Kassandra Forced into Pregnancy in Assassin’s Creed, Desmond is Amazing and Drag Kids Performing at Adult Night Clubs, and San Antonio Has the Largest MLK March in the Country!

First, Happy Martin Luther King day; it is a day that I realize so much that is going on in this country really isn’t all that big of a deal compared to what many went through prior to the civil rights movement of 1964. All the way from African Americans being beaten or lynched for trying to vote, from having dogs attacked on them and water hoses sprayed at them all while protesting on the streets, from having opposed forces harass and assault them at non-violent sit ins, etc. If it weren’t for that movement, I don’t think I would be here since my parents are of two different races and even nationalities. Each were brought up on two different languages. There’s no way I would be here if MLK and others hadn’t achieved what they did for us. So thank you, Martin L. K. Jr!

In the new Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey DLC, characters Kassandra and Alexios have children. Kassandra gives birth and Alexios gets a woman pregnant. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact the DLC forces you to have this child even if you decline. Some fanatics might even say that’s rape. Either way, in the AC game, players can choose for Alexios and Kassandra to be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual but the DLC doesn’t give players that choice. That means if a player was playing a homosexual Kassandra or Alexios, they were forced into a heterosexual relationship-“for the sake of the plot“, Ubisoft explained.  They even went back to renamed the badge that was called Growing Up-talk about a slap in the face, Ubisoft:

…As you continue the adventure in next episode Bloodline, please know that you will not have to engage in a lasting romantic relationship if you do not desire to.

Yeah, too bad you still have to engage with a kid that was forced upon you. I see why the developers did it, and it makes sense since the core part of the game is tracing back DNA ancestry; however, they should have either added in an ‘adoption’ option-something like Horizon Zero Dawn, a different set of dialogue to make it clear, or just not add the sexuality choice to begin with in the game. (I haven’t bought the game yet. When I do, I won’t be getting the DLC buuuuut that’s because I don’t buy DLC at all so-.)

Divide in the LGBT community, and I’m not referring to that drama that was going on in San Francisco and the Harvey Milk LGBT Club; nope, I’m talking about drag kids. Yes, you heard me right, drag kids.

Desmond is Amazing is becoming one of the most iconic kids of his generation when it comes to pushing gender norms and stepping over the line in the LGBT community, but it doesn’t come with some side eyes, and glared eyebrows. You have people on the right shaking their heads screaming, “pedos”, and you have people on the left saying, “yassss queeaaan, slaaay”. The video that started it all:

The issue that I have besides the right over exaggerating and the left not wanting to discuss this situation fully, is you have a child who is about eleven, performing at an adult night club at one or two in the morning. So I don’t know how many of you been to a gay club, but I have back when I was in college and some of the things that go on there or at any adult night club is drugs, sex, and of course, alcohol. For the most part, everything is public in the establishment from taking drugs openly to even having sex openly; in other words, this is no place for a child. Even if the club did their best to make it “child friendly” and even if the mom “kept him backstage with her”, no, a child shouldn’t be at an adult night club at that time in the morning(or anytime really)-no.

As reported by Kens5, with over 300,000 people attending, San Antonio has the largest if not one of the largest MLK turn outs. I actually have yet to attend a march on MLK day, but I have attended protest through out my young life, nonetheless, I’m some what shocked yet not surprised to learn San Antonio has one of the largest marches in this country. One reason I’m not shocked is because San Antonio is pretty diverse when it comes to racial groups and ethnic groups, but am shocked because the Latin population is higher than the rest, and there tends to be animosity between the black and Latin communities. I don’t have any sources to back that up though-just personal experience.

Not shocked though because unlike other deep south states and cities, San Antonio was able to easily integrate because of the high amount of Catholics and religious values of humanity and civil rights movement. San Antonio was also one of the first cities to start de-segregation; it was easy because the city didn’t really practice segregation anyway, as this article points out. And you know what, I think it does have to do with the high Catholic and Latin population of the city. Even though now just like then, the black and Latin communities had their differences, at the end of the day, they were able to come together to make a significant change to the city that benefited all. Good job, San Antonio!



Women’s March Disbanding Over Antisemitism, Gia Gunn Fan Favorite of Rupaul’s Drag Race, and New Representation of Hispanic and Latin Lesbians in the Media!

My birthday was this month! Yep, I am a December baby, an archer-Sagittarius. Any who, one thing I will be doing in the future is linking back to my old blog posts when referencing to topics I’ve either talked about or mentioned already.

It has been said the Women’s March is disbanding in some states of America, specifically Washington state because of the rise of antisemitism. This was something I spoke about earlier this year actually in a blog post. I spoke about the people who were leading the cause such as Linda Sarsour. Linda Sarsour has a long history of promoting violent interactions with those of the Jewish faith, and leave it to Courtney Love to call her out on it during a time when no one else was. And though the Women’s March is open to LGBT people, many people in the LGBT community are critical of the leaders, and their relationships with Farrakan.

The interesting thing about this, it was just an year ago there was an opinion piece about antisemitism creeping into the progressive movement. Even at LGBT events, it was reported Jewish members were kicked out for waving rainbow flags with the Jewish star: Star-of-David, or for simply being Jewish and proud, such as at the Dyke March in Chicago. For 2018, the Dyke March had no problem waving around the Palestinian flag and anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist items. I’d understand if they banned both the Israel and Palestine flag to keep people on neutral ground but no, they didn’t do that. They banned an emblem that represents an entire culture of an ethnic group of people. Yeah, that’s antisemitic. I wasn’t a supporter of the Women’s March then and I’m not now. I walked away from the LGBT community when I saw the rise of antisemitism, and other racist rhetoric within my duration in college and I haven’t looked back since-because it’s not getting better.

Gia Gunn is turning out to be the queen on everyone’s lips this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars season four. Above is Gia Gunn’s kabuki performance that will leave you breathless. You can also find similar videos of her doing similar looks and performances on Youtube. A lot of people have been waiting for this season to start, and seeing the entrance of Miss. Gunn especially since Ru Paul’s comments on trans women on drag race. There’s so much of a rabbit hole on that one, a blog post wouldn’t do it justice. Either way, since episode one of season three, Gia Gunn and Farrah Moan haven’t been getting along-DRAMA!

Though only one episode aired so far, I’m pretty excited for this season especially since I recently only started watching the show upon season 9. I then went back and watched all the previous seasons. Out of all ten seasons not including All Stars, season 8 is my favorite. Season 8 had the most funniest queens who really had a good time with one another from Bob the Drag Queen, Chi Chi, Kimchi, Thorgy, Derrick Berry, Naomi Smalls. That season was a blessing to watch and though Farrah Moan and Valentina were my favorite in season 9, 9 was absolutely boring compared to 8(not including the reunion).

For All Stars four, I’m looking forward to more interaction with Gia Gunn. Her looks and performances to come has me hooked this time around. Still, I’m routing for Farrah Moan, Valentina, Latrice, Monet x Change, and our favorite HAPA, Manilla Luzon, to come out on top as well.

Image result for charmed

I actually watched the first episode of Charmed when it aired on my favorite pirate site. Though I didn’t like the show, I was happy with the diversity of the cast. Too bad I can’t say the same for their acting nor the story plot. Nonetheless, one of the sisters, Mel played by Melonie Diaz, is a lesbian in the show. Watching her made me think of the representation lesbian, and queer Hispanic and Latin women are getting on TV and streaming services. And you know, I can’t really think of too many.

There was that one queer cheerleader on Glee. There’s that one lesbian teenage girl on One Day at a Time (2017) reboot which comes on Netflix; a show that is entering into it’s third season thanks to the actresses literally begging for views on social media:

….and that’s it! I can’t really think of any other shows or what not that has-oh wait, I think there’s a show that comes on Starz that has Hispanic lesbians who are Mexican American. Yep, there’s a show on Starz called Vida, about a pair of Mexican American sisters who fuck numerous people while trying to find out the secret of their mother. It was renewed for a second season, but it’s Starz, everything gets renewed on that channel. Not many people are talking about the show either-so it must be boring. However, there’s a good chance I’m missing a lot of other content due to me not watching a lot of live-action to begin with.

Even though I wasn’t personally able to find a lot of content featuring Hispanic/Latin lesbian/queer ladies, the content I did name I think is a good direction for them. While white women, of course, now black women are getting roles that are allowing them to have different orientations going beyond heterosexual, Hispanic and Latin women weren’t getting the same opportunities to represent this side of America…until now. We can only hope in the future, we can see more and hopefully that would include seeing more Asian lesbian and queer women as well.


Season 5 of 60 Days In; My Favorite Lesbian Porn Tumblr Blog is Gone, and Kevin Hart Puts Distance Between the Black and LGBT Community!

The white girl is pretty and comes off as a lezzie, but my gaydar has never been good(besides for the obvious butches and studs), so don’t quote me on that one. Season five of 60 Days In will begin in January of 2019, as mentioned in the promo. I don’t have cable as I’ve mentioned before so of course I will be watching on my favorite streaming sites!

This season for the male participates looks like it’s going to be good as in violent, conflicts, and even a breach of security. The female participates make it look like their involvement is going to be boring. Unlike season four where the female ward had whippets, strip parties, and even sex thanks to our one and only Angele Cooper, these ladies look like they’re going to be taking a walk in the park. Besides for calling each other ‘bitch’, not much is probably going to happen. And let’s be honest, this show is more entertainment than actually helping improve the conditions of the jails; nonetheless, once the show starts, I’ll recap if there’s a queer or lezzie participate.

Image result for lesbian kiss gif

So back in the day, there was a site called Tumblr. A site where apparently many users are running away from in droves. It all started because Tumblr didn’t know what to do about the the child porn on their site and Apple telling them, ‘nope’. Now, they could have took the Facebook route, and hired employees to filter out such content but nope. Or they could have gone the Dropbox route and just ignored it; yes, Apple would have still told them no, but it would have been better than taking down all the NSFW content on the site.

Lesbian porn sucks! I don’t have to post a link to tell y’all that. Lesbian porn from major studios are film by men for men, where they have the women wear and do stupid shit to one another, and home made porn is usually filled with unattractive if not overweight women. Tumblr offered an in between. Tumblr offered gifs; there was no need for me to search for videos, and watch all the bull shit just to get to the good stuff. Tumblr offered amateurs, women who were good looking and fit yet weren’t working for studios, but worked for themselves whether free or not. The lesbian content overall was much better than what I could ever discover on Pornhub. But now, now, it’s all gone!

Where will I go now to get my fix? I don’t know. That link I listed above mentioned Newgrounds, a site I haven’t been on since high school. Pillowfort, never heard of along with Mastodon. Wtf?

Image result for kevin hart

Kevin Hart, a man I never thought was funny to begin with besides for his bit about Shaq falling,  as we all know stepped down from hosting the Oscars. That’s okay because I don’t watch the Oscars anyway because if I want to see celebrities masturbate to themselves-I’ll, well, I’ll go to Pornhub. Kevin Hart did issue an apology on Twitter after stepping down, and after saying he has already apologized for those tweets in the past. Many other celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Micheal Che stand by Kevin Hart’s side along with many others within the black community. Did Kevin Hart already issue an apology for these tweets? The only one I could find was from Vibe where they talk about an apology he did back in 2015 to Rolling Stone. Now the question is, how does this affect the black and LGBT community relations?

Double standards-everyone in the LGBT community is upset over Kevin Hart’s tweet as they should be yet no one said anything when Sarah Silverman used the word faggot in her sketches, and tweets.

Racial tensions-the LGBT community has a long history of excluding and discriminating against people of color, especially those who are black of both sexes and Asian males. While many white queer people mention Stonewall being the start of the lgbt movement, they never consider how a queer community was already thriving in Harlem in the 1920’s. Kevin Hart’s words will have an effect on those white LGBT people who already have racist ideologies toward black people in America.

Queer rights is not civil rights-there are many people in the black community who believe being gay and being black is not the same thing; however, many lgbt people most of whom are white, will say that it is. While lgbt can hide who they are, black people in American history were never able to hide the color of their skin. This competitiveness of who has/had it easier in life has increased tensions since the rise of Stonewall, and as already mentioned, many white lgbt not wanting to include black queer history including ball culture is a another push back. Many black people who are on Kevin Hart’s side will see this as an attack on the black community, and how even when you come up so far, white people including lgbt white people will tear you down back to the ghetto!

The fact people are so upset over Kevin Hart’s ten year old tweets that he apologized for in 2015 yet not nearly upset over Lena Dunham lying, and tampering with evidence of a rape that occurred to a woman of color-says a lot.

lgbt/LGBT-capitalize, not capitalize-hmm.

Does Gina Rodriguez Have A Hate for Black Women; Are Black Women Paid More Than Hispanic and Asian Women in Hollywood and Happy Thanksgiving!

So there’s a woman by the name of Gina Rodriquez and she is constantly shading black women. I know what shade is when I see it; I know what shade is when I read it, and I know what shade is when I hear it. Now I don’t know of her history or what shows she’s been on or movies she’s been in except for Small Foot, but her interviews are very….I don’t wanna say “anti-black women” because that’s so dramatic, but she has such a repetitive attitude towards black women that I’m gonna go ahead and say: Gina Rodriquez has a very anti-black women message within her interviews.

This interview is a very beautiful interview about the women of color experience in Hollywood. Gabi Union even adds a quote that Mo’nique said all the way from 2015. Either way, in this interview Gina Rodriquez goes on to say black women make more than Latin women and Asian women in the entertainment industry. Now if she was talking about the work force…then yeah, I would believe her; however, we’re talking about the entertainment industry. This is an industry where Hispanic women have been getting notable roles since the 1920’s, along with Hispanic men. One article can’t do justice to the amount of opportunities given to Hispanic actresses in Hollywood; where as, black women have been struggling to get out the maid and slave roles and/or stereotypical black roles for over 100 years, one hundred years! Look, the top two comedians the black community has right now is Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart, and these two comedians are pretty much the stereotype of a black person: loud, obnoxious, ghetto, and ignorant. Yet comedians like Aisha Tyler, Wanda Stykes aren’t nearly given the same opportunities because they don’t play that role, and it took an act of congress for Key and Peele to get to where they are today. So no Gina, Hispanic women don’t make more than black women in the entertainment industry(best of my knowledge). I mean, Tyler Perry paid Taraji Henson her biggest check, and this was after she was in the hit movie The Karate Kid(2010) which made over 800 million in the box office.

This is not the first time she has shaded black women. Again, for that interview for Small Foot, she interjected her co-star, Yara, to mentioned all women-all women. And then before that, she says:

This tweet is really interesting since Marvel and DC are infact including Hispanic and Latin women. Now I can’t name all of them but the main one that comes to mind is Zoe Saldana. I mean-hello!  But Gina seems to only care about a certain type of Hispanic women: the ones that come in the lighter, even white shade.

Now why does Gina hate black women? I don’t know. There are many reasons and factors to why people hate; maybe she was taught. Some members of the Hispanic community can be very racist towards black people. For example, a lesbian friend of mine before she was out, she dated a black man. Her parents gave her shit for dating a black man simply because he was black. I’d had Mexican American friends tell me their parents would be upset if they dated black. So yes, that could be one reason.

Maybe she had bad experiences with black women. I spoke about having negative experiences with black girls when I was young because of being mixed; I also admit that it does affect me to this day and one of the reasons to why I’m hesitate to dating black women. Even with those negative experiences I had, I still try my best to not judge a whole group and I try my best now to not be so dismissive to their experiences with life. Maybe instead of growing from that negative experience, Gina built up resentment for black women and anger. Or maybe she feels this way because of shame or embarrassment; as in, maybe she’s bisexual or maybe even homosexual and finds that she’s attracted to black women. If that’s the case then she could be afraid to admit that, or show that due to her being Hispanic, and the negative view Hispanic people have for the LGBT community and those who date black. The Hispanic community just like the black and Asian community are still slowly opening up to queer people, and if she likes black women-something her parents may also be against, that’s even more shame.

In other words, I don’t know why she doesn’t like black women. It’s very obvious and her resentment is becoming more and more loud with each interview she does. Will anyone call her out for it? Maybe…maybe not. They probably just shrug their shoulders and move on which they all done so far. In the interview above, Gabi nodded and smiled. In the Small Foot interview, the man nodded and smiled, so who’s to say.

These are just the few examples of Gina Rodriguez shading black women; however, you can easily find more examples on her Twitter and Instagram. My post can only be so long. Still, one thing is for sure-I will come back to talk more about the Hispanic community, homosexuality, and interracial dating with black people in an upcoming post.

Happy Thanksgiving!






Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens Fight Over Kanye; Who is Neil Dikeman, and Bernie Sanders Fails to Promote New Book!

Since the departure of Kanye West from politics, specifically the Republican party, Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens, a woman who’s name I keep fucking up-are going at it on Twitter. From the start, Tomi has been a long opponent of putting Kanye West as the face of the Republican party for minorities. And she even went so far to criticize some of his view points such as Kanye saying, ‘slavery was a choice’. In the same article, messages exchanged between the two women continue on, Candace saying Tomi is just “hating on Kanye“.

Finally months later which is now…now, Kanye has come forward as many articles and blogs have posted about, and Kanye himself that he was to be stepping down from the political limelight. Kanye went on to say the party, including Candace, was using him. Candace claimed she didn’t use him and says Kanye wasn’t involved with the making of the apparel, yet there’s a FOX News interview of her saying something completely different. When shit hits the fan, Tomi steps into say:

Are you gonna turn on Kanye now? The ship was doomed to sink from the start but hunger for fame & money was placed over the movement. Funny how he was a “free thinker” before and now he’s a “traitor.” Sounds a lot like a tactic of the Left. You made your bed, now lie in it.

Candace then replies back to Tomi mentioning Tomi’s “failed career” by which Tomi came back screaming about identity politics. After fans then tell the two women to “chill out”, Candace mentions that Tomi has sent her previous messages that could ruined Tomi’s career. Hmm, I wonder what those messages were?

This was all so juicy and petty and even though I’ve said some nasty things about Tomi in the past, and have also said she’s only where she’s at today because she’s gorgeous, even I have to admit she was right about the Kanye ordeal. It was foolish for them to put all their eggs into one basket into a man who has a history of mental illness, and going back and forth on his word, his opinions, and ideologies. Although I did like the message he was sending that just because you’re black, doesn’t mean you gotta vote Dem.

So who is Neal Dikeman? He is a man that is running for the libertarian party in Texas in the senate race. I am currently in the mist of voting, and I will be voting this time around unlike in 2016 when I didn’t. Before voting, I wanted to see who all was running for everything, and I wanted to make sure I had the right information on everyone before taking myself to the ballot box. I’m only going to talk about the senate race because everything else is more local related.

So first I started with Ted Cruz to see what he was truly advocating for as listed on his site and Ballot Ready. I read all what Ted Cruz is fighting for ranging from abortion to legislation and I just can’t get behind him. Besides the fact he’s a big homophobic dude, I just didn’t really see anything important that he was advocating for besides for keeping the second amendment untouchable. Under ‘Arts and Culture’, all Ted Cruz talked about was God, and keeping God around. God is not ‘arts and culture’. God to me is religion which is civil rights. So I looked under the ‘civil rights’ tab and all Ted Cruz talked about was guns. Guns this, guns that.

As a female, as a homosexual, as a woman of color-this is not what I want to read under the ‘civil rights’ tab when in the state of Texas, public employers still have the right to discriminate against you based off of sexual orientation. Private employees-yes, I’d understand. Religious employers-yes, I’d understand but public, it should be illegal. Everything else under Ted Cruz, I don’t really care too much about.

Now when reading into Beto, there were lots of things I actually agreed with when reading his tabs. He also has more tabs under his name than Ted Cruz. His issues go beyond God and guns, which is all Ted Cruz seems to obsess over. However with Beto, I disagree with his stance on guns, wage/job benefits(he’s not offering to change anything really), and I don’t really care about the environment/energy issue; everything else I’m cool with. So then there’s Neil.

Neil Dikeman doesn’t have a lot of tabs under him either and he’s very blunt, to the point on his stances with these issues. He’s pro-choice-I’m either way on that. For ‘civil right’s, he wants to get the government out of your bedroom. I’m cool with that. He wants to end the war on drugs and offer more for veterans which is something Beto also claims he wants to do. Ted does not want to end the war on drugs. Neil believes in free trade and a logical means to health care, and a clear, fair path to citizenship for immigrants.

Ballot Ready was the only site that I could find that really broke down what each person was advocating for/against, so I highly recommend this site if you want to know about those who are running yet don’t want to read whole books and wiki pages. Although I know I’m not voting for Ted Cruz, I don’t know who I will with the other two. The reality of it is, all of these parties have hidden agendas and I have been very disappointed in the Democratic party these last years, and I still feel like I can’t truly trust the Republican party because they keep pushing people who have histories of homophobic, or racist beliefs to the forefront: Steve Bannon, Ted Cruz, Roy Moore. Why? I honestly don’t know.

Democrats, what is this? Don’t….stop…

In other news, Bernie Sanders would like you to buy his new book:

The comment produced about -5000 karma points and to be fair, it was probably an assistant or staff member who wrote it, but it’s pretty embarrassing to say the least.

Rumor Surfaces of Aisha Tyler Dating A Woman; Kanye West and the Fate of Black Republicans/Conservatives, and A Lesbian May Have to Pay Child Support Because of Cheating Wife !

So as the caravan of thousands of South Americans, mostly men, are coming ever closer to the U.S border, there is a rumor around the river bend that Aisha Tyler, star of Who’s Line Is It Anyway and Archer, is dating a woman. The rumors first came to light on a popular gossip site when users complained Aisha Tyler was dating a white woman(that should be a clue to what gossip site I was browsing because that’s all they complain about). It was then mentioned again when another website hosted by wordpress picked up on the story. Now this wouldn’t be the first time Aisha Tyler spoke about bisexuality. About four or so years ago, Aisha was a guest on Tig Notaro’s show Professor Blastoff. It was there Aisha had said:

I liked boys very early…My sexual spectrum is much broader now. I was a heterosexual at like, 4, and now I’m like, I like everybody.

It was then brought up again in 2016 when Aisha told the Advocate that she thinks everyone is bisexual, if not a little(speak for yourself, girl). Prior to that in 2013, Aisha was on Reddit doing an AMA when she mentioned wanting to “wreck Starfire”:

Now who’s the woman that she’s dating? Apparently it’s Emily Bette, some actress on the CW. And apparently judging by Ms. Emily’s Instagram, she prefers her ladies of a certain skin tone…if you get my drift.

It would seem Kanye West is now taking his medicine because you know, he has a mental illness and all. Now a mental illness isn’t a laughing matter and I will admit I was glad when Kanye West spoke out about black people having the freedom of choice to choose their parties. Because when one looks back in history, black people have been voting as Democrats as far back as the 1930’s even when the Democrats were notoriously ruled by the KKK. It’s even pointed out that even though many issues failed to be solved, the fact they were being “addressed” was enough for black Americans to vote Democrat. Even now in 2018, it’s still the same: most of the black population votes Democrat even when the party ignores most if not all of the issues that are affecting the black community. Some even argue Democrats are now focusing their attention on the Hispanic vote. I mean, it was only recently when Democrats supported LGBT rights.

Now that Kanye has stepped down from politics probably because of his lack of sales, I think it’s great and I wished more people who aren’t in politics nor work in politics would do the same. I think that’s the upside of it but the bad part is there aren’t any more black public figures who are Republican and conservative. Besides for Candance Owens, who else is there? Yes, there are others out there but they’re not public speakers, or out in the public in general.

So as I was browsing Reddit in my favorite sub reddit, I came upon a cross post of a woman who was getting a divorce from her wife because her wife got pregnant during their marriage. What’s worst is the wife didn’t even know who the father was! Now it’s hard to say if this is a real situation or a troll because the post was made from a ‘throw away’ account. Either way, the woman who was cheated on was worried she would have to pay child support for a child that wasn’t her’s!

Or am I boned and doomed to play mommy #2 to a kid that isn’t mine?

The comments are quite interesting. For example:

       Before you get too far down the rabbit hole here it might be worth verifying 100% that the pregnancy is real. Timing seems a bit suspect IMO and it wouldn’t be the first time someone thought a fake pregnancy would save a marriage.

What the fuck does that even mean!? Why would a woman fake a pregnancy while with a woman? What benefit would there be to that? If I had a girlfriend or wife who said she was pregnant, obviously we’re breaking up because I have no desire to raise a child that I obviously had nothing to do with; however, legality wise, I might actually have to take half of the responsibility depending on the laws of the state. Needless to say, I would be quite upset by the whole ordeal. Knowing me, I’d probably go out for a “pack of cigarettes” never to return or be seen from again.

Upon me doing some research in Texas for same sex couples, children, custody and child support, it would seem if I were to get into a similar situation here in Texas, I would be off the hook. Since Texas only recognizes hetero parents under state law, same sex couples wouldn’t be obligated or could even have the possibility of one being forced to pay child support. Hmm, I guess there’s an advantage to living in a conservative state after all.

Well, there’s not a whole lot of comments in the thread because most of them were either deleted or removed by the moderators of the sub reddit. Either way, it’s a stank reminder of why I don’t date…certain women and probably why I ought to not get marrrrriiieedddd.


Wickless, A Lesbian Sequel to The Wizard of Oz; Alisa Besher of Zoom and Poetry, and the CW Releases Lackluster Batwoman Teaser Posters!

Watch out Wizard of Oz, there’s a new story in town! On Wattpad, a popular writing site for all genres has just got a new addition to the family. As an avid reader myself, now and then I will go on the site to search for new interesting content that centers around female on female romance. I don’t do any book reviews on my blog, at least, I don’t think I have and I will admit, most of the books on Wattpad are a bit dull or predictable-either way, the story of Wickless certainly got my attention.

Wickless Potential Book Cover

The summary of the book says the story is about the great grand-daughter of Dorothy Gale. Dee Dee is a typical high school student who obsesses over grades and who has a crush on a female athlete. Her life seems fairly normal. That is until she ends up in the world of Oz. There, she meets a girl who’s the same age as her yet with green skin, and a witch. The two become fast and close friends, and as time goes on, their friendship eventually turns to love. But not all is what it appears to be because the kingdom of Oz is in conflict again, and Dee Dee eventually finds herself in the center of it!

I started reading the first chapter and so far so good. One thing I am looking forward to is the fantasy and magical elements soon to be featured. This book seems to be the author’s first book; we’ll see how it does and if it gains her some praise.

Yes, yes, yes, I too watched Zoom when I was a kid. I think I was around eight or nine when I first started watching the show and then I stopped when I was in fourth grade because the cast changed, and I just lost interest. If one is curious to know what happened to the cast then they can look on the Zoom Wikia. Nonetheless, one of my favorite characters on the show was Alisa! I think it was because of the red hair and freckles, and I just thought she was really pretty when I was a kid. I remember Zoe and she totally turned out good looking, but I always thought Zoe was annoying…and some people even say she’s racist. Every time there was a game that involved balloons, Zoe would say, “I’m allergic to latex so I can’t play.” Another former cast of Zoom, Taylor, did a AMA on Reddit about five years ago, but she was on the seasons in the 2000’s and by then, I was no longer watching.

So Alisa Besher has also gotten good looking as the years went on but she’s cut her hair, and I wonder if she still speaks Russian often. You know, since she was born in Russia. Nonetheless, upon looking her up, I found her Instagram which is on private. On it was a link leading to an article about her.

The article was actually published fairly recent and speaks about Alisa being the manager of the Center of Humanities, Graduate Center of the City University of New York-oh my god…y’all. And is apart of the Publishing American Sign Language Poetry-organization. It is an event featuring workshops in-well, you guessed it.

After reading the article, I was hoping for more information about Alisa-nothing personal, just how she’s involved in the program but there weren’t any interviews of her specifically. But hey, at least we know what happened to her, right?

This looks horrible! I don’t know though because like I’ve said before on previous post, I don’t have cable and I don’t watch anything from the CW when I pirate stuff so maybe I’m being too harsh. I don’t know if it’s her facial expression; I don’t know if it’s the wig-the obvious wig. I don’t know if it’s the photo shop. Either way, it looks so…C-list. Maybe it’s the costume. It doesn’t look like it fits her. The belt practically looks like it’s about to come off, she looks flat chested with no curves, she looks like she’s pigeon toed, her cape looks uneven. I was hoping for something more fitting for her body type, not overly sexual like how I think Super Girl and Wonder Woman’s costumes are, but something that at least fits her and made from good material. This costume looks like it’s made from cotton. Not digging it-nope!