Katie Way Reminds Me Of Why I’m Not A Feminist; Lack of Communication Does Not Equal Sexual Assault/Rape and Women Aren’t Snowflakes!

The video has been out a few days now and in it, Banfield puts Katie Way on check about the ugly e-mail she had sent HLN, which is a very credible news source by the way. Watching this video, re-watching this video, reading the partial email Katie Way sent, and reading the blog post she wrote about the “sexual assault” Ansari did(in this case, did not do), reminds me why I’m not a feminist. If you haven’t read the email, you can read it here in full.

All the feminist I’ve met in real life have either been contradictory, full of crap, and/or hypocritical. Obviously I believe in human rights. I believe in womens’ rights and what the womens’ Suffrage movement did for white women. What the civil rights movement did for black women, and I even appreciate what first and second wave feminism did for all women in western society. But I don’t understand this third wave feminism.

There are many things that I don’t agree with in regards to third wave feminism but what gets me the most is the hypocrisy. I dated this one girl who identified as a feminist, and was pretty hardcore on many of her beliefs. From slut shaming to sexual freedom of women to work promotions, just to name a few things she spoke openly about. Well, when things started to get sexual between us, I didn’t want to perform oral sex on her , and she said to me, “If I do it to you then you should do it to me.” I said, “what?” She said, “it’s only fair. Sex is about fairness.” I said, “No, you should want someone to perform oral sex on you because they want to not because it’s fair, not because it’s an obligation.

Katie Way’s behavior, I’ve seen both on and off line: entitlement. Women are women’s worst enemy. It reminds me of that scene from Mean Girls when Tina Fey’s character said, ‘You girls need to stop calling each other sluts and bitches; it only makes it okay for guys to say it too.

Ladies, lack of communication does not equal rape nor sexual assault. Speaking of Katie Way, we also have her blog post that she wrote up about that woman, and her experience with Aziz. When this #metoo broke out, people who were actually guilty of sexual misconduct were called out as they should be: Weinstien, Spacey and others. But now, every one and their mamma is getting called out for petty reasons.

It’s very important that women come forward but we seriously need to stop going to social media, and the press first and not the cops. People say, ‘oh, women are afraid’. We live in the United States, not Saudi Arabia, not South Africa, not Iraq; we have rights in this country and we shouldn’t be afraid to come forward. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. When you file a complaint, you can remain anonymous, you know. And even if nothing comes from it, at least there’s a record building against that person.

When I was 13, I was kissed by a full grown man! I told my mom that same day on the phone, right after it happened. That man was a friend of my mom’s. My mom called the police and filed a report. Nothing came of it then, but a reputation began to grow on him within the community. Of course like they always do, he repeated his actions on another girl, and woman and even a female cop. The man is now in prison because we filed reports on this man, and they eventually caught up with him. If I or any of these girls, or women kept quiet, he’d still be out doing who knows what.

Yes, I’m lucky that I grew up with a mom who taught me what is appropriate and what isn’t. Yes, I am  lucky to grown up in a community where the cops cared for it’s residents. But women, we should not be afraid to come forward in the year 2018 in the United States of America. We have a voice now so instead of going to Twitter, go to the police and file a proper report. If the police fail you, and ignore you and others, then yes, it’s time to go to the media.

It’s also important to communicate with people. “Oh I wanted white wine and he gave me red.” Bitch, why didn’t you say something then! This is petty. “He asked for sex, I said no…we went to his apartment.” When they got to the apartment, he asked for oral..they did it. Then he said he was going to get a condom. 1.) If you knew he wanted sex, why did you go with him to his apartment? 2.) When you got there, why did you go along with everything?

This victim, didn’t speak up. Men and women aren’t Gods and Goddesses; we can’t read minds. You have to be able to stand up for yourself and speak! Like that feminist girl, ‘you should go down on me because it’s fair.‘ Bitch, no! No is no! But you gotta say it, and not hope they read your body signals, or attempt to read your mind. You gotta be consistent and be strong. If she would have got up and left and said, “no is no, I’m gonna go”. There, problem solved. But she stayed with a man who thought everything was going good, and she went along with it. We gotta do better, y’all. We have programs that help us if we fear for our lives. We have programs for this so you’re not alone and there is help if you’re raped, or sexually assaulted, so do not be afraid to say no!



Angele Cooper on 60 Days In Was An University of Texas Track Star, Inspiring Out Actress, and TV Talk Show Host!

Upon watching the newest episode of 60 Days In on A&E TV, I decided to do some research on some of the participates, specifically Angele. I won’t recap the show since not much happened to be honest. In fact, this season is one of the most mellow besides for a few fights in the womens’ pod. Also, a new Mexican chick is in the womens’ pod and Angele has a crush on her. Stephanie is still two faced. Nate is Nate. Matt is going crazy. Andrew is fine.


Angele used to be a track star. She ran for the University of Texas and as I mentioned in my last post about her, I kind of figured she was in Austin. The restaurant her and her friends were in, looks like a place I went to often called Michi Ramen. It’s a Japanese food restaurant and it’s so good! Every first date I go on, I often take the woman there or I will suggest we go there. It’s sooooooo good. If you’re in Austin, eat at Michi Ramen!

Nonetheless, Angele was a track star. She attended UT from 2008-2012. She participated in numerous track meets, including the Texas Relays:

She was also an inspiring actress. Angele was suppose to appear in a zombie movie in 2013. The writer of the whole project even set up an indiegogo to get it funded. I wasn’t able to find anything else on the movie project, or much on the writer; so, I don’t think it took off. The movie had a goal of 10,000$ but only managed to raised about 500. Going by her IMDB page, she has been apart of a good number of feature indie films and short films. Angele’s most recent project was Butterfly Caught.

Ms. Cooper also has a Vimeo and Youtube channel, neither have been updated in years. On both channels though, she claims to be an inspiring TV show host.

So this was a fun little post to write and research on before I cover a couple of more serious topics in my future post. Its still too hard to say if Angele is going to be the one who shuts down the whole ordeal because all of the participates except for Nate, Andrew, Allen, and the Mexican dude are either crazy, unstable, manipulative, or emotional. I will say though, this is a pretty boring season so far…

Sex Scenes and Sexual Assault in the Yuri Anime/Manga, Citrus!

In the mist of Trump calling Africa and Haiti shit holes, the yuri, Citrus has been released on streaming sites like Crunchyroll. Citrus is one of the most anticipated animes of this year especially for those who are into shoujo-ai and yuri. Why, you ask? Because not only is the manga filled with such glorious artwork(even though I didn’t read it), it’s also sexually graphic.

When it comes to yuri, the main target audience is males due to the large amount of sex scenes. Upon the anime coming out, many thought the episodes were going to be filled with sex. Even so, the manga has appeared on the New York’s Best Seller’s List five times in the year 2015! Only two episodes have been released so far. You can watch episode one here!

I wasn’t able to find out how many episodes were going to be in this show but more than likely 12-26. With one, to maybe three seasons. I mean the manga was so popular that I’ll be surprised if it only gets one season; however, it has been said that the anime is PG-13. Actually, never mind, it says that there will only be 12 episodes for this season. Also because it’s PG-13 that means the sex scenes are going to get toned down tremendously.

Since I like to watch my anime in binges, I’ll be waiting until the anime is completely through before I watch it. However, I saw the intro and a little bit of episode one, and it’s the typical school girl story like most shoujo-ai, and yuri anime. But there’s already been sexual assault on the main character about two times. She broke up with her boyfriend, so I guess she’s bi. Nonetheless, it’s  a pretty anime, but I’m not one to complain a lot when it comes to anime art style…unless its Megabots.

Trump, Democrats, Republicans, Press, and Daca Streaming Live; Democrats Too Focused on DACA and Not Other Issues Affecting African Americans, and Latin Americans!

Right now before I get started on work, I’m listening to Trump, the Republicans, and Democrats discussing DACA. I was listening to the live streaming from KTSA, which for the most part is a conservative yet accepting radio station. I say accepting because when people hear conservative, they think bigoted, ignorant, racist, and I can say from experience not all are like that. Just like not all liberals are bat shit crazy!

Nonetheless, there may be other places to hear that conference live. I know it was on CNN as well, and there may be an audio recording of it too. I will admit that I don’t care about DACA really. It doesn’t personally concern me, but as a nation, I understand the importance of it. Many of these children, even in many Texas cities, and towns, don’t know that they’re DACA. And many didn’t know they were DACA until they got older and started to do things that required social security numbers, and birth certificates. Like trying to get a driver’s license, applying for college, applying for a job, it was then many found out that they weren’t legal.

From listening to the live streaming of the Republicans, Democrats and Trump, they all want a common ground. They all want to work together to have something. Trump is in full support of DACA if they can also strengthen the border wall, and I agree with that. And a journalist…I think that’s the guy who was talking said, “many of these people on DACA can help with that because some of them know the lingo, know the land“.

But Democrats are focused way too much on illegals than they are for minority Americans. Yes, it is true, African American unemployment is at a low. The unemployment rate for African Americans is 6.6 as of December 2017, and African American women have an unemployment rate of 5.8. Over all, those between 16-19 years of age, it’s 22.9. Yeah that’s not bad compared to other years including 2016.

However, there are still issues facing the African American community such as police brutality that many feel is happening within their communities. Now, I don’t really support Black Lives Matter, but it’s still important to bring forth these concerns and discuss them. Believe it or not, but police brutality and lack of training, and easy dismissal allows for police to behave badly, poorly, and corruptly. These issues aren’t being discussed. We also have strong numbers of black men being sent to prison for minor drug problems such as weed. And what’s worst, a Kentucky law maker is pulling in on this stereotype by claiming blacks respond the worst to drugs because it’s in their genetics. There are numerous other issues: single family homes, lack of education among black men, gang violence. Just last month, a lesbian couple and their kids were killed. And we still have trans women of color who are subjected to violence and death. Last month another black trans woman was found murdered by a construction site. Before her on December 1st, another black trans woman was found dead in an Oklahoma hotel. I may be critical of the trans movement as I am of a lot of movements, but I don’t goat past the facts when it comes to black people and violence.

Latin Americans often face the same problem as African Americans but just like the African American community, the Latin community also sees a low unemployment rate of 4.8 as of September 2017. And as of October 2016, the Hispanic drop out rate in regards to high school is at a low as more and more students are graduating! This is good news. However, let’s not forget that gang violence also control many Hispanic communities in low economics situations. There’s also underage pregnancy.

When I was in middle school, I had classes where there were pregnant girls in my class. Many as young as 12, and they were all Hispanic. Years later, MTV would do that show 16 & Pregnant and I remembered thinking, ‘shit…try doing a show called I’m 14 and On My Second Baby’. It’s difficult to explain why these young Latin American girls get pregnant but it could be because of rape, incest, strict Catholic teachings; whatever it is, the problem isn’t really being discussed.

DACA is important to many but I don’t think they should be the priority; but it could be argued that if they keep getting pushed back then it will never be solved. True, this is why there needs to be better organization and better communication. Like Trump said, if we can work together, we’ll be able to get a lot of shit done.


Angele, the Black Lesbian; Sexual Assaults, Fights, and Lesbianism, All On 60 Days In!

The fourth season of 60 Days In started this Monday…I think, but two episodes premiered this week. One on Monday and Thursday. Of course from the last season, Nate is still there, and there is no sign of Too Tall since he was taken out and put into solitary. Now we have new inmates for this season: Alan, who is a cop from Texas. A father and son, Andrew, who are both Mormon and from Utah, along with some new female inmates.

So far things are good for these guys; the cop is keeping low and he kind of figured out that Andrew was apart of the program. Andrew and his dad were separated in the beginning, and his dad is freaking out about it. I honestly don’t understand why in the world, the dad thought the officers would keep them together. I never been to jail or known/know anyone who has, and even I know it’s common protocol to split families and even friends up. It’s also annoying that he has so little faith in his son. The entire time, he’s moaning about the safety of Andrew, yet Andrew is sitting cross legged reading a book and interacting with inmates. Dude, have more faith in Andrew. He may look weak but he seems to be confident in who he is, and what he came there for; that alone will make him “a better man” as the dad hopes for.

The first female inmate to enter was a woman by the name of Jaclin who has a daughter and a husband. Apparently, eight years ago, her first daughter died by an accident. She doesn’t go into much detail.

At first, she comes off as really annoying, and she’s bitching about wanting to talk to her child and husband. It’s like, ‘dude, you knew you were going to be away from them’. I was sort of upset over A&E Network picking weak people for the program; however, during this episode, she’s starting to gain her confidence even though she was sexually assaulted by a few of the female inmates. One in particular pulled her bra up so they could see her boobs.

It’s pretty uncomfortable for her until a new female inmate comes in by the name of Stephanie. And Jaclin discovers really quickly that Stephanie is apart of the program. The most hilarious thing about Stephanie was when she was talking to her mom at a restaurant.

She told her mom that she was going to be on 60 Days In. Her mom said it was stupid and then started crying, but had the audacity to get a doggy bag, pack her meal up, and walk out. Stephanie, who wasn’t impressed, said, “oh, so you’re crying.” Her mom replies, “shut up!” and walks out with her food on a plastic cover container. Stephanie may have ruined her mother’s meal, but her mother was still going to eat it-at home.

Stephanie wants to go to jail so as she can know what her brother and sister go through; although she thinks they’re stupid for making dumb decisions and purposely living in horrible neighborhoods.

Stephanie, it was easy for her to adjust, and she and Jaclin are getting closer since they discovered each other out rather quickly. Stephanie is also not shy when it comes to watching people get finger fucked either, since the women often engage in sexual activities with one another, especially at night! Voyeurism-Stephanie, might have a fetish for it.

Stephanie Watching them have sex on 60 Days InBoobs

But the person I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing this season is Angele! So much so, that many fans think she’s gonna be the reason why the show’s production comes to a halt(if true then she literally foreshadowed it when she said, “y’all might have to shut it all down if I get too crazy“-not in those exact words though).

Angele openly lesbianAngele from California but living in TexasAngele on 60 Days InAngele on 60 Days In

Angele is from California but lives in Texas and to be honest, I think she lives in Austin. I used to live in Austin for a good while and her apartment is very familiar in regards to design, and style of a few popular apartments on East Riverside. However, this is just a speculation.

She’s a homosexual, and she plans to be out about that when she goes into jail. She’s not gonna be “fake” as she says. Angele also has an idea on how she wants to presents her self, and her friends believe that she can do just that. She plans to be confident, and aggressive, not holding back. And she seems like that type of person. Something tells me she’s gonna be a fan favorite. I already know she’s about to bring the drama and though she’s a stud(a woman who dresses and presents herself in an urban masculine fashion), she’s an attractive woman.

From the teaser for the next episode, there are ladies who are hitting on her as she walks into the ward. And from the trailer of the entire season, we know she smokes blunts, and sexually engages with an another inmate. I mean that’s some bold shit. Many of them, as she said it herself, are coming off drugs. Who knows if they may have a STD, or HIV, maybe full blown AIDS, hepatitis. Jails and prisons are filled with all kinds of diseases.

I’m looking forward to this new season and I’ll totally be recapping Angele. There was also already a fight in the female ward. The guards didn’t really do anything. As Jaclin said, they just stood there and watched for the most part. Finally, they locked the girls in a room, but they were out in twenty seconds!

Yep, it’s about to be a good season!

Year of the Queer: Min Junqian Is No Longer Apart of FFC-Acrush, Ellen Page Marries Girlfriend U-Haul Style, Tabatha Coffey Gets New Show: Relative Success!

My favorite member of FFC-Acrush, Min Junqian, has left the group! It has been confirmed on Wikipedia:  Former members include Min Jun Qian, who announced her departure from the group in December 2017. The picture below is the last picture to be taken of her with the other group members. First, there was five then eight, then seven, now six. The 8th member wasn’t there long enough and was only an alternate, and nameless.

In a Weibo post that has since been deleted from her once verified account, she made this post:


It’s unsure of why she left the group; she hasn’t mentioned why and of course the company hasn’t mentioned why. Also on FCC Star’s website, her image is still featured on the website. However, I along with some other fans, knew something was a miss because she was absent in a lot of recent pictures and videos that were being uploaded to the group’s Youtube and Weibo page. I kind of think she was let go due to having a sexual, personal relationship with a female. Her photo album is filled with images of her being closed to a particular woman. But no one is sure. She was the main reason why I liked the group; she reminded me of a Tom, which is popular in Asian culture: Thailand and China.

Ellen Page marries girlfriend like the typical lesbian! It has been announced some hours ago that Ellen Page is getting married to her most recent girlfriend, Emma Portner. At first, I thought it was the woman that was a surfer, Samantha Thomas, whom Ellen met in California, nope, it’s a totally different woman. A woman whose she’s only been with for hardly an year. As recent as January 2017 via Ellen’s Instagram post: time stamped(don’t have link). In fact, Page and Thomas were together for a good three or so years, reporting as back as 2015. Why they broke up, again, no one is sure. Someone probably cheated on someone.

Am I disappointed that she’s getting married-nope, not at all, but I just find it weird how so many women who love women get married in such a fashion. It boggles my mind.

Tabatha Coffey, the woman who was on Shear Genius and had her own show: Tabatha’s Salon Take Over, is now back for a new show that I’m actually looking forward to watching: Relative Success. It was first announced in November on Bravo who recently uploaded a sneak peek into the show:


10 People Who Died Stupidly This Year, 2017; Let the Stupidity Speak for Itself and Happy New Year!

If you are easily offended then I suggest you look at the top left portion of your screen, and click that back arrow.

10.) All of India because apparently 60% of selfies end in death! Note to self: when….i…n….In…di…aaa…………do…n’t….ta….k…e…sel…f….i…eees. Got it.

9.) Man dies running into fire at Burning Man event! No body knows if it was drugs, something he did on purpose, or even suicide.

8.) Woman tries to take selfies; she decides to go into a restricted area-restricted for a reason. She gets on top of an edge which is 15 meters high, points her camera to face her, slips and falls.

Okay, so can we stop taking selfies on edges, please?

7.) Woman dies along with her friend while live streaming on Facebook in car crash.One, her friend looks like she’s driving like a bat out of hell. She was going fast while her friend was filming both of them! The girl driving is literally swerving the steering wheel while going pretty fast and loses control. I don’t know; I guess it’s normal for people in the Czech Republic to swerve while driving fast.

6.) Man dies from car surfing! When you get into a car, be sure to put a seat belt on. See, when you’re on the roof of that car-you can’t do that.

5.) Four kids in Russia die from standing on the train tracks taking selfies-DISTURBING IMAGES!  Don’t….play on train tracks, kids. Okay, this is another one of those things that parents should teach kids at a young age, and where teachers should repeat this as well. At the ages of 10-13, kids should know better to not play or interact with working, or even abandoned train tracks.

4.) Woman shoots boyfriend dead in prank gone wrong! Okay….don’t play with guns, kids. I mean, must I or the NRA say more to that…I mean…how simple can it get?

3.) Woman in San Antonio tries to out run a train with her car! The sad part about this was she died on December 5th. Listen, car vs train-the train is going to win.

2.) Girl gets electrocuted in tub for having cell phone charging! I don’t know what they’re teaching kids in school these days, but I was taught at a very young age that water and electronic devices don’t mix. Yes, some electronic devices are water proof but nothing is water proof while plugged into the a socket.

1.) Chinese man falls to death trying to do pull ups!