before; I haven’t until today. So I won’t say much about him except for R.I.P and I hope his family is able to cope. It has been said he has died from an overdose.

For those of you who never heard his music, apparently he was a hip hop artist.

That’s debatable but what’s more debatable is whether or not he’s dead in this image below. He’s blue in the face and seems to be extremely stiff. In the Twitter video on his brother’s page, the video that has been deleted, it shows his brother walking in on him like this. His brother didn’t stay too long though and turned the video quickly off after saying, ‘whoa’ to his viewers as if shocked too. Yeah…he looks dead.

Lil Peep


Terry Crews Says Adam Venit Groped Him, File Police Report; Venit Stepped Down As Williams Morris Agent, Allegations are Suspicious, Could Terry Crews Be Lying!

So I’m sure you guys heard about the allegations that Terry Crews is saying about Adam Venit. Adam Venit groped him and Terry Crews has pressed charges. And you know what, I’m not buying this story.

Terry Crews has a lot of power in Hollywood himself. Even without any physical proof and the mere witness of his wife, Crews was able to get Venit placed on leave from his Willam Morris place of occupation. It’s interesting because the women who accused Trump of groping them weren’t able to file any allegations. A grope is a grope and just like how those women had very little proof so does Crews. Just like the incident with the women happened years ago, the same with Crews. The difference though was those women were nobodies while Terry Crews is a somebody. Crews is a well loved guy with a huge fan base who believes Crews can do no wrong. So when Crews says you groped him then it must have had happened-even if it didn’t happen.

Adam Venit has no history of any of this; so was Crews just a one time fling? It is possible of course for there to be other victims who have been kept quiet, and I’m sure there are gonna be some who come out on the bandwagon because that’s what always happens. But, Harvey Weinstein had a history of reported allegations for about 30 years. Kevin Spacey has had a history of allegations going back into the 1990’s. Bill Cosby since the 1970’s. Bryan Singer since the early 2000’s yet this man, Venit has nothing on him except for court documentation of child support. And that’s it! There’s no victims of sexual assault, or rape, or any sexual misdeeds; it’s literally just Terry Crews, a beloved actor and his word against an agent that no one has ever heard of until now. An agent who has no history of violence or sexual misconduct but because Venit is an agent and so many people are getting dragged under the bus, people are going to be quick to believe Crews. Yet it was Crews who used to have a porn addiction. Yet it was Crews asking why one can be transgender but not transracial. Yet it was Terry Crews who talked about violence in his family at the hands of his father. Yet it was Terry Crews who opened up about bullying in the NFL. Yet it was Terry Crews (along with his wife) who wanted to adopt a sixth child. And most of this is from just the past year. It seems he’s always got something going on and worthy of being in the news. Or is western society still sexist and will always find a male more credible than that of a female?

Personally, I don’t know and I find this whole incident extremely sketchy.

Trans-Women Want Rupaul’s Drag Race and Drag in General Banned, Drag Race is the Equivalent to Black Face, and Youtuber, Blair White is Attacked in Hollywood!

Some drama is popping off or popped off about two days ago when a thread about drag and how it’s no different than black face emerged. In fact, it would seem that there are tons of similar post about drag being offensive, and trans-phobic such as Drag Makes Me Dysphoric. That one was only made about a month ago. And there’s more: Am I Wrong for Not Liking Drag? Or Is It Normal I don’t Like Drag? Here one user says:

“Nope. I feel super uncomfortable with drag becaue I feel like its parodying trans people…. Kinda like trans blackface. Maybe its actually good though idk i don’t wanna bash on people and make them feel bad :(My feelings are probably dumb and problematic someone help me make them better so im not a jerk! -edit I made this comment while high as balls on painkillers (appendectomy still hurts) and now its my top rated comment and I feel bad. Gah. STOP UPVOTING THIS I FEEL TERRIBLE I EVER SAID IT FFS” 

All of these are just in the last couple of months but of course if you dig around, you’ll see there are tons of a lot more. Well r/RupaulDragRace got wind of it and they are not liking the fact that not only are they comparing a racist ritual to an art form that’s been around since the Greek and Romans, and the fans of drag race are even more appalled that the trans women want to ban it all together!

I don’t have much experience with trans women except for the two I dated and cheated on due to me not being into penis and testicles, but from reading the comments on the r/AskTransGender thread, it would seem there’s a lot of insecurity basically. It makes sense since trans women have to work extremely hard to pass as women, and it’s extremely obvious when a non passing trans woman is…well…trans. Users in the comment section go on to explain that they feel that drag is making a mockery out of trans women. Some even say drag is telling trans women that they aren’t really women since the trans women who have been on the show, Rupaul’s Drag Race, were competing against bio-men. Some of them even go as far as to say they want to ban it completely from the queer community. Well, the queer community is already split as it is; I mean some people don’t even believe the T should be in the LGB(I included). Then we have racism in the queer community.  We have bi-phobia in the community as well, so trans women wanting to get rid of drag would just split the community up even more and you know what, maybe we should start to split up even more. The trans community can do their thing and we can do ours. Although, lately, it seems trans-women have a lot to complain about. They complain about not being able to fuck lesbians.

LOL but here’s a more serious video. In other words, trans-lesbians don’t understand that a lot of lesbians are actually homosexual which means, they’re attracted to those of the same sex, and/or same body anatomy. But sssh, you can’t say such logic because you’ll get called a Terf or Transphobic-neither I give a fuck about because I’ve been called a nigger before so…nothing beats being called that. They complain about having to disclose their trans. Then they complain about being killed once their partner finds out they were lied to. There are just so many contradictions that I stopped caring which is weird because I used to be very supported and open about the trans community but lately, extreme trans women(we need more trans men because they’re cool as fuck and way more laid back) have just been ruining the fun. We need more trans women like this but she’s also a drag queen, and well trans women don’t want any more drag queens around. Sorry Peppermint, but you can no longer do the thing that you love the most.

Or we need more trans women like this. I don’t agree with everything Blair White says but I choose her over Riley Dennis who says trans women have the right to rape both bio-men and women. And that there’s no such thing as sexual orientations and that all preferences are discriminatory.

Nonetheless, this newly uploaded video(not older than five hours) shows Blair White being harassed by people on the streets of Hollywood. So she went to a protest and was physically assaulted by a dude who took the hat, and stomped her hand. A woman threw a drink on her as well. Now, it’s hard to say whether she was assaulted because of the Trump hat or because she’s Blair White. A lot of people do know of her; she’s been on a few shows and she has also done a few debates on Youtube, live streaming.

The queer community was very quiet and didn’t seem to care when she was walking around, which is good, which tells me we’re mature enough to accept people be who they are even if they have opposing ideas from our own. Some people have already claimed that she deserved it and she egged them on, or it was staged. We don’t know; I don’t know. I don’t follow her channel really so all of that could be true or it could also be true that she was simply harassed for no particular reason, which happens all the time in this world, sadly. It’s horrible that those things happened to her, and I hope she’s all good now but she seems to be moving on towards the end of the video. I find it ironic though that the people who are always advocating for peace, are the main ones doing violence against others simply for different views and beliefs.


Corey Feldman is Asking for 10 Million for Tell All Documentary; the Documentary is Clearly a Scam!

I do not doubt one bit that Corey Feldman was molested and that Corey Haim was raped; I mean, Corey Haim actually said it on the show Two Coreys that used to air on A&E. We also all know Corey Feldman has been talking about child abuse and sex scandals in Hollywood for about twenty some odd years now. He was even on The View, and Barbara Walters said what she had said, “you’re blaming an entire industry”. “Well, I’m sorry.” Corey had said.

Corey even wrote a book; a book in which he said he was going to name numerous people who were/are apart of the sex ring in Hollywood. Although the book was a best seller and got good reviews, he named very few if any people at all. Corey blamed his publisher for it. In fact, Corey is naming people now; well, he’s naming people no one has ever heard of before, Jon Grisson and apparently Corey renamed him in his book. In the book, Corey called the man Ron Grimson.

This is not Corey’s first IndieGogo campaign; no, he made one for his indie album called Elev8or 2 Ascension. It raised about 14,000 out of a goal of 105, 000$ in 2016. This most recent IndieGogo campaign was set up by his wife, Courtney. As you can see, they’re asking for 10 million and have so far raised 200,000$. The documentary is going to be about Corey Feldman’s life…yeah, the movie is going to be about Corey Feldman, not about the numerous victims of this pedophile ring Corey keeps talking about, and mentioning. He claims he will name big names, something as we know, he also claimed he would do in his book, but didn’t. In fact, just from a Google search, I can name you ten big names for free: Bill Cosby, Nate Parker, Bryan Singer, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, Victor Salva, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Danny Masterson(which is ironic because he works with Ashton Kutcher who along with wife, Mila Kunis, have held human trafficking campaigns to help children escape. Which is also ironic because Ashton Kutcher was a supporter of Jerry Sandusky not being fired from Penn State after it was found out he was sexually abusing children. Hmm, who is Ashton Kutcher really?), Kevin Spacey(who everyone has been talking about for years in the gay circle), Andy Dick-okay, that’s 11. This is just the movie industry except for R. Kelly; can you imagine all the kids, and women, men being raped in the music industry? Let us not forget about Lou Pearlman where Lance Bass talks about his assault.

Either way, I named 11 people for free. And yet Corey is asking for 10 million to not only do a documentary about his life, but also name people who have done sexual misdeeds with minors. Corey goes on to say he needs the money to help protect his family and for lawyers. Protect his family. There’s a program called Witness Protection that he can place his family into any time. He can also move them to another country, and make them less visible to the public, including less interaction on social media since his wife is constantly on Facebook all for less than 1 million! The lawyers actually make sense because lawyers aren’t cheap, but if he’s asking for lawyers then that means he already knows he’s going to be sued out the ass for libel and slander. Because in reality, if Corey really had evidence then he should be contacting the FBI instead of holding the public ransom by demanding 10 million to make a 90 minute movie. A movie that he himself will distribute and market.

I understand Corey is desperate to get back in the lime light; I understand he fell without grace within Hollywood, and it would seem he has yet to get the treatment he may need. But even with all of this, 10 million dollars for a documentary about his life, that will play like a reality show for 90 minutes is extremely sketchy. Most documentaries usually take a budget of less than 5 million to make.   An Inconvenient Truth had a budget of 1 million. BlackFish was made with 1.5 million. And even 8: The Mormon Proposition had a budget of 2.5 million, and the creators of that film could have been sued out the butt because that’s how Mormons are and that’s how powerful they are when facing opposing views, and organizations.

Now I’m not going to say that people who are donating to this project are stupid, but the people donating to this project, and who are expecting to see real evidence of rape, assault, molestation going on are stupid. I’m going to go ahead and predict most of the footage will be pubic domain footage and/or audio, and most of the footage will be of Corey, with a few interviews of no-names. I’d be surprised if it was anything but, and hopefully it won’t be as bad as this music video.

Androgynous Female Chinese Group, FFC-ACRUSH Releases Two New Music Videos; Could Members of Acrush and GCrush Also be Lovers!

The female c-pop band that gained international fame due to them being quite masculine appearing yet still identifying as women, made the rounds around July of this year. Even before they placed out an album, EP, music video, or even a single, there was massive hype surrounding them. So much so, their Weibo page both the fan base and actual group page has a total amount of followers of almost a million. Their Youtube channel which also links to their Weibo account, has about 17,000 subscribers just in over half an year. Their first single and music video, Bounce, has about 280,000 views on their Youtube channel, and views ranging in the millions from other users who uploaded the same music video.

Here is a dance music video featuring a girl from the group, GCrush; although GCrush has yet to release any music videos, they have been performing along side of ACrush for months.

Ever since China banned South Korea entertainment earlier this year, to make up for the hype surrounding K-pop, it can be theorized that China also wants to ride this band wagon of Asian pop culture that is hitting the globe like a hurricane. (Reports are saying the ban has been lifted.) There’s even a new Asian entertainment label called 88Rising  that specializes in Asian artist in hip-hop and r&b; they also represent and show case black talent too! 88Rising is based out of Brooklyn, New York and have numerous artist signed like Rich Chigga and Kieth Ape, both male Asian rappers who are getting huge hype and positive reactions from the hip-hop community.

As much as Acrush and Gcrush hang out together, is it possible that some of them could be in lesbian, same sex relationships with each other?


Well even if any of them were actually in a relationship with one another, or even just fucking, I sort of doubt they would announce it. Especially since homosexuality or anything queer related is pretty much on the hush, hush in China. It also doesn’t help that China has cracked down on queer content which is ironic that such a group like this would arise, a few months after such an incident.

I hope something good comes from these bands and to be honest, I think GCrush would probably go further than ACrush because GCrush can get the attention of both the male and female audience while ACrush will only get the female audience. However, numerous boy bands literally center around female audience members so maybe I should be more optimistic especially since I’m quite a fan of Acrush. BUT one thing I’ve noticed in their most recent Youtube videos, Weibo videos, and images, Twitter, Instagram is that I don’t see my favorite member. Jun Qian. Where is Jun Qian? For the past few months, ACrush got a few new members which can been seen in the videos, and images so was Jun Qian replaced? Even on Jun Qian’s U.S. Instagram, the most recent images aren’t even of her but of the new members, so where is Jun Qian?

Liberals Want You to Believe Taking Away Guns Will Solve This Problem; No, It Won’t. Gun Control is NOT the Answer(Or Is It)!

So of course, every time there is a shooting, democrats and liberals go crazy and explain how we need more intense gun laws. What they fail to understand or what they refuse to understand, is that criminals and people who have the intent to kill will ALWAYS find a way to kill!

You don’t need a gun to cause serious harm and multiple deaths; owning a gun sure does make that easy but one thing that Europe is learning real quickly that a car can be just as efficient as a gun. In August, in Spain, 14 people were killed and 100 were injured from a terrorist attack. In July, in London, seven people were killed and about 48 were injured from a terrorist attack. Most recently eight people died from terrorist attack in New York. Or the one woman who was ran over at that confederate statue protest, remember? All of which took place this year in 2017. All of these were done by people wanting to kill; and that’s what they did, they killed. With a gun, they probably would have killed more. But they still killed. So basically it boils down to how many people do we want to die when someone attacks and how do we want to die?

Let’s see, what about bombs? Well, in May 22 people died at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.  A couple of weeks back, a journalist was the sole target of a car bomb; can you imagine if a whole bus was a target of a bomb? We’re lucky though because most car bombings are done in the middle east. Oh, what about June in Brussels, were 32 were killed from a bomb? Again, we’re lucky because most of these bombings are taking place in Europe-you know where they have very strict gun laws. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the numerous women who are being raped in Germany and Sweden and Denmark, easily being over powered by men. Maybe if they were able to carry and protect themselves, the rapes would go down if the rapist knew there was a chance of him getting killed.

Are stricter gun control laws really going to help Chicago? This article right here says the Chicago gun laws aren’t very strict and that is why crime has gotten worst. She says New York has very strict gun laws and their crime is low. The author goes on to say these guns are coming from outside of Chicago, and that Chicago doesn’t have gun stores. Wait what? If they’re coming from outside of Chicago then…those who are getting them outside of Chicago will still get them outside of Chicago even if the laws are stricter-so that’s a contradiction.

Let us go back to New York. Let’s look at the stats. In New York, your chances of being a victim in a violent crime: death, rape, assault is 1 in 263 out of a total population of 19 million. Out of 19 million that’s about 44,000 compared to the United States as a whole of 300 million and about 700,000. So I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Is 1 in 263 that bad? Let’s look at California. Out of a population of 33 million, you are 1 in 265 in regards to chances of being involved in a violent crime as a victim. Hmm, so that means that New York is pretty dangerous compared to California apparently so that author obviously didn’t do her research. Now let’s look at a state like Texas where we actually have strict gun laws: background check, registration and permits, training for those who conceal and carry. In a population of 27 million, you are 1 in 243 in encountering a violent crime; hmm, when looking at the numbers, it would seem Texas is just below both of these states but still not so much in percentage wise. We’re less likely to be harmed but still have a chance(I blame Laredo).

I am all for strict gun laws such as back ground checks, mental checks, training for carry but I believe we should be able to protect ourselves if need be. It’s ironic because the Sutherland shooter, he was killed; if not wounded by a man with a gun. The killer could have gotten away and probably would have if it weren’t for the hero with the gun. Good people with guns don’t do harm nor do we kill for the intent to kill. We do harm when we fill that we or our community are being harmed.

It’s ironic that the liberals say we need to get rid of guns or have stricter gun laws when it was the democrats prior to the 1960’s that said black people shouldn’t have guns, “we need to disarm black America”. And who do we have to thank for that, Ronald Reagan. White Americans didn’t want slaves to have guns; they also didn’t want freed black people to have guns either.

“Police brutality, police brutality, Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis”-come on, if the liberals got their way, do you believe the Alt-Right movement, the Neo-Nazi movement will let down those guns? Nope, and guess what-they want to kill you and people like me. “You can’t beat up a faggot if that faggot has a gun”. “You can’t beat down a woman if that woman has a gun”. “You can’t hang a nigga, if that nigga has a gun.”

Someone said that if America was a harmonized, unified country, this could work as in strict gun laws, or even taking them away. But America, we are so divided and we are filled with so much hate, and anger that taking away guns alone is not going to be enough to stop maniacs from attacking people with the intent to kill.

Like I said, I’m all for gun control laws as I mentioned but if you’re going to make them stricter and nothing changes-still same old, same old attacks and assaults-then I’m gonna be one pissed bitch.

Texas What Is Going On With Us; 4 Shootings in Austin in the Past Month, 27 Dead in Sutherland Springs!

In the past month within Austin, Texas, there have been about four shootings. All of which had more than one victim. Three people were shot in central Austin while attending a party. A man who tried to buy weed with fake money shot dealer in the face. There was a shooting near ACC Highland. And most recently, four wounded including a child in Austin. And now we got the 27 dead in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  I mean San Antonio, Houston and Dallas have also had their fair share of shootings last month, but again most were gang related, or one victim related. This one however…Was this a terrorist? Not to sound cynical but what would a terrorist be doing in a farmland small town? Is this an extreme liberalism attack such as from Anifa, BLM? Well, maybe but it doesn’t seem like their M.O. Could it be an Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi person? Maybe, but this church doesn’t seem like it has a high black or other minority population attending. I could be wrong though; these are all just guesses and theories.

Donald Trump has sent a tweet saying the same thing everyone else is saying, “prayers be with you” but what else can he say or do, I mean he’s overseas in Tokyo if I’m not mistaken?

I don’t live too far from this area. It would take about 40-60 minutes to get from Sutherland to my little suburb, so this almost happened in my back yard. My mom actually lives near an extremely large, and highly populated church. It would be horrible if something like this happened. It’s so weird because when that Las Vegas shooting happened, I was literally saying to myself, ‘there’s going to be more of these’. Yep, and there has been more from that Manhattan attack to now this one…I think there will be more.