I Didn’t Like God of War 4; Will Kratos Tell Atreus/Loki About Calliope, Black Lives Don’t Matter and Celebrity Suicides of 2018!


I just got done playing God of War 4 and for me, I’m gonna go ahead and say that the game play was better than the story. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, single, and child free so; as a result, I can’t relate to the whole father and son dynamic. The story felt pretty boring and it also didn’t help that there were stories within stories that were never completed. However, I didn’t play the game to 100% so there’s a chance those stories within stories did in fact get completed.

In the beginning of the game as Kratos and Atreus also known as Loki, are heading off to spread Faye’s ashes, they discover the forest where their home is has changed. And though they’re fighting creatures and monsters in their territory and though they’re contemplating why these creatures are so close to their home, they never actually look into it. In the middle, or still a little in the beginning of the game, they go to another realm that is in the mist of a war. Loki really wants to help. They do in fact help by bringing light to the crystal paths but they do this because they have to. Well at the end of this mission, it was discovered they made a “grave mistake” by the enemy of this war. Kratos doesn’t care to know more so they move on. Later in the game, you battle Thor’s sons; I’m kind of not sure why Thor’s sons got involved either.

Another thing I was disappointed with was Kratos not telling Loki about his long since gone past family, his past wife and daughter, Calliope. Kratos said he told his son everything and even said, “I’ve killed some deserving and not so deserving” yet never once brought up killing his wife and daughter. Even if he was tricked into killing his wife and daughter by Ares, he did so due to his own rage, anger, and hunger for power; in other words, Kratos is still to blame for their deaths. And though the ashes are slowly fading from his skin, Loki never asked why his skin was of that color to begin with. Some players speculate Kratos will tell Loki of his past wife and Calliope in future games. That there was no need to place all information on the deck. That may be so but for him to have such shame and guilt for killing Zeus yet not them, even if hundreds of years past-is bull shit.

Black Lives Don’t Matter after all. There is a new bill that has been introduced in the House  and Senate(each with their own versions) by both Republicans and Democrats. The bill was also voted majority ‘yes’ by both parties. The bill is called the Protect and Serve Act, also known as, the Blue Lives Matter bill. As you can see from reading the bill, this bill will grant more power to the police. It states that a person who is resisting arrest could be charged and potentially get ten years in prison. Now ideally this sounds like a good bill but the Republicans, a group that goes on and on about not wanting to give the state too much power, is doing exactly that. Also the Democrats, a party that goes on and on about minorities needing more protection from the police, should know this bill would more than likely target minorities more than any other group. It confuses me both parties would vote in a bill that goes against both of their beliefs. Yes, it is true the bill has yet to go through the president, and that it also has a chance at being shot down. Some even say the bill is stupid and that may be so, but the fact the bill was introduced in the first place is still alarming.

San Antonio has accepted 20,000 dollars from the queer community to paint the rainbow flag over a crosswalk. This rainbow flag, also known as, the queer/lgbt flag will be plastered over the crosswalk within the queer district in San Antonio, Texas. The queer community themselves raised the funds to paint this crosswalk. I support it! Not only because it shows the diversity within the city. but mostly because the queer community raised the money themselves. In other words, this isn’t coming out of tax payers’ wallets. It’s not coming from the city budget-nope, the money all came from those who are queer or queer allies of the queer community. I think that’s awesome that a community did what they needed to do to bring a fruition to life. A lot of times, I feel like communities would beg or demand money from the state or tax payers so as to do certain projects. I’m looking forward to the outcome of this; I will admit though, I don’t think I ever been to the queer district in San Antonio. I’ve been to the one in Austin on 4th Street though!

Celebrities are committing suicide left and right this year. So far there’s been:

Mark Salling-Glee star was found hanging from a tree next to a baseball field.

Kate Spade-fashion designer was found by a maid tied to a closet door knob.

Anthony Bourdain-celebrity food tourist and cook was also found hanged in France in a hotel room.

Avicii-Swedish DJ and producer committed suicide from a broken glass bottle.

Stephanie Adams-this woman who was a playboy model, pushed her seven year old son out of a hotel window. He fell to his death and she jumped after him and fell to her death as well.


It has been said suicide is increasing in the United States and even in countries like England, specifically in London. The main cause being depression, some theorized. The question I wonder though is what is the cause for this depression. I heard from a local radio host one theory: social media, the desire to keep up appearances, save face, and the desire to be loved and the dopamine high that comes with getting a ‘like’, ‘love’ on a status. Hmmm, maybe.


Yes, Even Lesbians Think Meghan Markle, The Duchess, Is Hot; Is It A Coincidence Meghan and Harry Are Related, Mom May Be Lying About Santa Fe Killer Shooting Daughter Who Rejected Him, and Is Dimitrios Pagourtzis Bisexual?

Meghan Markle, The Duchess, is fucking hot and I have no problem saying that. However, I still don’t trust her. Even then, you have to admit, the woman is stunning! She’s tall, fit, slender, curvy-just gorgeous! From when the first time I posted about The Duchess, I didn’t have much on her besides for that feminism project she did when as a kid. Now we’re discovering a lot more besides her being a washed up actress and divorcee. Apparently she has a crazy, shady family who have no problems talking to the press about why they didn’t go to the wedding, why they weren’t invited, etc, etc, etc. Out of everyone in her family, her mom seems to be the only decent one. So let’s go back in time: Meghan and Harry met almost two years ago. They dated for an year then got engaged. We then found out they’re related; that they share royal blood-which could explain why the The Queen was okay with their marriage, even with Meghan being a divorcee. They’re distant cousins so it’s not a big deal but it kind of is, especially for the British. Even William and Kate are 11th cousins. So in other words, the Brits still like their royalty to remain in the blood line.


So what can we expect from this marriage? Not much besides for the glam pictures, and the seedy tabloids talking about her seedy family. If there’s trouble in paradise, we will never know about it for obvious reasons and there will surely never be a divorce. She, Harry, nor their kids will ever succeed to the thrown unless the successors all die. So like before, I will say: Wish them the best of luck!

Is Dimitrios Pagourtzis bisexual?
The Santa Fe killer went on a spree killing about ten people. Images of him on Facebook and other social media platforms soon surfaced. One, he is seen wearing a bisexual pin upon his hat. (Honestly, I didn’t even know bisexuals had pins-I guess that’s how far away from the queer scene I am.) Although a mother has come forward saying her daughter rejected his advances, the shooter’s lawyer is saying, “Hmmm, that didn’t happen. There is no evidence for such a claim”.

It’s interesting how no one seems to be wondering whether this kid’s sexuality and his bullying may have been a reason why. It’s not unheard of for queer people to attack. This trans woman threatens rape to women and her children. There have been other, numerous articles about trans women attacking and committing rape. There have been articles of closeted gay men killing their lovers. And let’s not forget the most recent case of the lesbian couple killing themselves and their black kids.

Maybe people are ignoring this because they don’t want to open a can of worms about queer kids and mental illness. Stats have shown that queer kids and teens, and even adults tend to have high depression rates, high suicidal tendencies, and lack of support and guidance from their families. Maybe what I’m saying is a bunch of hogwash, but it’s something that still needs to be taken into consideration.

Rita Ora Cries Sexism Because She’s Upset that She had Sex with Jay-Z and Harvey Weinstein Yet Her Hollywood Career is Still a Flop!

Well let me say that Rita is actually very successful in the United Kingdom. She has had numerous singles top the charts over in that country, sung for the pope, done successful duets for movie soundtracks; in other words, she’s making bank. But like most starlets, she hungers for the American fame and house hold name title. Let’s call it what it is! Rita Ora has had sex with numerous men to try and advance her career; it didn’t work out with one particular man, so now she’s screaming “sexism”.
      First, Rita works in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has had a reputation for being sexist since the 1920’s when films and music really started to take off. So her screaming sexism isn’t really anything new, especially since we had numerous other big time female entertainers such as Fergie, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga all have spoke about the sexism they had/have to endure. As horrible as it is and though sexism needs to be eradicated, women should know that there are some seedy behavior in front and behind the camera. Sadly, I guess not all girls can grow up with a dad like Fergie’s. “He let his daughter know.”
Some people are gonna ask who are these men she had sex with? Do we know she had sex with them? Absolutely! Calvin Harris, Harvey Weinstein, Rob Kardashian, Bruno Mars, oh and let’s go back to Beyonce. Beyonce wrote a whole album about Rita. Then Rita had the nerve to wear a Not Becky pin to an award show.  I mean, how could we forget? Beyonce and Rita used to be best friends, buddy, buddy. Then all of a sudden they stopped hanging out and Lemonade drops, and everyone wants to know who is ‘Becky with the good hair?’ Hmm, hmm.
     She has the success from Europe, and apparently enjoys sleeping with “20 plus niggas” as claimed on Twitter:
Rita Ora Slept with Jay-Z
Rita Ora Has Sex With A Lot of Men
along with having affairs with men who were in a relationship, the Beyonce friendship and still not much of a success in the U.S. Remember when ASAP Rocky called her out:
     Plus you had other artist like James Arthur and Azeala Banks as well (but Azeala Banks has problems with everyone). I will say this. Rita Ora has been around since 2013 and I only first heard about her last year. Her pussy may not be the bomb, but it’s decent if her bills are still getting paid. Rita has also said she was having sex with a 26 year old man at the age of 14. And at an young age she learned that if a woman wanted something, she should use sex. She’s the type of woman that is validated when men objectify her; that she’s proud to use her body to get what she wants. She didn’t get what she wants so now she’s bitching. (I’m surprised a sex tape hasn’t been “leaked” yet.)
Ora said she felt “confident” and “sexy” due to male attention.

If Slavery Was a Choice; Black People Twitter Make A Mockery Out of Kanye West and Should Mr. West Be Canceled?

(I’m not linking to any of this man’s fuckery.) All the dead slaves have turned over in their grave when they heard the words “400 years, slavery was a choice” by none other than Mr. Kanye West. See, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I think it’s important for minorities to know there are other options on the political spectrum. That is something we should totally believe in and if anything, we should try to be un-bias and be willing to see other people’s point of view. But Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. West as broke the camel’s back with an interview that has been shared numerous times thanks to TMZ. At first when you listen to his words, you’re taken aback because how braising it is. It also doesn’t help that Candance Owens seems to be riding his train as well. I’m extremely surprised by her taking such a stance. I assumed she had more sense. Nonetheless as we all know, his words did not go unnoticed and black people Twitter came out of the woodwork to mock him.

To be able to laugh at these tweets, one, you have to have dark humor. Obviously slavery is not a joke, just like the holocaust is not a joke. However, it isn’t slavery that is being satirical within these tweets, no. These tweets are directed at Kanye West. I don’t believe in cancelling people and I understand Kanye had depression because of his mom. That he also had an opioid addiction because of his lipo surgery, but I don’t understand his…stupidity. But it takes me back to a time when Dave Chappelle talked about how quickly people were dissing Martin Lawrence-saying how he was crazy. Yet Dave Chapelle said, Or maybe it’s the environment that’s sick. 


Is Kanye West the New Face of Black Conservatism; Jackie Chan’s Daughter, Etta Ng, is Homeless and Could the United States Invade North Korea!

In just a few weeks, Kanye West has been causing a roar on Twitter. His most recent stunt consisted of him shaving his head to look like that dyke, Emma Gonzalez. Out of honor, of course. Prior to that, he’s been latching out at his wife’s mom and even his own wife, Kim. As I’m sure most of you know, he’s been going on a pro-Trump binge. Of course people on the left have been booing his words and actions while people on the right have been praising his words and actions. I’m trying to figure out why no one has asked the man if he was okay. Kanye has a known history that I wrote about in past post with mental illness. Since the death of his mother, he has gone through depression, anxiety, and even had a nervous break down on the anniversary of his mom’s death.

Although he may be off the rocker, I am glad Kanye has said what he has said in regards to black people voting Democrat. I feel like there is a expectation for minorities to vote Democrat as a result of that party focusing more on racial, and social issues compared to the Republicans. It’s important for people to know and be educated on both parties and to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both parties then with that knowledge, come to a conclusion. However sadly, that’s not the case-for the most part, if you’re black, gay, woman, whatever, it’s pretty much told to you that you should vote Democrat. So is Kanye the new face of black conservatism? It’s hard to say. Besides for Stacy Dash, Diamond and Silk, Colin Powell and of course Condoleezza Rice, who else is there? I do think if Kanye gets off Twitter, and starts advocating conservative ideologies then I think it’s possible he will be that voice for the youth. His fan base is still rather strong and young.
Jackie Chain’s daughter from an affair he had in the early 2000’s, who since has come out as a lesbian is saying she’s homeless and poor.
Now, her and her girlfriend who is 30, have lived from couch to couch and even under a bridge for about a month now. I suppose she wants sympathy from us or her dad to pay out. Even though her mom and her caught off contact with Jackie ages ago. You know what? She needs to get a job. Wal-Mart is hiring. The medical industry is always hiring or she could be a substitute teacher. Besides, that Youtube video obviously wasn’t made under a bridge or at a public library so-“bitch, stop being lazy”.  Apparently, I’m not the only one saying that either. Their Youtube video is mostly dislike with comments such as the ones below:
Jackie Chan's Daughter is Homeless, Dragged on Youtube!
Jackie Chan’s daughter gets very little sympathy from Youtubers!
Girl, you better…
North Korean leader officially met South Korean leader to talk about denuearlization(not a real word apparently). It would seem that the North Korean leader is completely on the side of getting rid of his nuclear powers. So much so, he even invited American and other foreign officials and journalist to witness the procedure. Let us now see. Although I’m skeptical, if this really does happen, North Korea may be invaded if not occupied by another country. Another country such as the United States, maybe China or even Japan which is pretty much the United States as well. The North Korean leader even joked about it, saying he will gladly denuclearize if the U.S doesn’t invade. He is well informed about world history; he should be, hell, he went to a boarding school in Switzerland! But history has shown us that a few countries who have let go of their nuclear program were invaded by foreign rule. Iraq-we were told countless times they had weapons of mass destruction. No weapons have ever been found, yet the U. S. invaded. Ukraine, once giving up their program, they were invaded by Russia. The United States and NATO invaded Libya once they stopped their weapons of mass destruction program. The fact that Bolton is already saying North Korea could be just like Libya which is a “perfect model”, should have the North Korean leader’s eyebrows raised.

Azealia Banks Was Raped; A Chinese Lesbian Does An AMA, China Bans More Queer Content, and Update on Jennifer and Sarah Hart: The Lesbian Couple That Drove Their Kids Off a Cliff!

A video has been surfacing on the internet, as you can see above, of Azealia Banks claiming to have been raped. She posted the audio and image to Instagram, fans say. As of right now, no news articles have reported her claim, and no police officials have come forward either. So much so that some people may even think this is a “cry wolf” situation. It was about two years ago when Banks filed a report on actor Russell Crowe for racial slurs and harassment at a party; Banks has had other encounters with other celebrities as well from singers like SZA, to drag queens like Katya that it’s no wonder this allegation of rape is being questioned. Regardless though, she needs to file a report with the police if this is in fact true.

China is cracking down on queer contact once again. Homosexual content is now forbidden on social networking sites like Weibo. This action made by president Xi, who people are referring to as a dictator now, has sparked numerous protest throughout the country: I am Gay! This isn’t the first time China has banned queer content and I’m sure it won’t be the last. First, it started with banning homosexuals on television then it escalated to the internet. Even through it all, one lesbian decides to come forward on a social media site, Reddit, to talk about being a lesbian in China.

She says: This picture of mine was taken in this week. I’m 24, working in an Internet company in Shenzhen, China. When I was senior in college, not even a moment of considering find a job in hometown. I love the place I grow up in, but not the atmosphere and a life with little possibility. Once you choose to settle in a small town, it’s likely that there’s not much surprise for you in the future. You might lead a life with absolute peace, in the meantime you’d get confined, mentally. Especially when you’re a LGBTQ+ I was impulsive enough to challenge my mom – I came out to her. She refused to accept the truth. My cousin is a doctor, she said: ”How about asking your cousin to recommend a doctor to you…” As I was meditating about how to convince her that being homosexual doesn’t mean being ill, she kept talking:” A doctor as boyfriend?” Speechless seconds. There’s no way to make her accept the idea since she’s sure that I was being too young and immature. For now, all I do is working harder and striving to be independent. Glad to be a member of this community. Welcome to ask me anything. I might reply late due to time difference, but I promise I’ll answer as best as I can. Thank you all!

For the most part, all of the questions are the same such as what it’s like to be a lesbian in China. She answers their questions, all of their questions as best as she can saying the younger generation is more open to queer people even though they mostly just think of gay and straight; that they don’t really think or pay attention to bisexuals or binaries, etc, etc, etc. She says the older generation is much more traditional but that can be expected of course. Another common question that kept popping up was the censorship in China. Most people use VPNs in China but Reddit and 4Chan are one of the rare sites not banned in China. Another question that popped up was social credit. I actually never heard of this and I had to look it up, but basically, it’s a surveillance system via data technologically(I’m gonna stay up to date on this).

Update on the lesbian couple that drove their kids off a cliff. Last month it was announced that the mothers of the boy shown hugging a police officer, drove their van off a cliff. That two of the kids were dead and three were missing. Well since then, there have been numerous updates but the media for the most part isn’t really talking about it. Mostly local news have been covering the rest of the case. Nonetheless, it has come to surface that the two women had a history of abuse; one of the women even had domestic abuse in regards to her partner. Reports came in that apparently the family was trying to out run the CPS agency due to complaints filed by neighbors. It was said the children were home schooled when before the kids used to be in public school. It was while in public school when one of the kids who was six at the time, told her teacher her mommies were hitting her. Following in the later years, CPS would visit their home numerous times from complaints that were filed against the two women and the abuse against their children. After this incident folded, an ex-foster child had come forward to talk about her time with the Harts. This foster child had nothing but good experiences until the Harts abandoned her. Prior to the morning of the incident, Sarah texted a friend at three in the morning, saying she was feeling sick. Jennifer Hart was said to have been drunk and the kids drugged(a body was also discovered near by but DNA will take a while). It was also revealed yesterday that Devonte’s aunt actually fought for custody but lost even though she had a stable job, and income in Houston, Texas(the children are all from Texas). Finally as of recent, Devonte’s biological mom talks about racism and how six black kids were taken from their homes to live with two white women who were abusing them for years.

It’s hard to say who was abusing who when it comes to Jennifer and Sarah Hart, but there’s more than enough evidence to show that these women were abusing the children. I also hate to throw out the race card and I rarely do but these black children were taken from their black families in Texas. Yes, the mom was a drug addict and that is reasonable. However, when they gave these kids to these two women who had a history of abuse, and who ended up getting complaints about abuse, the CPS and authorities did nothing. Even when Devonte’s aunt fought to gain custody for the kids to come back to Texas, they allowed these six black children back in the hands of these two white women who had a history of abuse! If there’s evidence of abuse, why would they let children remain there if they can live in a better environment?

The three kids who don’t have their faces circle in blue are still missing! And the media isn’t putting their faces out there at all!


Year of the Queer: Feng YuXuan is No Longer Apart of FFC-Acrush!

Writing up a storm this weekend!

FFC-Acrush is an androgynous female music group that I’ve been following for almost an year now, and I even wrote a few blog post about them; I think two. Some what following, not religiously, and I recently checked their Weibo to see what they were up to and I found out that Feng YuXuan(Feng Yu Xuan) is no longer apart of the group!

I tried searching around on both English, Spanish(they got a lot of Spanish fans), and Chinese sites but I couldn’t find out why she left the group(in February) besides for “personal reasons”. Compared to ex-member Min JunQian(Min Jun Qian) who actually left a statement on Weibo, I couldn’t find anything of the sort for Feng.

I’m really disappointed. I was hoping this group would really bring c-pop on the map along side k-pop(although to be fair, k-pop isn’t really on the map or charts either in America). While k-pop sounds exactly like American music to me except in Korean, c-pop, and even j-pop have their own unique taste to their genre. It sets them apart. Even though the group was announced last year in March, they only released two music videos to two original songs: Action and I’m Sorry. Then they released a few dancing videos along with two cover music videos. They haven’t officially released any singles. What I mean by that is none of their singles are downloadable or for purchase. They’re not on Pandora; they’re not on Spotify(except for a fan made playlist that doesn’t even include their songs). They’re not on Google Play or Itunes either. It’s been a whole year and they haven’t released any singles as mentioned. They haven’t released an EP. They haven’t released an album! They are touring around China at venues and universities and they are training, but I personally don’t think it was wise for FFC to build hype for a group that hasn’t released anything in an year to listen to officially.

If they don’t come out with an EP, or some type of album by the end of this year, I think they’re going to just fade away. Their Weibo is updated once a month anyway compared to numerous times a week when they first started. At first, I thought this group was a group to watch out for. Especially with them being female and breaking gender roles, etc, etc, etc! But nah, I don’t think they’re gonna be around for much longer. Too bad the ex-members of the group don’t have any side projects going on. Have a good life, Feng YuXuan!