Do Asian Women Date Black Women(America PT 2), Racism in the Lesbian Community, Racial Preferences!?

So yesterday I wrote about Asian American women preferring White American women over Black American women, and I gave some theories to why this could be. I decided to do a bit more research and see what I could find. When people said that environment plays a role, I think this is absolutely true. Upon me doing research, apparently it’s common for Asian women to get into relationships with black women in places like New York: Queens, Brooklyn, New York City to name a few.


This video right above is actually a local non profit in New York that represents art by queer women, non-binary people of color. This particular group has been mentioned on Vice and other media outlets. The group mostly consist of black and Asian women.

There is a lesbian website which is pretty much a community forum that is secretive and hard to find. I won’t link to the site because I don’t want to overwhelm it nor do I want it to get the wrong attention. However, I will post images of conversations that were had on there in 2012 about Asian women dating black women.

Upon clicking on the image, you can see the conversations where sign ins mention location as a big factor. There is also a mention from an Asian woman who doesn’t find black women attractive due to facial features. I’m assuming the facial features she thinks of are big lips, big eyes, big nose; in other words, racial stereotypes associated with black women.

Below is a most recent response to that same thread since that thread is pretty long.

Lesbian 5

I decided to go back on Reddit and check out that thread that I went to yesterday. A couple of people pointed out location again and mentioned South California as being diverse there. A few Asian women even mention dating black women as well.

Lesbian 6

And another one said:

Lesbian 7

As an Asian American in the U.S., I’ve noticed that it’s less common. I live in a fairly large and diverse city. However, from my personal experience – many asians I know look down upon dating people of darker skin. That’s what it is currently, that’s how they view it. Even with straight Asians I know, many look down upon it. Those who would be open to it, are afraid of being judged by their peers or embarrassing their parents/family (which is still a big thing).

Many of those people were not born in the U.S. However, many of their kids my age were taught the same. But I do know quite a few asians my age who have dated people of darker skin, myself included. I’ve dated girls of all races, but we’re not common. Another observation I’ve had is that most of the younger asians I’ve seen date them are women.

So let’s talk racism in the lesbian community. People like to talk about racism in the gay community and racism in the lgbt, queer community but no one has mentioned racism in the lesbian community, in the women who love women community. And if it is brought up, trans women usually ruin the conversation by making it about trans issues.

During the Chicago Dyke march, two Jewish women were told to leave because of their Star of David flags. It is often quite common in the lesbian BDSM scene for their to be racism when white women will often role play as Nazi/Jews. There is one book in particular that brought this issue up called Herself When She’s Missing. The main protagonist of the book was madly in love with a woman who was racist towards blacks and Jews.

The movie Carol which is based off the book, The Price of Salt, the woman who wrote that book, Patricia Highsmith was racist. She had a strong disdained for black people, and the only reason why she dealt with Asians was because one of her male friends was in a relationship with a Filipino. But of course the white lesbian community doesn’t talk about that. They would rather ignore this and separate the “art from the artist”. There is no such thing. If you support a person’s source of income then you support them. So if you watch and buy Roman Polanski’s movie then you’re supporting a dude who fucked a 13 year old up the ass. Just saying.

Then there’s racial preference which I also talked about in my previous article where I mentioned racial preference being a prejudice trait, and not so much racist.

 I understand racial preferences yet racial preferences is a preference to a racial trait or characteristic of a group, which is valued more than that of another racial group. I wouldn’t call it racist. But I would call it racial and color hierarchy. This is a hierarchy pushed in many Asian cultures(including my own), and I believe this same mentality is also taught some what to Asian Americans in the states. Thank you once again.

The girl who wrote that thread on the Actual Lesbians sub reddit said this very elegantly. She’s right and I agree with it. She said it better than I. When someone has a racial preference, it absolutely means they value the characteristics of that race more than another race. These racial preferences in the lesbian community sometimes go so deep that it does borderline on racism. But the white lesbian community don’t want to see it that way. They want to view themselves as liberal and open minded. When in fact, it would seem many white liberals are more racist than actual racist.

Remember in The L Word, Tina was upset the sperm donor was black and Bette didn’t understand why because Bette is half black? Yeah, Tina was being racist and didn’t even know it.

Remember the white lesbian couple who sued a sperm bank for giving them the wrong donor, and they’re pissed that they have a black baby? They say it’s not about race-okay, so then why you tripping? Why are you having panic attacks? Is it because you realized how tough it can be to be black and you wouldn’t wish that on your own worst enemy? Is that it? Sounds like it. But the baby is a product and they paid for a white product.

So yes, there is absolutely racism and a social, racial hierarchy in the lesbian community; and white queer women tend to over look it or simply not care about it. Denial!


Do Asian American Women Date Black American Women!?

So I was browsing Reddit-of course, and I came upon a thread posted by a girl from Thailand asking why doesn’t she see more Asian American females with African American females. She seemed to not be satisfied with the answers because I think she knew most of the answers were bull shit. So we’re going to talk about Asian women- not men because personally, I’ve been hit on by a lot of Asian men, most of whom were Korean American or Chinese American, although one boy who was from Japan and mixed with white and Asian had a crush on me. So I’m gonna go ahead and assume Asian men are into girls like me. Anyways, Asian women.

After reading the comments on the thread, the responses are pretty typical: “it’s a preference”, “it’s our environment”. The typical stuff that people say when you ask them why they enjoy the company of one race versus another. However, OP, wasn’t falling for it and you can tell she wasn’t. She could read through the bull shit but her politeness was preventing her from calling it out. So I will.

Why do Asian American women not date Black American women but prefer to date white women?

1.) Color-the Asian community just like the Black community is filled with colorism; the darker you are, the less desirable you are. Being pale skinned, being fair skinned is seen as a blessing and an importance to many Asian cultures around the world. This is due to colonization, and western beauty standards that sailed across the seas.

2.) Stereotypes-in America particularly, black women(and Asian men as I spoke of in another article) are viewed negatively by the media, by society; therefore by the public. Black women are said to be aggressive, dominant, masculine; all qualities that are undesirable in a female. Black women are also thought of to be uneducated, loud, obnoxious and ghetto. Again, all are undesirable qualities in a female.

3.) Saving face-as a result of 1.) and 2.), Asian women who are attracted to black women may be hesitant to engage with them in fear of ridicule from their parents or their community.

4.) Status-as a result of 1.) 2.) and 3.), an Asian women could possibly lower her status on a social and economic scale if she decides to start a relationship with a Black woman.

Out of these four theories, I’m going to say that 1.) and 2.) are the deal breakers. This same theory also plays into many Asian American women who get with White American men. Sometimes they truly do love that person and sometimes, it’s because being white is valued, being white gives you a high status in life, in this country as we know. So an Asian women being with a white man will improve her status and more than likely income within the states. Obviously not all Asian women are like this but there are some who are; just like there are some Asian men who are like this and that’s why they value white women. Or Black women who value white men, or black men who value white women. Or white men who value Asian women. Sometimes its love and sometimes it’s superficial, racial, societal reasons.

Now I’m not involved in the queer community so I can’t say if there is black women and Asian women couples; I’m sure there is…I mean, there has to be at least one couple in the world who is black and Asian. Also when I say Asian, I’m excluding the middle east/middle eastern heritage. From personal experience, I never been approached by an Asian girl except when I had an OKcupid profile, and with my Fetlife profile but I think she was fake. In my life, white and Latin girls talk to me(black women don’t even talk to me so-=/) lol

When someone says they prefer one race over another, it means they value certain racial characteristics or stereotypes associated with that particular race. So if someone says they prefer white people then that means they prefer a certain type of hair, a certain type of eye color, a certain type of status and a certain type of personality trait. Oh and most importantly, a certain type of skin tone. Is that wrong, no, but if you only date that race and if you refuse to date another race then you’re probably not racist but you’re surely prejudice. Prejudice is when one person or a group of persons value one race over another; that one race is superior than another.

I don’t know; if there are any Asian women reading this…comment.

American Horror Story: Cult is Going to be Awesome This Season, Realistic Lesbian Couple, and Carrie Fisher’s Daughter!



I was very disappointed with the last two seasons of American Horror Story: Hotel and Roanoke. So I am very please to announced this season: Cult, is starting off extremely well. I don’t do recaps because there are tons of those so I’m just gonna focus on what I really liked about this season/ first episode and disliked so far: SPOILERS!

I disliked that the Changs died; I was actually liking the male character of Mr. Chang and I wanted to see more of his character, especially after he snapped at his wife for not voting in time at the beginning of the episode.

I like that the clown from AHS: Freakshow is in this season although his character is a comic book character within this season.

I like that the lesbian couple who are portrayed by Sarah Paulson, who is in all the other seasons, and Allison Pill, who is known for her role in the movie Milk. The reason why I really like them is because I don’t watch a lot of live-action shows so I don’t see a lot of lesbian portrayals, and when I do, it’s often really typical, if not stereotypical. I’m glad that this couple has drama and they seem to be going through real issues. Paulson’s character has anxiety which has increased once Trump was elected in the show; she also has numerous phobias and she is reluctant to take her pills. These issues are causing a strain on the marriage and their son, especially since on this first episode, the son starts talking about the fact he’s been seeing clowns. (He did; he saw the same clowns who’ve been haunting Ally commit a murder. They killed the Changs.)

I dislike that Angela Basset isn’t going to be in this season. Kathy Bates is also not going to be in this season. I don’t know if they stopped working on the show or what, but more than likely so.

Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, who was also on Scream Queens is really pretty. Although her Wikipedia picture isn’t the most flattering, I like her character within the show; she may or may not be bisexual in the show. Her character named Winter wrote a love letter to Paula Abdul, and she also received anal from a boy with the last name Smith-I forgot his name already.

I like the violence; it doesn’t come off cheesy or comedic like hotel did. The acting is more believable unlike Roanoke.

I’m glad Lady Gaga and Cuban Jr. aren’t going to be making an appearance on the show because they were fucking horrible.

I like the son of the lesbian couple, by the way their character names are Ally, and Ivy Mcfair-Richards. The son, the actor, actually acts. He doesn’t come off as the typical kid that’s doing kid stuff, or acting like a kid who is acting like a kid-if that makes sense; in other words, he works out for the role and the show.

I like that it reminds me of the Purge: Election Year.

I don’t like that it reminds me of the Purge: Election Year.

So thank you, FX for giving me a good show to watch this Fall. Thank you! And for those of you wondering, AHS has been renewed for two more seasons. I suspect we’re going to see more actors leave the show and be replaced by new faces, which is cool because it will allow the show to go on FOREVER!

I Don’t Have Much of an Opinion on DACA Because I Really Don’t Know What It Is?

So right now all over the internet and in real life, many dreamers are going through a lot of emotional turmoil because of the new DACA decision made by Donald Trump. I’m not for or against it, I’m pretty “whatever” about it. I understand DACA is for children who were brought over here illegally with their parents, but I don’t understand why they haven’t applied for citizenship during those years. I don’t really understand why their parents didn’t help them apply. I don’t really understand the U.S. citizenship process. And because there’s so much I don’t understand about this whole ordeal, even though I’m constantly trying to look up information about it, I don’t think I can give a good opinionated blog post about it. From what I’ve read about the immigration process, I thought if you’ve been in the country for ten years then you could apply for citizenship.

The arguments are:

For: Dreamers have been here since they were kids basically brought over here by their parents; they should have at least permanent residence. 

Okay, yeah, that makes sense.

Against: Dreamers are freeloaders and they don’t want to take the time to go back to their country, apply for a visa legally then apply for a green card then for citizenship. 

Okay, yeah, that makes sense too.

I wish you guys, DACA, Dreamers, would do more to tell people how difficult it is to become a citizen or how it’s not plausible for you to go back to your country, and apply legally. I wish you guys would give us more options because as of right now, people like me, are kind of like, ‘eh, whatever’.

So if you read this regardless of your political affiliation, comment, tell me the process and why it’s not so easy. Tell me that you do want to become a citizen legally and you want more options besides marrying an American. Tell me what I can do to help with this process. Tell me why I should care, basically.

So The Release Date For Beyond Good and Evil 2 is 2025!

So I’m a little late on this but whatever. A few months ago, the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 came out.

And this trailer looks nothing like the trailer that game out almost ten years ago:

And this trailer looks absolutely nothing like the actual game that came out in 2003:

So what do I think? I think I’m not going to like Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game looks good; the graphics, the animations, the monkey that keeps saying ‘fuck’ but I don’t like that it’s not the E rated game I was hoping for. The game style is the same, repetitive game style that games have been coming out with. I was hoping for Jak and Dexter but not Jak and Dexter 2 & 3. The team behind this game are no doubt very passionate about this game, which explains why many of them started tearing up at E3 when on stage. However, I don’t understand why they scraped the 2009 game for this most recent game.

Some people say, “well games change and blah, blah, blah” Awe boo, fuck off! Zelda is still the kid friendly, family orientated game. Sonic is still kid friendly. Heck, The Dragon Ball Z games all have the SAME story line and SAME enemies! So don’t tell me the game couldn’t have been rated E or T this time around, instead of M.

I like the diversity of the characters; they seem to be coming in all shapes and colors. I like the design of the game such as the city and the ships, but I have a feeling I’m not going to like the actual game play. The game play; there is no game play. The trailer that came out in 2009 was an animation trailer. The trailer that came out this year in 2017 was an animation trailer, so how do I know this game isn’t going to be released until a few more years….because there’s no game play.

1.) The games that are scheduled to come out in 2018, not only do they have trailers but they have game play footage: Spider-Man, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, God of War, even South Park: The Fracture But Whole game which was pushed back a few times already. So you have these examples of games that are set to come out that all have game play within the trailer yet Beyond Good and Evil 2 has absolutely 0 game play in the trailer. If there’s no game play then that means there’s no game. There’s a good chance they haven’t even started on actually creating the game. I don’t think they started on the actual game; if that is the case then it will be another two or three years before the game is actually released.

2.) They can’t even tell us what platform the game is going to be on, “although no release window or target platform has been revealed“. Yet it was said by the creator that the game was going to run on many platforms. Okay, so tell us the name of those platforms.

3.) The game has gone through a few changes within the past years and there’s a good chance this will continue to happen especially as Ubisoft produces, and publishes more games on the side.

Hmm, hmm, we’ll see what happens.


Tomi Lahren is Sucking Black Dick; You Know What That Means, She’s Sucking Black Cunt Too!

I am absolutely not surprised that she’s allegedly dating a black Republican. She’s that type of woman who talks crap about other women of different races, and to make up for it, she dates someone not of her race so as to not appear racist. That’s the main reason why I’m not into her. She’s full of shit and her views change to please the audience. For example when she was on The View and said she was pro-choice yet before she was pro-life. I mean I guess people can change their views over a time span of a few months.

Do I think people lashed out on her because she was pro-choice and a conservative, absolutely. There are a lot of dumb people out there who think you need to live up to one expectation and have only one mind set. The reason I had a hard time with it is because she’s a two-faced.

I don’t know much about the black guy whose she’s sucking, so I discuss him but from what others are saying, he’s an Uncle Tom, that he’s like the Key and Peele sketch.

It’s weird because when I first heard about her about an year ago, I remember watching a little bit of her show and thinking, ‘she only got this job because she’s hot’. Then I went to her Instagram account and was like, ‘I bet this bitch likes eating black cunt-she bi or something’. I was close; she likes the black dick and if she is bisexual, she’s not coming out anytime soon-NO SIR. But from my own personal experience, white women like her not only do they love the black dick but they also love the black cunt, and I bet she’s submissive too. That’s how much personal experience I have on this.

The Plight of the Asian Man and How it Relates So Well With Black Women in America and The Desexualization of Asian Men!

Asian men and black women are the only groups of people in American media who are seen as unattractive simply because of who we are.


” Hi there. I’m a long-time SRD subscriber and also a mod of /r/AsianAmerican. I’m also an Asian American dude who has been told, to my face, that Asian men are completely unattractive by women of various races, including Asian women. Unprompted.

First off, yes, hate groups thrive upon radicalizing confused, lonely young men who are looking for easy answers to their problems. Almost always, that answer is a scapegoat — women, Jews, Shias, Tutsi, etc. It’s actually fascinating how fundamentally human this is. Sociologists who study hate groups have all affirmed that every hate group, regardless of membership or ideology, attract the same type of people and recruit using the same playbook.

But you should also recognize that this doesn’t happen in a vacuum for Asian men. America has a long history of systematically desexualizing Asian men in media which has caused significant harm. For example, this study which says that television can be great for boosting the self-esteem of white boys, but it’s also great at making girls and minority kids feel worse about themselves.

It’s been this way for almost a hundred years as backlash for Sessue Hayakawa becoming an accidental heartthrob. He was intended to be portrayed as a predatory villain to scare white audiences, but instead, white women were captivated by him and he became a national sex symbol, arguably America’s first sex symbol.

Listen to Kate Rigg talking about Jeremy Lin. Representation has a significant impact on mental health and self-worth. Asian men and black women are the only groups of people in American media who are seen as unattractive simply because of who we are. Representation is important. If you have a lot of representation, it breaks down stereotypes and you can no longer be seen as a monolith. You become an individual. No one looks at a nerdy white character on a TV show and thinks, “Oh, of course he’s nerdy, he’s a white guy.” They think, “Oh, a nerd.”

But we are not seen as individuals. We are seen as ugly people.

You talk about Asian guys trying to improve ourselves. Of course we should improve ourselves. Everyone should, no matter who you are and what hand of cards you’ve been dealt.

But who is our standard? Like Kate Rigg said, who are our role models? Who are the people we should aspire to be? Think of how many role models there are for white dudes, black dudes, Latino dudes, even black women. How many Asian American male role models can you think of? Ever since Steven Yeun wrapped up with The Walking Dead, what else have you seen him in? How many Asian guys have been on the cover of GQ? Aziz Ansari is killing it right now, but is he a sex symbol? How many Asian Americans are there prominent for anything besides doing STEM work in the background?

The role models we could have are constantly whitewashed. I can think of so many examples just off the top of my head — Bruce Lee being passed over for David Carridine in Kung Fu, a white guy playing Kenshiro in the Fist of the North Star live action movie, Samurai Girl the TV series where the main protagonist’s Asian mentor and lover (in the book series) was replaced by a white man, BOTH the title characters in the upcoming Akira live-action film, the entire cast of the film 21 (the original story is based on the MIT Math Club breaking Vegas, the vast majority of whom were Asian American including the star of the book), and even The Last Airbender.

Whitewashing happens so often that it’s more newsworthy when a film or TV production doesn’t erase an Asian character with a white actor. I grew up reading Hellboy. I always had a special fondness for Major Ben Daimio as a kid, cause hey, badass Asian American military dude in a comic book! He was a minor character, but it was still something. Ed Skrein got cast as Ben Daimio. Great. We can’t even look up to second string characters anymore.

This is a systematic problem, and whenever you tell anyone suffering from a systematic problem that the solution is to simply pull yourself up by your bootstraps, you’re at best missing the forest from the trees and you’re at worst victim blaming them.

Obviously, I’m not cosigning these guys joining hate groups and using their problems to justify their misogyny. Lord knows I’ve banned many, many mangry Asian dudes. One of them even tried to dox me.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have legitimate problems. And it most certainly doesn’t mean these problems can be solved by thinking positively. This is like telling someone with depression that they snap out of it if they stopped moping and looked on the bright side. ”

I did not change anything that was written. To see the actual comment click HERE.