My Bad, Samurai Jack Didn’t Get Laid, and Faith Goldy AMA, Ask Me Anything, on REDDIT!

So in the last episode, I think it was the last episode of the season-yeah, it’s the last episode, Jack makes it home-SPOILERS! He and Ashi are able to go back to the past because of Ashi having her father’s powers such as creating time portals. Upon them going back to the past, Jack is able to kill Aku. As him and Ashi are getting ready to get married, she slumps over. Jack rushes to her side where she slowly begins to fade and where she says, ‘without Aku, I wouldn’t be able to exist’.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that for an ending. I was actually thinking they would live happily ever after with one another. Even so, the show still ended on a good note such as Jack seeing hope within a lady bug. A lady bug, the same bug that gave him hope that Ashi would learn the truth about him, and Aku which in turn she did. Over all, I’m really happy of this season and one thing I will do is re-watch all the seasons prior since I know I haven’t seen all of the episodes.

So now and then I will hang out on The_Donald sub Reddit because even though I don’t really support Trump as much as I used to, I still support many of the policies that conservatives and republicans, and libertarians are trying to pass: such as a decent travel ban, deporting illegals(specifically the ones who do our country and economy harm), reforming health care, and strengthening ties with other powerful countries such as China, Russia, and even North Korea. I don’t want war with any of these countries; I want unity. And of course dealing with ISIS, and extreme terrorism which at this moment, let’s not bull shit ourselves, is coming from extreme Islamist. Nonetheless, as I was on the sub Reddit today, there was an AMA, Ask Me Anything, of Faith Goldy.

Faith Goldy, there really isn’t a whole lot about her but upon reading her Twitter as well as the AMA that was on Reddit, she’s a Christian, she’s a conservative, and she’s a nationalist. She believes Islam is taking over many countries within Europe, and even in the middle east such as Israel. She’s from Canada and hopes to get her country back on track to a more traditional place before “immigrants, and feminism” took over. It’s funny how she says immigrants because she doesn’t look all white to me; she looks biracial although I could be wrong and she seems like the type of person to hide her racial heritage, especially if it would put her at a disadvantage. Or maybe she’s just a white girl with a really, really dark tan, hmm, hard to say.

Most of what I got about her is from her Twitter account because most of the comments on the AMA were mostly ‘you’re so pretty’, ‘are you married’, ‘what kind of men do you like’, etc. However, it would seem from the comments and responses she made on the Reddit AMA that she is a supporter of traditional gender roles such as the male figure being the provider, and the female figure being the care giver at home. I see nothing wrong with those beliefs, even though I will fully admit I have no desire to be a stay at home wife-(unless I’m making money from other means such as an online business, or job, or something).

One thing I thought was interesting was that on Twitter, a woman mentioned no one asked Goldy anything about her opinions on people of color and the queer community, and the importance of getting them involved in the conservative movement. I agree with that. I am an out lesbian. I am also Catholic, I am a moderate conservative, libertarian to say the least, and I’m a capitalist; I personally believe that the conservative and libertarian parties need to be reaching out to more diverse groups besides straight, white males and women who enjoy being house wives. We all believe in equal rights-we have that now in our country so as a result, no one should be pushed away from these parties due to their race, sex, or sexual orientation so why are we still seeing white dudes, and house wife women as the only people in these parties? We need to reach out more and pull people in. I mean come on, I can’t be the only lesbo that likes guns?

Goldy seems young, and obviously she’s very attractive and as we all know, sex sells, so let’s hope we see more of her, and see more of her values, and see more of her proposes. I don’t know her stance on queer people. There’s a chance she could hate people like me, or people of my color; I don’t know-like I said, not much is on her but as of now there’s potential.

I’m Officially Done with Donald Trump; I Can’t Support A President Who Allows A Dictator to Beat the Shit Out of U.S Citizens on OUR OWN LAND!

Okay so I’m sure some of you have heard, or maybe haven’t since no one is really talking about it, but guards of Erdogan practically beat the shit out of Kurdish protesters outside of the White House in Washington D.C; in other words, on American soil while Erdogan-the dictator who is pretending to be a democratic president, meets with Trump.

This video below is of the fight that took place between supporters of Erdogan, and Erdogan’s bodyguards against protesters.

Read about it here on FOX.

Now I don’t follow Donald Trump so I don’t know if he addressed the issue, but judging from Google, it doesn’t seem like he has. He’s bowing down to a country that is not only a non-democratic country, but a country that is heavily against us arming the Kurds against the fight against ISIS. And if anyone knows the history between U.S. and the Kurds(from numerous locations in the middle east), we have good relations with them, time and time again.


This whole election was a roller coaster and I tried to give him a chance as a president because I went in liking him, and I still do like him-as a business man; however, I do not think he is fit to be president. If he can’t even protect us from officials from other countries who do us harm in our own country then how the fuck is he going to protect us from North Korea, or China if they decide to aid North Korea, or even Russia since they’ll still buddy buddy with Syria? I don’t care if you’re a democrat, liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate-how can you support a president who doesn’t even bat an eye to this? I’d understand if the protesters were being violent-they weren’t. I’d understand if this took place in Turkey-but it didn’t. These were peaceful U.S. citizens who were charged as you see in the video on American soil.

First, I didn’t agree with Donald Trump putting out that half ass travel ban. Then I didn’t agree with the bombing of Syria, and third, I definitely don’t agree with him not responding, and not doing anything about this physical altercation done onto us as Americans. The cops should have beat the shit out of those Turkey officials, better yet-should have shot those mother fuckers. So Donald Trump was riding Putin’s dick at the beginning of this election and now it would seem, he’s riding Erdogan’s dick. I was once flippy floppy but I’m done. If Donald Trump does something good in the future-yeah. If he does something bad in the future-seen it coming.


Outlast 2 Was Horrible, Samurai Jack Gets Laid, and the Underground Lesbian Cruising, “Cottaging” Scene in Japan!

So Out Last 2 came out last month on the 25, 2017. I totally didn’t even know about it until I was browsing Steam to find games to watch on Youtube. (I finished Styx: Shards of Darkness. Next game is of course, Injustice 2.) So I saw the game and since I really enjoyed the first one, I figured I’d watch the second one. Boy, was I disappointed!

The story was predictable where the main character goes into a village where two cults are feuding, and he has to save his wife in the process, who is also about to give birth to their child.

1.) The main character didn’t know she was pregnant and in the beginning of the game, you see her stomach is flat as a button yet at the end, she’s pregnant and she gives birth.

2.) Does she really give birth? At the end, his wife dies bleeding out and he’s hallucinating that he’s holding the baby while in fact, he isn’t.

3.) He hallucinates, and has numerous flash backs to when he was a kid in Catholic school and witnessed the death of a female friend named, Jessica. These flashbacks are so repetitive and so boring, it was frustrating for me to watch.

4.) It was just boring. The walk through has been uploaded so you can totally see it, but it’s not a game I would have bought. It was so bad for me that I barely want to waste space by talking about it on here.

So Samurai Jack finally gets laid two weeks ago with the female character by the name of Ashi. I think we all knew that was going to happen, and I think most of us agree that it should because it’s about time that he got a girl. It is a bit weird though because in the beginning he was a father figure to her when he had the renege look going on. Yet once he went back to his old self, not only was he more likable in my opinion but apparently Ashi thought so too.

I like that she fell for the humble, modest, clean cut Jack. We usually see women going for the bad boys, and usually American male heros are often obnoxious, cocky, and sometimes even rude and Samurai Jack is none of those things. It’s refreshing to see that for a male character. And it’s refreshing to see a woman respond positively to that.


So I became friends with this Japanese girl within a couple of months, and she’s a lesbian(we’re just friends, she has a girlfriend-she is very pretty though). Well the thing she was telling me they do in Japan, but not in western countries: are females who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to other females will cruise each other, or as she says, “cottage”/ “cottaging”.

In the United States when you think of cruising, you usually think of gay men hooking up at parks, restrooms, theatres, lakes, etc. There’s even a website where gay men can go and rate locations that are best suited for cruising. But never does one hear about women doing it. I mean the most a woman will hook up with another woman is either at a bar/club or online, but never a public restroom, parks, lakes, parking lots, sex shops, etc. However, it happens in Japan and quite often.

It’s not something you’ll be able to Google at least not in English anyway, but in Japan, women will meet with other women and even young school girls on the subway, or near public restrooms, what they call public toilets. Most females are open to it regardless of sexual orientation because to them, in Japanese cultural, sex is sex regardless of who it is. It’s very common in Japan for people to separate love from sex, something that is rare in the United States especially among women.


There are signs that other females will give other females like a slight touch, or a long stare, a whisper in the ear, or they will wear clothes that are revealing that will allow other women to enter(penetrate) them if they desire. Even on public, full subway trains, females will often have sex right there with another female.

Then there’s futanari girls. First, I thought futanari were she-males/ladyboys/trans women who use their dicks-no, that is not what that means in Japan. Shemales/ladyboys in Japan are called t-girls/t-women(usually) not futanari. Futanari girls/women are females who wear strap ons underneath their clothes in both public and private settings. They’re tops and can often orgasm as well while partaking in the act. Sometimes they will rub their toy cock on other girls on a train, etc to let them know they’re interested in sex, and sometimes they do it right there, or they go to a public restroom and do it there.

Some futanari women will even create their own cocks, some that even ejaculate as well; in fact, my Japanese friend told me that’s what futanari really means, women with ejaculating strap ons. I was utterly shocked by everything she was telling me especially since I thought homosexuality  among females was looked down upon in Japan, which is still true. She told me older professional women who work for big corporations or an office will seek out younger girls, or will sleep with their female secretaries. She told me about all-female sex parties she used to attend, and that she’s very disappointed that women don’t do that here in the U.S.A.

You know what-I’m very disappointed as well.

The Winner of Miss Black University of Texas, Rachael Malonson, Took Advantage of Colorism in the Black Community!

So in other news(besides fucked up Trumpcare), a biracial woman who is half black and half white, as in her father is black and her mother is white, won the Miss Black University of Texas beauty pageant which is hosted by the majority black male fraternity on campus. I don’t understand why this pageant even exist but you know what they say now, ‘segregation is the new black’.

I see nothing wrong with her entering because she is half black and I personally also know how it feels to be told, ‘you’re not black because you’re mixed…’ or ‘you’re too light to be black’, or ‘you’re not black enough’. These are things that I’ve also been told when growing up by (believe it or not) black women; however, this girl is not fucking stupid! She, Malonson, knew she was going to win.

Even in the year 2017, the black community still struggles with colorism, which is the lighter you are, the more valued you are, while the darker you are, the less valued you are. This all started during slavery and colonization when light skinned black women would work in the house, and/or become the sexual mistress’ of the slave owner(s). Also, black people who were light enough were even able to “pass” as white, and own slaves themselves in certain states such as Louisiana. No lie, this old lady told me about three or so years ago that if I was growing up during slavery times, I’d be able to own slaves. She told me that. Nonetheless, the affects of colorism from the 19th century still drags on today.

She probably never won any of the other pageants she went out for when young, and she probably thought she could make it in this one. Because let’s be real, how often do black women, or women of color in general win regular beauty pageant contests? Exactly. This girl knew that because of her light skinned, she knew she was going to be more valued than the darker skinned girls. The judges were also black men, and as our society believes, black men have a very strong liking to white and/or light skinned girls. Another advantage she had going for her was that she knew one of the judges, as stated in one of the articles that was written about the “scandal”. So she had three advantages for this pageant:

1.) She’s light skinned

2.) Panel of (light skinned/mixed) black men

3.) She knew one of the judges who was even quoted sympathizing to her plight of being biracial.

The bitch knew she was gonna win. Now did she really take advantage of the colorism within the black community so as to win this pageant? I don’t know, but I have a very hard time believing that she didn’t know she was going to win. If she’s as smart as they say she is then the bitch knew. She knew she had it from the very beginning. And then she takes the picture of the two black women bowing down to her…oh yeah, she knew.

To read the original article, click here!

I Feel Like I’m More Flippy Floppy Than Donald Trump Now!

I was pretty upset that Trump started blasting off missiles in Syria due to it going against his original campaign, but now that North Korea’s missile launched failed, I kind of feel as if Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un out on his bull shit. Wow, maybe I should sit back a little bit, and really watch what D.T. and Mad Dog Mattis have going on. For one, I actually like Mattis. He’s a cool ass dude for those of you who have read his history. I mean the dude has a nickname of Mad Dog; he must certainly know his shit. Mad Dog, that’s a Marvel super hero name if I didn’t know any better.

As we know North Korea had strong allies with China and Russia, right? But as we now know, those two countries are slowly dipping out of North Korea, so now I kind of feel that if there is a WW3, it will literally be everyone on the planet versus North Korea.

At the moment with Syria after the attack there and in Afghanistan, Assad has said they currently don’t have any chemical weapons, and the video was a fake. The fact that he’s lying about this tells me that maybe Trump sending those missiles scared him because now there’s a president in the office who isn’t afraid to step up. Yes, I was upset as I stated about him sending the bombs. Yes, I was upset he didn’t get approval from congress. Yes, I am upset that he’s going on his testosterone it feels like as he fits into his new role of Commander in Chief. However, it seems Assad may be backing down now, and if he does back down then maybe he will cooperate with us along with Russia so as we can get rid of ISIS once, and for all. Kim will probably test, and send out more missiles but after what just happened today, I’m feeling kind of confident that America can over come what he dishes out. That maybe he isn’t such a tough guy after all, he’s one of those little dogs who bark, and bark but when it comes down to fight, they run with their tails between their legs.

This is going to be a flippy floppy term for me, y’all. There are a good amount of things I agree with in this term that him and his team are doing, and there are some things I don’t agree with(many things). (What the fuck is going with health care and that wall, don’t get me started on Devos?) However, I’m kind of feeling a bit more confident in our military decisions. I wasn’t at first….now I kind of am. It feels good to have faith in your country. It feels really good.

Youtube’s Domo & Crissy: Has Anyone Else Notice Domo Wilson is Really Obsessed with Light-skinned, Biracial People?

I feel like I have a lot of shit to talk about these past few days. By the way, I watched the Boruto series and it’s good so far. I don’t get the feeling that it’s going to drag on like his father’s show did which is good! A bad thing is that the series started from the very beginning as in prior to the setting of the Naruto: Boruto Movie. I haven’t caught Attack on Titan yet but I’m watching Samurai Jack which is kicking ass; I’m loving it so far. I’m looking forward to Injustice 2 that is coming out soon and hopefully, I’d have beat Styx by then. We’ll see.

So there’s this couple on Youtube called Domo and Crissy; made up of Domo Wilson and Crissy Daniels( I think that’s her last name). They first came to light about an year ago, but they most recently became popular when Domo Wilson made a post about being a stud and being pregnant. She had a following back in 2014 and 2015 with her presence on Vine as well as Facebook. However the old Vine and Facebook material has mostly been deleted from the internet, except for the videos that managed to be around still on Youtube uploaded by random users. I watched a few of her videos both the recent and even old ones that were deleted but re-uploaded, and needless to say I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with having a baby, not only that but obsessed at making sure the baby was mixed and light skinned.

This video is an old video from 2015 where she first started the process of getting pregnant. In the video she talks about the baby being mixed with almost everything from black to Hispanic to Asian. And this was all before she even met Crissy. Fast forward to 2016, Domo met and got with Crissy and started the process all over again to get pregnant, such as in this video below.

It was reviled this time around the donor for this second time was a white man because Domo wanted the baby to be like Crissy, who is mixed with white and black. That doesn’t really make sense to me because why wouldn’t she want the baby to be part her, and Crissy? However, in the show The L Word, Tina and Bette had a black donor due to Bette being mixed with black and white-as someone else has mentioned. Supposedly they chose to name the child Domo short for Dominic which is NOT true because in Domo’s old videos, she already decided on the name Domo even in the old video that I posted up above.

So the baby has been born and Domo pretty much obsesses over the fact her “little snack is white” and has “green eyes”(the baby doesn’t actually have green eyes lol. If you follow her on Twitter or Instagram, she will often call out her son’s skin tone, and eyes-very often. Nonetheless, I don’t understand how someone can so blatantly lie. Maybe his eyes will turn green as he gets older but for now, they’re dark. Domo 1

I stopped watching their videos to be honest because I just didn’t really feel comfortable watching them. Domo has admitted before that she has had depression and anxiety in a past video, and her being obsessed in my opinion with light skinned and biracial people, there’s a good chance she could have self hate for herself as well. I feel like this baby wasn’t created so as to start a family, to become a mother. I feel like Domo had this baby so as to feel and be loved, a co-dependent relationship one could say.

The love Domo has for the baby looks superficial because something tells me if that baby came out dark skinned, she probably would have gave it up for adoption as horrible as that may sound. Then they had a one month birthday party for the baby. Besides for crazy obsessed parents, who the fuck does that? =/ They’re also suppose to be going on tour, a bully and music tour. I don’t know how that’s going to work out since they have a new born, and Domo is forever cussing out her fans(who are little girls, little gay girls) and other Youtubers-is that not bullying? Don’t know why any grown ass person would watch them…(which is why I no longer do because… they act like kids themselves really and her being obsessed with light skinned, biracial people is pretty creepy and borderline fetish-y, and I should know because I have a lot of fetishes myself. 😉 )

However, like I said, I don’t really watch their videos, I don’t follow them or interact with them so these are just my small observations of them when I did tune in to see who they were.

So Donald Trump is the Female Version of Hilary Clinton Now; Is That What’s Going On?

Donald Trump ran his whole campaign on the United States being an isolationist country. He wanted us to go back in time and follow the beliefs of George Washington which was for us to keep to our own, and my our own business. Which is something the U.S. did all the way up until WW2. Some people might say WW1, but I think it was WW2 because we literally wouldn’t have entered that war if Japan wouldn’t have bombed us due to the U.S. having territories in eastern Asia at the time. That’s why I supported Trump because I like that way of thinking. I was sick and I’m still sick of the U.S. being fucking Super Man when we need to focus on our own problems. Trump said he was going to do his best to avoid shit like this; he lied. “Oh no, he changed his mind…” Nah bitch, he lied. Stop sucking his dick. Stop letting him nut in your mouth; he lied.

“I just saw all those pictures of dead children, bloody, beaten…I just had to do something.” D. Trump-in so many words. “They used chemical weapons, so we had to intervene…” No, the U.S. didn’t. They used chemical weapons on their own people, why is that any of our business? Was the chemical weapons airborne? Was he planning to attack the U.S. and/or our allies with these chemical weapons? I would understand intervening because of that but none of that has been made clear to my knowledge.

Wait a minute, those same children who you said couldn’t seek refuge in the U.S. and whom you’re saying other countries should not take in as well, you suddenly fucking care about those same children now? Are you fucking serious? North Korea has been doing this shit to their people for decades. Russia apparently has areas of gay concentration camps, even though they claim, “there are no gay people here”. So let me make a check list: it’s cool for North Korea to hold their citizens in camps, and kill them, etc. It’s cool for Russia to have “no gay people” in their districts, towns, cities, etc. It’s cool for China to make people “disappear” if they talk poorly of China(and I actually like China been there two times but I won’t ignore some of the sketchy shit that goes on there). And then we have all that shit going on in Africa that no one ever gives a fuck about.

Hilary Clinton ran her campaign on trying to “fix the middle east”. You got all those sexist mother fuckers saying women can’t lead because they’re too emotional. Dude, Trump saw images of dead children and decided to bomb Syria without approval from Congress. If that’s not fucking emotional then what the fuck is? He literally did what Hilary Clinton was going to do. Her plan was to send troops in to Syria, into Libya, etc. If a war was to start, Clinton was ready to go for it.

Man…I’m glad I didn’t vote….