Azealia Banks Was Raped; A Chinese Lesbian Does An AMA, China Bans More Queer Content, and Update on Jennifer and Sarah Hart: The Lesbian Couple That Drove Their Kids Off a Cliff!

A video has been surfacing on the internet, as you can see above, of Azealia Banks claiming to have been raped. She posted the audio and image to Instagram, fans say. As of right now, no news articles have reported her claim, and no police officials have come forward either. So much so that some people may even think this is a “cry wolf” situation. It was about two years ago when Banks filed a report on actor Russell Crowe for racial slurs and harassment at a party; Banks has had other encounters with other celebrities as well from singers like SZA, to drag queens like Katya that it’s no wonder this allegation of rape is being questioned. Regardless though, she needs to file a report with the police if this is in fact true.

China is cracking down on queer contact once again. Homosexual content is now forbidden on social networking sites like Weibo. This action made by president Xi, who people are referring to as a dictator now, has sparked numerous protest throughout the country: I am Gay! This isn’t the first time China has banned queer content and I’m sure it won’t be the last. First, it started with banning homosexuals on television then it escalated to the internet. Even through it all, one lesbian decides to come forward on a social media site, Reddit, to talk about being a lesbian in China.

She says: This picture of mine was taken in this week. I’m 24, working in an Internet company in Shenzhen, China. When I was senior in college, not even a moment of considering find a job in hometown. I love the place I grow up in, but not the atmosphere and a life with little possibility. Once you choose to settle in a small town, it’s likely that there’s not much surprise for you in the future. You might lead a life with absolute peace, in the meantime you’d get confined, mentally. Especially when you’re a LGBTQ+ I was impulsive enough to challenge my mom – I came out to her. She refused to accept the truth. My cousin is a doctor, she said: ”How about asking your cousin to recommend a doctor to you…” As I was meditating about how to convince her that being homosexual doesn’t mean being ill, she kept talking:” A doctor as boyfriend?” Speechless seconds. There’s no way to make her accept the idea since she’s sure that I was being too young and immature. For now, all I do is working harder and striving to be independent. Glad to be a member of this community. Welcome to ask me anything. I might reply late due to time difference, but I promise I’ll answer as best as I can. Thank you all!

For the most part, all of the questions are the same such as what it’s like to be a lesbian in China. She answers their questions, all of their questions as best as she can saying the younger generation is more open to queer people even though they mostly just think of gay and straight; that they don’t really think or pay attention to bisexuals or binaries, etc, etc, etc. She says the older generation is much more traditional but that can be expected of course. Another common question that kept popping up was the censorship in China. Most people use VPNs in China but Reddit and 4Chan are one of the rare sites not banned in China. Another question that popped up was social credit. I actually never heard of this and I had to look it up, but basically, it’s a surveillance system via data technologically(I’m gonna stay up to date on this).

Update on the lesbian couple that drove their kids off a cliff. Last month it was announced that the mothers of the boy shown hugging a police officer, drove their van off a cliff. That two of the kids were dead and three were missing. Well since then, there have been numerous updates but the media for the most part isn’t really talking about it. Mostly local news have been covering the rest of the case. Nonetheless, it has come to surface that the two women had a history of abuse; one of the women even had domestic abuse in regards to her partner. Reports came in that apparently the family was trying to out run the CPS agency due to complaints filed by neighbors. It was said the children were home schooled when before the kids used to be in public school. It was while in public school when one of the kids who was six at the time, told her teacher her mommies were hitting her. Following in the later years, CPS would visit their home numerous times from complaints that were filed against the two women and the abuse against their children. After this incident folded, an ex-foster child had come forward to talk about her time with the Harts. This foster child had nothing but good experiences until the Harts abandoned her. Prior to the morning of the incident, Sarah texted a friend at three in the morning, saying she was feeling sick. Jennifer Hart was said to have been drunk and the kids drugged(a body was also discovered near by but DNA will take a while). It was also revealed yesterday that Devonte’s aunt actually fought for custody but lost even though she had a stable job, and income in Houston, Texas(the children are all from Texas). Finally as of recent, Devonte’s biological mom talks about racism and how six black kids were taken from their homes to live with two white women who were abusing them for years.

It’s hard to say who was abusing who when it comes to Jennifer and Sarah Hart, but there’s more than enough evidence to show that these women were abusing the children. I also hate to throw out the race card and I rarely do but these black children were taken from their black families in Texas. Yes, the mom was a drug addict and that is reasonable. However, when they gave these kids to these two women who had a history of abuse, and who ended up getting complaints about abuse, the CPS and authorities did nothing. Even when Devonte’s aunt fought to gain custody for the kids to come back to Texas, they allowed these six black children back in the hands of these two white women who had a history of abuse! If there’s evidence of abuse, why would they let children remain there if they can live in a better environment?

The three kids who don’t have their faces circle in blue are still missing! And the media isn’t putting their faces out there at all!



Year of the Queer: Feng YuXuan is No Longer Apart of FFC-Acrush!

Writing up a storm this weekend!

FFC-Acrush is an androgynous female music group that I’ve been following for almost an year now, and I even wrote a few blog post about them; I think two. Some what following, not religiously, and I recently checked their Weibo to see what they were up to and I found out that Feng YuXuan(Feng Yu Xuan) is no longer apart of the group!

I tried searching around on both English, Spanish(they got a lot of Spanish fans), and Chinese sites but I couldn’t find out why she left the group(in February) besides for “personal reasons”. Compared to ex-member Min JunQian(Min Jun Qian) who actually left a statement on Weibo, I couldn’t find anything of the sort for Feng.

I’m really disappointed. I was hoping this group would really bring c-pop on the map along side k-pop(although to be fair, k-pop isn’t really on the map or charts either in America). While k-pop sounds exactly like American music to me except in Korean, c-pop, and even j-pop have their own unique taste to their genre. It sets them apart. Even though the group was announced last year in March, they only released two music videos to two original songs: Action and I’m Sorry. Then they released a few dancing videos along with two cover music videos. They haven’t officially released any singles. What I mean by that is none of their singles are downloadable or for purchase. They’re not on Pandora; they’re not on Spotify(except for a fan made playlist that doesn’t even include their songs). They’re not on Google Play or Itunes either. It’s been a whole year and they haven’t released any singles as mentioned. They haven’t released an EP. They haven’t released an album! They are touring around China at venues and universities and they are training, but I personally don’t think it was wise for FFC to build hype for a group that hasn’t released anything in an year to listen to officially.

If they don’t come out with an EP, or some type of album by the end of this year, I think they’re going to just fade away. Their Weibo is updated once a month anyway compared to numerous times a week when they first started. At first, I thought this group was a group to watch out for. Especially with them being female and breaking gender roles, etc, etc, etc! But nah, I don’t think they’re gonna be around for much longer. Too bad the ex-members of the group don’t have any side projects going on. Have a good life, Feng YuXuan!

Will Fetlife Shut Down Because of FOSTA and SESTA; Reddit Takes Away Gun and Beer Sub Reddits, and Woman Moves to the U.K to Escape Gun Violence Where Son Dies From Stab Wound!

I will start off by saying I think it’s interesting how a lot of people mostly on the left are saying, “We already have sex trafficking laws; we don’t need more!” That’s literally how I feel about gun control: We already have gun control laws; we don’t need more. SESTA and FOSTA aren’t going to stop sex trafficking! “And more gun laws isn’t going to stop shootings,” says I. Do you see the contradictions and hypocrisy going on in this exchange? Now I’m not saying I support SESTA/FOSTA but the arguments that most on the left are using to be against these laws are the same arguments they use to support gun control. Some people are saying conservatives are pushing SESTA/FOSTA which isn’t true. Both the republicans and democrats supported both of these measures to the house.

Fetlife on SESTA and FOSTA
Fetlife and SESTA and FOSTA

So above are screenshots I took of the new Fetlife announcement. Yes, I have a Fetlife which I mentioned on a past post. I rarely get on it now because when I first signed up, it was to learn more about BDSM. And though I don’t think I know it all, I am confident that I am no longer a noob nor novice. So after being on the site for two or three years, I kind of just faded away from it. However, I check my spam email once a week just in case something important comes through and I noticed this email notification from

So what SESTA and FOSTA are trying to do is stop human trafficking and they want to crack down on websites that help exploit victims. This sounds good, right, of course, but as a result of there being so much in between that isn’t really discussed, websites that offer personal encounters and services that may be sexual but not actually sex, have shut down. Fetlife is warning their members about the problems that may occur for those who are pro-dommes, and findommes (prostitution is already not allowed on the site). And even though Fetlife is located in Canada, they still must follow the rules and regulations of the U.S. as a result of doing business here, and receiving financial assets here. It also doesn’t help that Fetlife has been in the news for murders just as recent of last year.

Another example, Craigslist shut down their personal encounters section. About ten or so days ago, Reddit made an announcement on their website about how they will no longer allow gun purchases, legal gun purchases to take place on the website in various sub reddits. They also claim to be putting a hamper on similar sex purchasing sub reddits but commentators have posted about the many “missed opportunities” by Reddit.

Reddit Banns Gun Sub Reddits and Random Sub Reddits A Like

Before r/MaleFashionMarket was banned, I went on that sub reddit because I thought it was a sub reddit that appeared one way, but was really another. But when I went onto the sub reddit, it was literally guys posting and trying to trade clothes they had. Now maybe there was some kind of underlining code that I missed, which is completely possible. However, the sub reddit seemed no different than r/FemaleFashionAdvice.

Another thing that was a surprised(not really) was them banning beer and other alcohol sub reddits, and even cigar sub reddits!

Beer Sub Reddits Banned!

“They came for r/fatpeoplehate and I did nothing. They then came for r/transpeoplehate and I did nothing…”. What’s interesting though, and obvious that Reddit has an agenda, is that sub reddits(that I won’t link to) such as r/beastility, r/watchpeopledie, r/sexworkers, just to name a few, are still very much active.

Web Of Lies is a show that comes on Investigation Discovery; it’s about crime that either takes place online or because of online interaction. So a lot of the stories are about children, women, and sometimes men being preyed upon or harassed by people they met/meet or interact with online. Episode 3 of season 5 called Dangerous Games, a woman in an interview mentions how she moved herself with her now ex-husband to the United Kingdom because she was afraid of the gun crime in America. She had four kids in England and lives in a very nice neighborhood, upscale two story home. Her oldest son was 14 at the time when he starts to interact with an older male on the computer: the murder of Breck Bednar.

There’s also a documentary about the murder and the case that was released in 2016. Nonetheless, Bednar was being groomed by an older male. It became so disturbing that Bednar’s mother even took away his electronics for a certain amount of time. But upon getting his cell phone back, Bednar arranges to meet the young man(19 years of age). While in the young man’s apartment, a 14 year old Bednar is stabbed in the neck, and dies. There’s more to this story which can be seen in the show, the documentary and online articles, but what stands out to me the most is the fact his mom moved to the United Kingdom to escaped gun crime only for her eldest son to be stabbed in the neck. If you don’t know what irony is-that is irony!

Also wanna say thank you for all those who read this blog. It’s became bigger than I thought it would when I first started just barely two years ago. I get emails giving this blog compliments which is pretty cool. I wanted to create an unbias, see both sides as best as I can, blog. Thanks for the support and even non support lol!

Don’t Forget, Facebook Owns Instagram and What’s App; Final Space is the Worst Cartoon I’ve Ever Seen and You Can’t Even Carry Pepper Spray in Europe!

Facebook actually owns a lot of other businesses; two of those other entities are Instagram and What’s App. Right now, a lot of people (but not most) are on a “delete Facebook” hashtag rant, but in reality, if those same people aren’t deleting Instagram or What’s App then the whole movement is pointless. Although I have a Facebook, I log on only one or twice an year so as to add a friend. After that, I log right back off. Personally, I believe Facebook can jump back from this. Even when Myspace fell apart, and when it was sold to Justin Timberlake, Tom managed to get about 500 million dollars from it. What I’m saying is, if you like investing in stock, right now is probably a good time to buy some shares of Facebook. Though not as low as 15$ like Myspace is, they’re about 130$ per share. If Facebook rises back up which I think it will(even if it means being sold), a pretty sweet accumulation should/could happen with that investment.

Final Space, a cartoon on TBS I discovered randomly on a pirate streaming site is—–bllahhha. The show is a real drag! When I saw the little advertisement on another show I was watching on that pirate site, the show came off to be like a Rick and Morty type show. When doing some research on it, some other people were saying the same thing and also comparing it to other dark comedy, satirical like shows. Since I like cartoons like such, I decided to give this show a shot and boy, was I disappointed!

Yes, the show is a bit gory and it does get dark around certain episodes but it’s the script, and the characters that I have a hard time with. The script is poorly written and it seems as if the creators were trying to be funny by giving the main male character cheesy, predictable lines to say. And though the quality of the animation and movement is pretty, the exaggeration of the characters, the obsessiveness of the main character and his relations to other people, are really off putting.

This image alone by Olan Rogers kind of shows us that he truly was trying to go for a Rick and Morty feel and though the show has that in animation style, and gore, it severely lacks the dark humor, and satirical component. I feel like I’m watching a dumber down version of Rick and Morty meant for five years olds.

The first episode and the second managed to pull in about 1 million or so viewers but with each episode, the ratings have dropped to the lower mid thousands. The show had such a high promise too considering it was first announced and roughly drawn in 2010, released on Youtube and Reddit, and the creators were invited on Conan to premiere the show. Compared to all the other high rated comedies on TBS, this show is barely getting by. I think it has a chance of getting renewed for a second season, but I won’t hold my breath for a third and more.

Dudes and Dudettes, you can’t even have pepper spray or mace in public so as to protect yourself in most European countries! Remember the story of the Danish girl who was 17 and was almost raped by a refugee? Remember how she was charged with a crime because she pepper sprayed him and pepper spray is illegal in Denmark?

And to think Europe is a liberal, socialist continent and yet they’re charging women, men, and children who were attacked with a crime. That’s bullshit so I decided to do research to find out what exactly the rules are to certain countries in Europe. If you are traveling in Europe, here are the countries where it is legal and illegal to carry pepper spray: Austria, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Spain it is legal to carry pepper spray(rules and regulations differ from country to country).  Any other country that I did not name, it is illegal to carry, and you will be charged for carrying. Why is pepper spray illegal to carry in the countries such as Sweden, Denmark, U.K, and more? Because they are seen as weapons. Funny thing about it though, the sell and buying of weapons are actually starting to increase in Europe as a result of the high number of rapes and assaults taking place within various countries(where such weapons are legal and illegal of course). The United Kingdom even though guns are illegal have been seeing an increase of them since 2016. Gun crime increased to about 45% in the United Kingdom in 2017! These are illegal guns bought by criminals/terrorist, yet good abiding citizens can’t even purchase and use pepper spray as means of protection?




Batwoman, Are We Ready for a Lesbian Super Hero, A Black Woman Super Hero, An Asian Super Hero to Hit the Big Screen!

So many people are “surprised” that Marvel’s Black Panther is doing so well in the box office? Really, why? This movie had almost everything going for it. It had an extremely large budget of about 200 million; it had an even larger marketing budget that can be predicted to be about 200 million. It had a predominantly black cast and was very pro-black, and of course, it’s a Disney/Marvel movie. That alone is enough to bring in about 500 million in the box office. Over all, this movie is the political movie the black community has been waiting for for a very long time, especially considering the race relations we currently have going on in this country! It shouldn’t be a surprised to anyone that this movie has grossed the amount it has to grossed so far.

So when can we expect a movie about Batwoman? Yes, yes, yes, we know; Wonder Woman is bisexual as her creators intended her to be when they created her in the 1940’s.

Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston (pen name: Charles Moulton),[2]and artist Harry G. PeterOlive Byrne, Marston’s lover, and his wife, Elizabeth,[3] are credited as being his inspiration for the character’s appearance.

However, Wonder Woman hasn’t ever been given a female love interest and although there may be numerous sexual tensions, interactions, and innuendos with other females, she hasn’t ever actually been in a romantic relationship with one. What this means is, there’s a good chance that if DC does decide to show off Wonder Woman’s bisexuality, it’ll more than likely be based around sex and nothing else. Let’s not also forget the two lesbian characters within Black Panther that were written out at the last minute. It’s unsure of why this happened but given how the black community is still a bit homophobic generally, it probably wouldn’t have gotten the best reception. However, I’m not quite sure; on the other hand, it could have done well and actually opened the door for more discussion on sexuality within the black community.

But with Wonder Woman 2 in the works, along with Batgirl, it’s going to be a while before we get Batwoman. Unless, the CW decides to pick up Batwoman for a show. I have come to believe that regardless of race or sex of a movie, if that movie has a good budget of over 150 million, a good marketing budget around the same, or a good hype then it is absolutely possible for any other diverse character to succeed as a super hero on the big screen. Whether they’re a black man, black woman, Asian man, Asian woman, gay, lesbian, etc, etc, etc, we have moved on from racism and sexism in the cinema. I personally believe we are now ready to see a lesbian super hero, black woman super hero and even an Asian super hero!

There are numerous Asian super heros to choose fromAdmittedly, Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution could have been the first Asian super hero if they would have cast him as an Asian and not a white dude, especially since they cast an Asian woman as Chi Chi. Black Widow is being made, and it would have been interesting if Marvel chose to do Monica Chang and her universe than Claire. In Big Hero 6, the main character was an Asian male. If the movie would have been a live-action then that would have been a good opportunity for Asian visibility. I mean hell, Batman and Talia al Ghul’s son is half Asian! As much as I don’t really care for super hero movies, there’s so much here in this universe that can be played with, and that will continue to be played with for years to come (until a generation finally gets bored).

Remember Halle Berry as Catwoman?  Let’s not talk about that. Nonetheless, Moon Girl was announced to get her own animation show, and then there’s the show Black Lightning that not only has important black female leads, but also an interracial lesbian couple. So not only is this character black but also a lesbian. So see, we’re getting there…well, we’re already there, I’d say. The question I was originally asking though is if it’s possible for these characters to have a movie on their own and succeed to the height of Black Panther? As I’ve answered already, I think so with the right production budget and marketing budget. (I will admit though, it’s gonna be a while until someone breaks Black Panther’s record. I don’t even think Infinity War will do it.)

Angele From 60 Days In Gets the Program Shut Down; Remember When Bill Clinton Offered North Korea 4 Billion Dollars in 1994, and is Gun Control in the United States Effective When Reducing Violent Crime!

I’m going to start off with something fun such as an update on that big bull dyke, Angele from 60 Days In. I won’t do a whole re-cap because there’s plenty of those walking around, but needless to say when I first wrote about Angele, I predicted, along with many others that she was going to be the one to get the program shut down. Not only did she do drugs but she also got into a physical altercation with another inmate. Not only that, but she had sex with an inmate by the name of Gabrielle. So she admitted to the producers that she was having sex with this girl and that she also told her she was in the program. Angele didn’t tell Gabi she was in 60 Days In; she just said that she was working for the warden and she was a plant. So as a result, they had to shut the entire program down, and they put Angele up in a hotel where she would have no contact with the outside world so as to stay true to her contract. For an update on Angele, apparently she has a new girlfriend:

Angele from 60 Days In Update
Angele on 60 Days In Update

Its good she has a girlfriend that isn’t a LURD(Lesbian Until Release Date). There are also other Instagrams and Twitter accounts out there that are fake, so it took a while for me to find her authentic one. But she also is a screen writer…well, a “screen writer”, and is working on her new clothing line.

An un-bias look at Trump meeting with Kim Jung-Un. This is a tricky one that I really wanted to analyze and take a look at before rushing into judgement; however, him meeting with Kim Jung is like if F. Roosevelt met with Adolf Hitler. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Other presidents in the past have refused to meet with the leaders of N. Korea because when one meets with a dictator such as that, it legitimatizes their power, and their political relations. The chances of Kim Jung Un staying true to his or any agreements made with Trump is very unlikely. It has been proven in the past that such negotiations failed. This is no different than what was proposed to N. Korea in 2012. Also let’s not forget Bill Clinton tried this in 1994 and it didn’t do so well then either. N. Korea still continued to produce weapons of mass destruction. Clinton offered N. Korea 4 billion dollars to help grow their economy if they shut their nukes program down. Something else that no one is talking about is the concentration camps within North Korea. Every one is talking about their weapons which is reasonable, but let’s not forget how horrible the North Koreans are treated. Look at the sere difference in South Korea and North Korea at night!

That’s how underdeveloped they are yet they desire to build weapons for war instead of investing in their own economy.

Florida sends potential new gun bill to governor. So let us take a look at the facts on both sides to see if this will be benefiting Florida, and the rest of the United States or not. Are there other factors we should be taking into consideration or are guns the only problem?

The United States has the highest rate of guns per capita in the world at about 1 gun per resident, nearly twice as high as the next highest country, Serbia, which has about 0.58 guns per resident. That number however masks a fairly uneven distribution of firearms. Roughly 32-42% of Americans report that they live in a household with guns, though the only data we have come from surveys, and therefore there is a margin of error. Both of the principal surveys showed that rates of gun ownership declined from the 1970s-1990s and have been about steady since. Surveys also estimate that among gun owners, the number of firearms owned is highly skewed, with a very small portion of the population (about 3%) owning half of all firearms in the US. The US also has a very high rate of homicide compared to peer countries, and an about average suicide rate compared to peer countries. Firearm homicides in the US are much more common than all homicides in any peer country however even US non-firearm homicides would put the US above any western country except the Czech Republic. The total homicide rate of 5.3 per 100,000 is more than twice as high as the next highest (Czech) homicide rate of 2.6 per 100,000. The US has a much higher firearm suicide rate than peer countries (6.3 per 100,000) but a fairly low non-firearm suicide rate, which puts the US about middle of the pack on suicides (same source as above paragraph).

Some writings have offered that the reason behind this is not guns-per se but our culture instead.  If you’re pro-gun you’ll see and understand how the writer in the article points out that the US non-firearm homicide rate is higher than the total homicide rate for most other first world countries. The US has a problem with culture that even magically vanishing all guns wouldn’t fix. If you’re anti-gun you’ll appreciate how he tentatively tries to put a number on the costs of gun violence. In 2016, an article was published on the American Psychological Association’s website. The article talked about the relations of media and it’s impact on individuals and their desire to act out violent crimes such as mass shootings. While the media will argue that the public has the right to know, what they refuse to see is that they’re creating a infamous persona to the killers. This is something that has been going on even in the 1980s(even as far back as the 1920’s in the United States when the media was actually allowed to be present, and involved in crime scenes) with copy cat killers as mentioned in this article from 2015.  What I’m trying to say is and what others are trying to say is, there is something wrong with our culture…not our guns.



A Child Lost Within the Night, Black Women Gaining More Ground in Hollywood, and Are Latin Americans Being Excluded?

A new different type of animation is being produced; different I say because it isn’t your typical family, kid friendly animated movie. No, this one seems to be a bit…dark. I discovered A Child Lost Within the Night when I was browsing the #HappyTexasDay hashtag. At least, I think it was the Happy Texas Day; it had the word Texas in it. Nonetheless, I figured it could have been a new Texas production due to giving a shout out to Texas, although I’m not so clear on that, but if it is, then I want to go ahead and cover it.

A Child Lost Within the Night is a story about a child that comes from a dysfunctional family. As a result of the abuse the child goes through, the child’s imagination gets the best of him. The animated movie touches on themes such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and of course, child abuse. The movie started on production early this week but I’m unsure of when production will finish, or when/if it will get distributed. Either way, if it is a Texas independent production or even if it isn’t, I hope it does well and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. It’s a step in a different direction in regards to animation!

Black women have come a long way in Hollywood! A few months back, I talked about how black men were doing really well in the entertainment industry. I mentioned they were getting lead roles, and blockbuster hits while black women were still stuck doing predictable roles about being “black” or typical, stereotypical, and historical roles like Hidden Figures. That me and many other people wanted to see black women do more than just…be “black”. Well things seem to be changing thanks to the release and success of Black Panther. With a budget of 200 million, the movie has as of now grossed about 545 million in the box office. The movie is doing extremely well in Asian countries such as South Korea and Thailand. But the thing that most people are talking about(besides for the many scars on Killmonger’s body), but the numerous and positive roles of black women in the movie.

For the past decades after the 1970’s, black women have been portrayed in the media as ghetto, loud, and obnoxious individuals. Although I didn’t see the movie of Black Panther, I have read numerous reviews and comments about the movie. Yes, the movie isn’t anything special compared to other Marvel and DC movies yet it is at the same time. The story is nothing new, but it’s the characters and their development that sets this story apart. This movie does what Luke Cage wasn’t able to do on Netflix. This movie does what Blade featuring Wesley Snipes wasn’t able to do. More than likely it does have to do with the fact Trump is in office, and many African Americans feel that racial tensions and relations are sour more than ever. Plus the Black Lives Matter movement, and the taking down the statues, have all made an impact that shows in this movie. Needless to say, we can definitely see more good things to come especially since Spike Lee is setting up new projects with Jordan Peele. There’s A Winkle in Time with Oprah. Even up and coming creator of Underground, Misha Green, is working on a collaboration project with Jordan Peele with a supernatural twist.

Latin Americans are feeling excluded! I recently just got finished reading a blog post in which I wanted to put in my two cents. The post was about African Americans rising up and that Latin Americans need to do the same, and why haven’t they. Now, I’m mixed with Latin and I can tell you why.

There is more exclusion in the Latin American community more so than the black community, and the Asian community. The blog post points out numerous Latin Americans who work in Hollywood although the author leaves a lot of Latin Americans out as well. The author doesn’t pay attention to Latin Americans who don’t have fair skin with the exception of Zoe Saldana; she also failed to include Disney’s Coco. Coco was made with a budget of about 200 million and gained more than 700 million in the box office. It even beat out Moana which made about 640 million in the box office. Let’s not forget Puss in Boots; I could go on and on about the numerous Latin American projects that have come out in theatres and on TV like Devious Maids and One Day At  A Time on Netflix. Remember the George Lopez show and Tiana? I also find it interesting the author is pointing out Black Panther is for African Americans but didn’t point out Miles Morales of Spider-Man, a boy who is mixed with black and Latin. There is literally a whole list of Latin American super heros that this author fails to mention, and fails to ask why prominent Latin American creator/producer/director/writers in Hollywood aren’t trying to pitch these ideas.

“The reason why the Latin American community can’t come together is because they don’t all identify as Latin American. Some of them live their lives as “white” people; in fact, many Latins who are in fact the skin color white has had more opportunities in the film industry than even black people ranging all the way back to the 1930s. There have been numerous Latin stories told in the main stream media all the way from Pan’s Labyrinth to Spy Kids, to Columbiana to Desperado…”. I comment. I go on to say:

“Colorism is rampant in the Latin American community. When you watch Latin shows on Mun2 or Univision, every one is “white”. In Hollywood, it’s no different. Most of the Latin Americans are white. The reason why it’s hard to hear Latin voices in Hollywood is because most people who are Latin American would rather live a “white passing” life in the industry  than call themselves a person of color. Latin Americans who actually have color to their skin are the ones being ignored; the ones who don’t pass for white.” I then say:

“I also want to say there are tons of Latin Americans in the industry who are Latin but don’t have a Latin last name. I find it interesting that you’re ignoring their voices. You’re excluding the ones who are multi-racial, and multi-ethnic. Jada Picket Smith is mixed with two types of Latin. Cameron Diaz has Latin in her. And there are even more! But see that’s what I’m talking about; the Latin community picks and choose who they want in their community. Latin people don’t have a set physical appearance like African Americans and Asian Americans; as a result, Latin Americans don’t accept all as Latin Americans regardless of their ethnic/racial background; if some speak Spanish or some don’t speak Spanish. That’s the problem; there’s exclusion in an already excluded community.”