Kim Kardashian, The Next Time You Support A Racist, Remember That Your Kids Are Black!

Kim, your kids are darker than me. Okay, they’re not white passing.

Your kids are more than likely going to get called a nigger at least once in their life especially if they’re going to a public, or private school with other little rich, millionaire/billionaire kids, especially if it’s a mostly white school.

Kim, remember that, by the time your kids reach the age of twelve, they’re gonna know you got to where you are because of sucking dick. Your sex tape is so easily accessible that you’re going to be the mom known around your children’s school as the mom that all the black guys fucked. Your daughter is going to have to fight like hell to not have that same reputation as you in regards to males as she gets older.

“So I really wanted to apologize to you guys and my fans for defending a situation yesterday that I really didn’t know enough about,” she said.

Bitch, your kids are black-you need to know about racism. Take Racism 101, talk to Kanye. Do y’all even talk or do y’all just fuck and he loans you out? I know he can be crazy, but I at least thought y’all spoke to one another on a daily basis.

“I just feel a bit naive, and I do want to really apologize for me feeling like I had the right to say ‘get over it’ in a situation that involves racism.”

You are not a black woman. You can darken your skin all you want, you can have as many black guys within you but you will never be black-your kids will have more of a black experience than you will ever have in this nation. So shut the fuck up when shit doesn’t concern you. Kanye, take Pimping 101; there you’ll learn that when your bitch speaks out of turn, you slap her across the mouth. When she said what she said, you should have popped her up side her mouth.

“I just don’t really feel like I have the right to speak on that, and I really, really, really am sorry,” she said. “From the bottom of my heart, I’ve always been about positivity and I’ve never been a negative person-

No, from the bottom of your heart, you were always a dumb bitch. This is why your mother was/is able to make millions by creating a dynasty from your ass-literally.

So my whole thing was: ‘Hey guys, I don’t want to see negativity in my timeline or my mentions, let’s just move forward — let’s be positive and move past this.’ ” 

My whole thing is, Kim, you are a child; you are meant to be seen and not heard.

So The City Council of Charlottesville Was Actually Warned About This Potential Act of Domestic Terrorism Was Going to Happen!

The WARNING they got!

I don’t know who started this one; and I don’t really care because at the end of the day, violence erupted and it’s as if these protest regardless if their Black Lives Matter, Alt-Right, Immigrant Rights, Women’s Rights, etc-it’s as if they all turn violent by the end of it. My mother who was at work, called me yesterday saying what she was seeing on the news reminded her of what happened in 1963. We can kind of all agree that things have gotten intense and personally, if something like this goes down in Texas, I’m staying inside. It’s as if the only way to make a change in America is to lobby because even a simple protest can get you killed. If this happens in Texas, I already know there are gonna be guns popping off. It’s ridiculous. I honestly don’t have much to say on this issue because I mean, WTF, guys, wtf?

There’s A New Queer Women of Color Sub Reddit, and They Already Created Two New Labels: Lesbian Homosexual and Lesbian Pansexual!

So I am now apart of a new r/queerwomenofcolor sub reddit for of course women of color. The sub reddit was created because:

For whatever reason WOC are hardly the topic of discussion on any of the wlw subreddits. Whether consciously or not, from what I have personally seen non-WOC users have little interest in posting about non-white celebrities, entertainment recommendations, etc. While I have seen many QWOC users imo we aren’t nearly as represented as non-WOC on any of the subreddits.

I can’t speak for others, but for me i felt there was a casual disinterest towards WOC regarding…anything. Even when describing ideal partners I saw very few who listed features that included WOC, the majority coming from other WOC. This, almost, invisibility can be discouraging to some WOC and dampen their desire to post on the subreddits and share their stories in a meaningful way.

I wanted QWOC to have a place where they could get away from that feeling. A place where they can come together and discuss how being a minority woman of color affects every second, of every part of their lives without having to explain the heaviness of that to others who can empathize but never experience it. It’s also a great feeling when the tiny little details of your life are recognized by others. It’s refreshing to see a joke about “bundles” and not have to explain it to somebody. Does that make sense? I don’t know if I’m explaining this clearly lol.

Honestly it’s mainly to get away from the mentality that festers questions like “do you think only WOC can appreciate WOC.” That right there. That lack of understanding and the exhaustion of always being told you have to bend over backwards to teach everyone.–MOD of the Subreddit

Original Thread So the link is the original thread and it talks about how apparently the word ‘lesbian’ has changed and as a result of this new change, there seems to be two or more different types of lesbians. There are homosexual lesbians-those who are attracted to the same sex or same body anatomy as them. And there’s pansexual lesbians-those who are attracted to all women regardless of biological sex and body anatomy(post op trans women). Personally, I like these two new labels and I myself especially if I use online dating, will be using lesbian homosexual. These new labels actually sound similar to Thailand culture, gender, and sexuality.

Something else that sounded very familiar to me was when a user said:

I’m gonna be real here- I was in a previous relationship with a trans girl a few years ago and this was one of the main issues we had. Romantically? We were awesome. But sexually? Just didn’t work. I’m same-sex attracted and so I didn’t want to use / play with her genitals, and this led to our sex-life being very uncomfortable and one-sided and basically just not healthy for either of us.-a user said.

I wrote an article on here about how I dated two trans women in college; one was no-op, the other was pre-op and I cheated on both of them. I liked them but sexually wise, I wasn’t feeling it. When I started cheating on them, I spent less and less time being with them and after those relationships ended, I realized I’m only into cis women and am totally open to post op trans women. I haven’t met a trans person since college which was seven or so years ago, so I kind of actually doubt I’ll ever seen one in real life again considering only 1-3% of the population is trans in the United States.

A lot of trans women, I don’t know maybe it’s because they used to be men and felt they were entitle to sex from women continue to feel this way when they transition, but trans women often label women who feel this way as transphobic, or TERF-what have you when it would seem in reality, there are just two different types of lesbians, three if you count translesbians. It’s an interesting new concept for sure and we’ll see if it goes far, it has with me.


Meh, The That’s So Raven Spin-Off, Raven’s Home, Was Pretty Disappointing!

You can watch the full episode above.

It’s not bad, but it doesn’t stand out to me like That’s So Raven did. When That’s So Raven came out, it was built on a cast who had previous acting experience. Raven Symone was on The Cosby Show, Hanging With Mr. Cooper, Dr. Doolittle, etc. Orlando Brown was in Family Matters, Major Payne, Waynehead, Two of a Kind with Mary Kate, and Ashley Olsen. Anneliese van der Pol was in a few independent movies, a show, and a few stage plays prior to getting her gig on That’s So Raven; so in other words, the three main characters knew how to act. The problem with Raven’s Home is you got three kids with very little to no acting experience who aren’t acting, but are being the stereotypical, annoying little kids. That’s not fun for me to see kids who can’t act, not act, and not even try to act.  Although a theory, I think the reason why That’s So Raven was one of the highest rated shows on Disney is because of the talented and known cast they had for the show. Every other Disney channel show was built around kids who had no acting experience prior.

Another disappointing thing is the show is about kids…I knew the show was going to be about Raven’s children, in this case, the son, having psychic abilities but I thought they were at least going to be in middle school or high school like 9th grade. I honestly did not think the kids were going to be in fucking elementary school.

The producers of the show boasted on Twitter about how the show was the highest rated kids and tweens show to air when it did. It pulled in an average of about 3.5 million viewers. That’s not really a big deal when Girl Meets World pulled in about 5 million viewers when it premiered. And that show ended after three seasons.

The show was also being looked forward to by people my age about 25-35 years old since we grew up with and really enjoyed Raven, and we wanted to see her since her acting career has pretty much died after That’s So Raven, sadly. However, most people my age have unplugged from cable and have gone to streaming services; so unless Disney quickly uploads the episodes to streaming services, they’re missing out on a maturer audience, even if they might be disappointed like me.

The good thing about the show is Raven is one of the focus’ in the show; she’s not a back character like her parents were in That’s So Raven, so if you watch the show solely for her then you won’t be disappointed except for the fact that her character hasn’t really changed much. She still does stupid shit basically. Another thing to look forward to the show is the possibility of grown characters coming back on the show to reprise their roles. For example in the season to come, Raven’s main love, Devon, will make a guest appearance.

I don’t know; I just wished the show was more mature and I wished a streaming site would have picked it up so as to have that more mature element, and better acting talent, especially since Raven and Chelsea are single moms that are living in an apartment with their three kids total. Plus, there’s a girl by the name of Tess, from another apartment who is always coming over to their apartment, which means she more than likely has parental, or home problems. If Raven’s Home was on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, the show could address more mature themes such as divorce, affairs, being a single parent, bad home environment, abuse yet at the same time still keep the comedy, and science fiction element the show has. The show could have gone to a whole new height if it wasn’t on Disney. But to me this show is a show about a woman whose acting career didn’t pan out so she went back to Disney. When you look at the teaser above for this up coming season, it looks as if Raven’s character hasn’t even matured. The show feels like a step down when I was hoping for a step up.

The Chinese Boy Group-oops, I Mean Girl Group, That’s Blowing Up The C-Pop and K-pop Scene and Gets Two New Members!


So some of you may have or may not have heard of a girl group/non binary female group from China by the name of FFC Acrush. They were created last year around September but recently released their first single and music video: Action.

They’ve gain a good amount of popularity before even releasing a single. By the time this music video came out, they had opened, performed, and been interviewed on numerous shows and venues nation wide. The group has about 700,000 followers on Weibo. At least this page does; I’m not certain if this is the official page, although I think it is.

The group is sponsored by the football(soccer) federation of China as a way to promote the sport to a wider audience. The group also has to train and practice in the sport so as to show off cool moves while performing at their concerts-crazy, I know. Although not confirmed, but I’m also sure this is a way for China to promote more national artist internationally especially ever since they banned Korean artist from their country. I give it to China; this is a smart marketing tool. From investing in Africa, to promoting their own websites, China has a lot of good business deals and ventures going on(and besides for the banning of Youtube, Facebook, etc but not Reddit within China, I actually enjoyed my time in that country.)

The ironic thing about it though is these girls are very masculine appearing as you see from the music video, and these girls aren’t allowed to discuss their sexual orientation but I think we can assume at least one of them is queer in some sort of way. It’s ironic due to China banning queer content nationally.  

What’s really ironic is that I’ve been to China a few times, and there are numerous girls like the ones in this group: tomboyish, masculine, butchy, androgynous-I even saw them holding hands with their very femme girlfriends, so it’s not like this whole trend, or appearance is new or anything. This look has been done before by female Taiwanese group Misster.  And let’s not forget Li Yuchun!

The young ladies, or ‘handsome youth’ as they like to be called range from age 21-24; they have nice looks and awesome dance moves, and their songs which are more similar to k-pop and American pop, are also very catchy. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer. It’s weird; I haven’t been this giddy for a music group since Nsync(yes, I loved Nsync-I think it’s mostly because I envied them; their sex appeal and love from many female fans. I wanted that to be me.). Within this video, there are five dancers, but it’s been announced via Weibo, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram that they added two more girls plus a stand in, so eight to be exact.

ACrush performing at Wuchan University!

Misster didn’t last very long and only released one album. This group is new and only has been together for literally less than an year. I won’t lie though, my favorite one is the one with the jet black hair kneeling down in that Instagram image above: Min Junqian.

Which is even more ironic since she’s the one that looks like a dude A LOT, but she’s not so I wouldn’t have to worry about a penis or testicles getting in a way when smashing!


Watched Black Mirror: San Junipero…I Understand the Hype For It!


So Black Mirror: San Junipero was nominated for two emmys.

I decided to watch it for myself to see what all the hype was about. When I was reading comments off of Reddit, people were saying it was beautiful, great writing, directing, and very emotional-that the episode was one of the best episodes to date for the show and that it had many of them balling in tears.

I don’t watch a lot of live-action shows; I mostly just watch cartoons/anime. The live-action shows I do watch tend to be murder porn like Deadly Women, Disappeared, Murder Among Friends, Detective Kenda, etc, shows like that. When I was younger around 9 or so, I watched a lot of live action shows like Buffy, Popular, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven but as I got around 11 and discovered cartoons and anime, it’s been hard for me to engage myself in live-action fictional shows. Right now, the only one I’m watching is Empire. I did watch The Walking Dead for the first two seasons but got bored, but I am very glad my favorite character, Daryl, is still alive! I also used to watch a show called Cold Case but also got bored. I used to watch Life As We Know It but it was cancelled. I used to watch OITNB but got bored. Got bored with Stranger Things; I couldn’t even get past the second episode with that show. Got bored with American Horror Story after the fourth season and I started watching that show on the fourth season. So yeah, pretty much.

When watching it, the concept actually reminds me of this short animation movie I watched at an animation film festival last year, where they put the minds into boxes so people lived for ever. So when the characters ‘passed over’ in this episode, it reminded me of that short film.

I understand the hype for it; I understand the connection and the bond that the audience was able to relate to, and the idea of getting old, moving on in a way that actually doesn’t seem too far off from reality in my opinion. But for me, besides the science fiction element of it, it came off as any other lesbian themed movie or show. I didn’t see or feel anything special really. It was good, and beautiful but meh-romantic lesbian love stories are very common and nothing new, so it felt repetitive for me. I would have much enjoyed it if it was an anime. Anime makes me feel shit; anime gets deep, and there have been numerous anime that had me balling my eyes out. Strawberry Panic, I’m talking to you.

For me it was good enough to watch once. I have no desire to watch it again.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is fucking gorgeous! If I do watch that episode again, or any show, or movie with her in it, I’d be watching simply just to see her. I hope for the best in her career and I hope she’s able to get as many opportunities as her fellow companion Naomie Harris -who is another beautiful woman. One thing I like about Britain, is that they give better roles to women of color, especially black women; they start their careers off way better than here in the U.S.A. America cinema is still too racist to give black women good roles.